Why Pending Legislation MA Bill SD1840 Matters & How It Affects YOU

It is back with a vengeance … if you live or work in MA, please take a moment and hear about this pending bill that needs our collective immediate attention.

In my personal and professional opinion, it is sadly a misguided bill under the guise of anti-human trafficking that will have a greater negative affect than good and ultimately hurting those they are trying to protect.

We will address the following:

  • What is MA Bill SD1840?  How will practitioners be affected?
  • How will MA Bill SD1840 Affect You, the Consumer?
  • Current MA Laws
  • A Personal Note: Regarding how these practices SAVED my life, reiki, predatory behavior, training, pending MA SD1840
  • Urgent action is necessary
  • How you can help

What is MA Bill SD1840?
How will practitioners be affected?

MA Bill SD1840 has been introduced AGAIN by Senator Montigny for the third time. If passed, SD1840 would negatively affect all Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts, Thai Chi, and the like in Massachusetts.

Under current MA law, Reiki is exempt from massage licensure in MA, but this law attempts to set up an entirely new licensing process for all types of healers and spiritually based practitioners/facilitators or the like, and mandate they be licensed, receive government endorsed education; and that these modalities can only be taught in state licensed schools.

MA SD1840 bill will negatively impact all practitioners who:
“…uses touch, words or directed movement to deepen awareness of patterns of movement in the body, or the affectation of the human energy system or acupoints or Qi meridians of the human body while engaged within the scope of practice of a profession with established standards and ethics;”

How does one regulate ones own Qi … something that we all have that is innate in each of us?

Click HERE for more information and action to take through the National Health Freedom Action.


How will MA Bill SD1840 Affect You, the Consumer?

If allowed to pass, this bill will also negatively affect our human right to access to holistic, complementary alternative medicine, and spiritually based therapies.

If allowed to pass, SD1840 will also:

  • result in increased cost burdens to the consumer and practitioner,
  • reduced or eliminated access to much needed services especially those in the under-served marginalized communities, end of life care, those fighting chronic illness or cancer, elderly populations, and trauma survivors.
  • will NOT end or reduce sex trafficking as it is proposed it will do as it is written.
  • restrict or alter practices such as reiki, yoga, thai chi, meditation under the SAME training requirements without understanding the fundamentals or roots as well as the cultural and spiritual traditions of these practices that are non-western and attempts to westernize such concepts by legislature with no comprehension or involving experts in these fields is detrimental.
  • may also fringe upon many sacred spiritual practices used in churches and religious places of worship throughout the state. 

Requiring all practitioners to be licensed and trained through a state licensed school is currently impossible as these programs do NOT exist and would instantly put thousands of taxpaying practitioners out of business over night and halt all volunteer programs, and consumers access to care.

Current MA Laws

Massachusetts already has very good massage laws that protect bodyworkers exempting them from licensure requirements:
“including but not limited to……Feldenkrais Method; Reflexology; The Trager Approach; Ayurvedic Therapies, Rolf Structural Integration, Polarity or Polarity Therapy; Polarity Therapy Bodywork; Asian Bodywork Therapy that does not constitute massage as defined in this chapter; Acupressure; Jin Shin Do; Qi Gong; Tui Na; Shiatsu; Body-Mind Centering and Reiki”

Click HERE for more information and action to take through the National Health Freedom Action.


Laura at the MA State House in 2018 Lobbying For Survivors of Abuse BUT Against Proposed Bill

A Personal Note: A Message From Laura

Regarding how these practices saved her life, reiki, predatory behavior, training, and pending MA SD1840

Why MA SD1840 Affects Me Personally?

In search of “healing the broken me” as I would like to call it from years of abuse that resulted in complex C-PTSD or complex post traumatic stress disorder, I originally delved into the traditional American Healthcare System in hopes I can quickly return to my unbroken self. Like many others, I have felt that I was not getting better and band-aids were being applied to my mental, emotional, and physical symptoms that were not getting better and began to spiral out of control.

I realized there had to be more to all this and began looking into the spiritual aspects of my issues that the healthcare system couldn’t figure out.

I started reconnecting to my spiritual path. I began meditating. I eliminated inflammatory foods. I sought out reputable teachers and healers. I started connecting with the divine within me and my divine team. I learned and studied multiple holistic health modalities and spiritually based practices THAT would NEVER have been possible if this bill becomes law..

These practices saved my life and has been allowing me to reclaim my life in ways to defy all logic. I was fortunate in who I sought out as healers and other professionals to help guide me.

However, abusers and predators are still very skillful at their tactics, which is what leads me to the next point …

My 2018 Lobby Efforts

Many of you know I went to the MA State House last year and spoke to legislators about this bill as a survivor of abuse, an advocate for survivors, and as a spiritually based holistic health practitioner opposing this bill last year as I feel it will NOT address the sex trafficking problems and not only create unrealistic burdens on spiritually based therapies, but put most of us out of business.

There are current laws to address sex trafficking already on the books that are NOT being enforced. We see this clearly in the lack of enforcement in the massage industry with many sex trafficking massage parlors in plain sight allowed to operate and remain open. 

Many of you also are aware of my work against predatory practitioners in this state. Even though this is a problem, this particular bill is NOT the answer.

Unfortunately, to some of you it may be a surprise that I am in support of some kind of regulation until our westernized mindset shifts the bastardization of many sacred arts in the name of fame, greed and predatory behavior.

The kinds of spiritually based practices that should be respected are NOT as it should be, and our own communities have failed to self regulate ourselves in the name of “inclusivity” without prioritizing safety first and healthy boundaries, while indirectly contributing or being complicit to predatory behaviors, scrupulous unethical behaviors, greed, egoic bases out of fear.

Many of us in the community have started to address these serious issues, but is it too late? I guess that all depends on YOU, me, us and how we respond to this bill.

Personally I have invested in over $14,000 in studying with the appropriate reiki studies and certification programs with an accreditation process to teach as it was taught by the founders in Japan, completely free of the westernization that quelled its magic … AND now the state of Massachusetts wants to say this training is inadequate and I must relearn through their school of their choosing who has NO invested interest in these sacred original direct teachings in Japan.

THIS would make our founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui Sensei, and his student who was responsible for bringing Reiki to the west, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, very sad.

This bill if passed, will set up an entirely new licensing process for all types of healers and bodywork vocations under ONE educational program, mandate licensing, receive government endorsed education; and these regulated spiritually based modalities can only be taught in state licensed schools.

How is that possible?

What I Know and Why I Stand By My Statements

So much has changed over the years in the modern reiki world … at least in the United States of America. With the varying schools of reiki training, the growing legislation by some states to regulate many spiritually based practices and healing modalities such as reiki, and predators invading spiritually based communities to seek out their next grooming victim, it is important know how this affects you, how to find the right reiki practitioner and/or teacher to help you, and how to navigate all these changes.  I wrote a couple of posts (links below) to help guide you.

As a whole, when we disregard the care and sacredness of sacred arts and teachings such as reiki, we not only lose the magic, we open ourselves up to state regulation.

When we LABEL anything that involves some sort of energy healing or use of crystals or Christian ideology or other new age concepts that did NOT originate from Japan … although nice in their own right (this is NOT a reflection of lack of value of those arts) … we lose the meaning and magic of reiki in its pure form.

As a result, how do we define reiki, LEGALLY, with all these added non Japanese reiki elements that dominate our western culture?

I do not know the exact answer to that, but I do know this may cause legal issues if the sacred pure form of reiki is lost due to westernization.

Click here to read MA Bill  SD1840

Here are two other posts for further reading:

Click here to read “12 Tips and 10 Questions to Ask a Reiki Practitioner and/or Teacher When Healing Trauma”
Click here to read #TimesUp Healers & Reiki Practitioners” where we will explore the following to address perceptions, boundaries, trauma, predatory behavior, healing, and healers.

My goal is two fold for these two posts:

  • to awaken reiki practitioners and healers to their full optimum potential while understanding their ethical responsibilities to their clients and/or students,
  • and to help guide those seeking healing services for themselves or a loved one.

Click HERE for more information and action to take through the National Health Freedom Action.

Urgent action is necessary

Inaction on this or thinking someone else will take care of it is misguided on our parts. Thinking we do not have the time it takes to address this issue, will hurt all of us. This bill was barely defeated over the last 2 years.

This will REQUIRE ALL of us to stand up against this bill.

This will take a community.

Will you join me?

How You Can Help

Click Here to automatically send a message to your personal Senator and revisit this link throughout the coming weeks for updates on the bill’s status (i.e., whether it is scheduled for a public hearing and when).

Click HERE for more information and action to take through the National Health Freedom Action.

In the meantime, I am here to help you. Don’t forget to pause, breathe and take a moment for yourself.

For more information about my work with trauma, please visit:

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Healing Trauma Blog

With love and appreciation,

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What January Taught Us and The February Reveals

How are you doing so far since 2019 began?

Are you spinning yet?

Are you feeling this acceleration?

Holy cow. Talk about energetic shift shows knocking us for a loop forcing us to release old belief systems, fears, traumas in order for us to step forward into our authenticity and personal soul-based power.  I talked about the Mid January 2019 Cosmic Energy Updates and What You Need To Know” in a video on YouTube. Click here  to watch the video.

As I have said previously, I am not immune to these shifts. I am grateful for the skill sets I have learned and still learning to help me navigate these shifts hopefully with a little more finesse.

What January Taught Us:

  • clear away blocks of resistance
  • purge the old outdated stuff, things, people, relationships, etc
  • resistance to this change yielded lots of disruptions in our health, personal life, careers etc.
  • taught us to trust our own inner guidance systems
  • that what manifested physically might actually be something spiritual
  • taught us more about the need for community and collaborations
  • that self care has never been more important than ever before to get to where we want to go and be.
  • understand that we need to call in reinforcements to help us.
  • working with our shadows. 

Over the past month I have been expanding, growing and building collaborations all while the shadow stuff still emerges in us all. There is a lot in the works right now that I can not share with you just yet, but it is VERY exciting. Keep checking out our calendar for updates.

My Journey from January to February

I am about to embark on some big life transformations that I’ve waited so long for. I can’t share the details yet,

It is ok to periodically stop and say f*** it for a “self-care” soulful PAUSE. I did this the other day when I made an impromptu stop at the beach in Duxbury, MA in order to digest it all and collect my thoughts.

Photo Credit: Beach Dunes, Duxbury, MA by Laura Joseph (c) 2019

I remembered to breathe deep cleansing nourishing soulful breaths.

I reconnected to the roots of my BE-ing.

I felt the ocean breezes invigorate and cleanse my BE-ing.

I gazed over towards the sun that was struggling to break through the dark stormy clouds.

I felt the sand beneath my feet grounding me to Mother Earth.

I practiced gratitude for all that is and all that is to come.

Above it all, I felt close to home … home inside my very BE-ing.

I was reminded that my anxious fears are not because of lack of anything, but because I am closer to becoming the kind of “whole” that I haven’t felt in decades and question “how” to get it done.

Sometimes we fear failure. Sometimes we fear success. What if … what if. .. I actually succeed? What if …?  And the flood of anxious emotions surface

It has definitely been a fear of success and feeling of being overwhelmed with all the great things I’ve been working towards. For now,  I called in my inner dragon warrior goddess to blaze through the remaining obstacles easily and effortlessly.

Today, I stand before you as I am that I AM – unapologetic, raw, pure, soulful, heart filled with dragon beside me to guide me.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me.

Photo Credit: (c) 2019 by Laura Joseph. “Ava” during the cold winter’s sunset, Hingham, MA

February Reveals:

  • residuals from the January eclipses are still affecting us as the ripples begin to level out if we surrender to the process
  • breakthroughs in many areas of our life – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
  • understanding the deeper meanings of self love and what that looks like
  • deeper understanding that what is reflected external is what is also reflected internal
  • deeper ventures into the shadows to heal, release, bring into light
  • more shedding of old beliefs, traumas, and situations to people, places, and things.
  • self-empowerment
  • ability to step forward into your personal power increases.
  • continued battles between ego mind and the soul.

As we move through the month of February, it’s important to press PAUSE. Take a slow deep breath and repeat. Then make sure your choices, decisions, reactions, actions are coming from a place of soul.

Learning to connect with the divine within and tapping into the wisdoms of the body can help you with this process.

Be gentle with yourself and trust that your soul has your back.

Here are TWO new blog posts to check out:

  • #TimesUp Healers & Reiki Practitioners. Plus, Tips on Finding a Reiki Practitioner (including video). Click here
  • 12 Tips and 10 Questions to Ask a Reiki Practitioner and/or Teacher When Healing Trauma. Click here

In the meantime, I am here to help you. Don’t forget to pause, breathe and take a moment for yourself.

Please leave a comment below to let us know if this post inspired or helped you on your path.

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 © 2015-2019 Laura Joseph. All Rights Reserved. This information is for general educational uses only. It may not apply to you and your specific medical needs. This information should not be used in place of a visit, call, consultation with or the advice of your physician or health care professional. Communicate promptly with your physician or other health care professional with any health-related questions or concerns. This article does not share the opinions of Healing With Spirit or its affiliates.  Be sure to follow specific instructions given to you by your physician or health care professional.

Have You Experienced This During An MRI?

Recently,  I went in for a repeat brain MRI from 2010 as a result of a previous brain bleed I’ve had.

I am a survivor of abuse with a history of PTSD and anxiety and of course they asked if I was claustrophobic and I said no.

Surprisingly, I was kind of surprised that as I entered into the MRI room I was experiencing anxiety. Once I laid down on the table and enter the machine, I began reciting the gokai, which are the 5 Japanese reiki principles to live by.

By the end of the third time reciting the gokai, my anxiety was completely calm. I was in a calm complete state a presence with a notable reduction in respiration.

In the beginning of the scans, I began to see flashes of a pinhole white light in my third eye which Drew my attention to actually pay attention to what I am witnessing. It was like a flash going off on a camera but in a pinhole size.

This followed with  a black spot  notable on the upper  right side  in my third I’d vision .

Following this I began seeing nebula type formations in waves. The colors were of a translucent mustard seed yellow and an oblong shape moving from my left to my upper right with purple formations in the middle.

Right after the text said to the next scan will take 5 minutes, the next set of visualizations I saw started more on the upper right side of flashes of an oblong shape that was of a darker yellow and color. This later began to continue to flash in the more it flashed the clear the images got of my entire brain

The next set of images she said was going to take 2 minutes. With that followed images showing various vascular sections in my brain and I even began feeling tingling in my right foot which dissipated right after this portion of the scan completed.

The final scan was very similar to the beginning with a general nebula of colors flashing in waves mostly in the yellows, Blues and purple hues.

I asked the tech if there were different images being done on my brain as I had visualizations while in the scanner. I think she was a little confused by my question because it’s not a typical question people would ask. So I went on to tell her that depending on which scan she did I saw images of my brain as well as images of the vascular portions of my brain. She did verify that there were vascular portions done on my brain.

Now whether or not this is a verifiable experience doesn’t matter. However, since I am a very deeply spiritual person and love it when science backs up a spiritual experience, I’m putting this out there because maybe some scientists would love to use this to create a study on the brains of those who are intuitive or empathic.

That would be quite interesting though wouldn’t it for the scientific community?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share in the comments.

With love and appreciation,


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 © 2015-2019 Laura Joseph. All Rights Reserved. This information is for general educational uses only. It may not apply to you and your specific medical needs. This information should not be used in place of a visit, call, consultation with or the advice of your physician or health care professional. Communicate promptly with your physician or other health care professional with any health-related questions or concerns. This article does not share the opinions of Healing With Spirit or its affiliates.  Be sure to follow specific instructions given to you by your physician or health care professional.

What 2018 Taught Us, the Energy Forecast Heading Into 2019, and 6 Tips to Guide You in 2019

Happy New Year and Thank You …

First, I would like to thank you for supporting me in my journey doing what I was put on this earth plane to do.

It has been an honor and pleasure to serve you and our community, and I look forward to continuing to grow, expand, collaborate, serve, and evolve together as we move into 2019.

Here is some insights to help you navigate you through this post:

  • What 2018 Taught Us
    • Highlights of 2018
    • What I Personally Experienced in 2018
    • Death and Dying
    • Understanding the Role of Trauma in Our Lives. Exposing It. Healing It’s Roots.
    • Every Day Miracles
    • Personal Expansion
  • Energy Forecast for 2019
    • Lessons and Themes for 2019
    • More Miracles
    • Challenges For Many Still
    • Numerology Aspect
  • 6 tips to guide you in 2019

What 2018 Taught Us

What an intense master number (11) year of revelations, soul growth, expansion, and self care as we dug deep into our shadows to bring to light old beliefs, old patterns, old traumas (personal, generational, and past life), and wounds to the surface.

For those who are spiritually awake or began to experience this awakening this year, we understood all we experienced needed to be experienced for our soul’s growth and as part of the greater expansion of the Universe.

I have said it before and I will say it again … healing sucks, but ohhhhh so worth it. When we dig deep, and heal what is buried in the depths of our shadows of our subconscious minds, cellular memory of our body, and souls, we raise our frequency and vibration.  We also free ourselves of all the resistance and blocks that were suppressing our gifts and light and step into our power of who we are as soul beings.

And we did just that – We got deep. We got real. We went into the darkness of our souls to heal and expand.

Here are some highlights of 2018:

  1. The #MeToo movement continued to gain momentum as the veil continued to lift.  With the divine feminine energy that has been rising, no wonder we are seeing this also rise up, and will continue to see it rise up in 2019. I suspect a few surprises in store for 2019. Don’t be shocked is all I will have to say.
  2. There are some who are resisting to dig deep in their own shadows and heal whether it be out of fear and/or complacency creating clashes with those awake and doing their spiritual work. What we have seen play out across the globe in the environment, climate, and politics that mirrored this.
  3. We recognized that what was “broken” in our lives – health, relationships, job, etc, was the result of either something unresolved or unhealed buried in our shadows or following path of ego spiritually bypassing our soul’s growth and healing.
  4. We are understanding clearer what it means to stand in our power and live authentically unapologetically. This energy will amplify in 2019 for those doing their spiritual work. So hold on tight.
  5. Our senses, especially empaths, became heightened and more sensitive. Some even found an increase sensitivity to toxic foods, chemicals, and medications.
  6. Many experienced spiritual crisis or healing crisis that may have baffled the medical communities. I am not surprised as the medical system, although is wonderful in many ways, is designed to treat symptoms not root causes. It was a surge in these root causes (many stemming from old wounds or trauma) that are rising to be healed and cleared. This is where we have seen a surge of alternative therapies succeeding where traditional medicine is failing. I feel this trend will also continue into 2019.
  7. The presence of dragons has never been stronger as it is right now. I know there are many out there who are feeling this too, and there are many who will disagree. The dragon energy is a powerful one to harness and a powerful force to work with moving into 2019.

What I Personally Experienced in 2018

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. ” – Nikola Tesla

Death and Dying

I received a profound message from Spirit in the fall of 2017, while preparing for 2018.  I heard a whisper from Spirit to keep the early part of the summer free from commitments as I would be dealing with loss.

This triggered waves of anxiety as there were several people and pets around me seriously ill and some I knew were terminal with cancer.  Oddly enough, I was also triggered with waves of solace and peace as I’ve witnessed how the spirit world works in mysterious but beautiful ways.

So in the end of June of 2018, I experienced the loss of four individuals within 2 weeks.  I was blessed and honored to have been a part of the end of life spiritual care and assisting in transitions of two of these beautiful souls.

What I experienced assisting several individuals in 2018 in the transition process is that death can be celebrated if not beautiful.  Death doesn’t mean life ends or it’s over. It just means transformation from one energy vibration to another … often times our loved ones in spirit will leave us “signs” to let us know they are around.


Understanding the Role of Trauma in Our Lives. Exposing It. Healing It’s Roots.

The work I have been doing with trauma this year has shot up exponentially in ways I have found the traditional medical community ill-equipped to truly help these individuals experiencing what I considered an awakening that triggered a spiritual crisis.

The kinds of experiences I witnessed this year needless to say blew me away.  My ability to expand grew as did the experience to bare witness to all sorts of incredible breakthroughs of so many brave amazing souls.

What we learned in 2018 is that much of our physical and/or mental issues whether a headache, tooth pain, sinus infection, IBS symptom, need for a knee replacement, need for hysterectomy, back pain etc was much more than what was presented on the surface. There were deep seeded layers upon layers subconscious wounds of old traumas (personal, generational, and/or past life) trying to be released.

Once we understood the connection, we shifted focus to treating the root cause vs the symptom with a team approach including family, therapists, doctors, significant others, domestic violence support groups, and much more in order to become “whole” again.

What we witnessed at the National Domestic Violence Conference I attended in September 2018, is that we must stand on our conviction.  Plus, integrating ancient wisdoms, traditions, and healing practices as part of helping survivors of abuse was refreshing to finally see. To witness the power of an 11 yo girl stand in her full authentic power was inspiring. That being government funded is another way of patriarchal control preventing deep healing from taking place for survivors.

Since then, the VAWA has since lapsed and many programs are now in jeopardy. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out for 2019.


Every Day Miracles:

“But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. Every day we are engaged in a miracle which we don’t even recognize. A blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black curious eyes of a child, our own two eyes. All is a miracle.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

We witness miracles every day, but many times in our current society, we take them for granted and focus on the adrenaline rush of the “BIG” moments.

There are miracles every day from our body’s ability to self generate electricity to fight off cancer to transform the air we breath into nourishment for the soul to the earth’s ability to ward off harmful rays of the sun to the sun stimulating plants to grow and our bodies to manufacture valuable vitamins such as Vitamin D. Here are some miracles that happened in 2018:

  • To have a client who has been unwell for months with possible flair up from a degenerative autoimmune neurological condition, tell you that they can’t remember the last time they had function and mobility in their hand ever like they did after 2 sessions, and I was like WOW. They also informed me that the injection they get to treat this disease costs over $200k per dose.
  • To have an end stage terminal client unable to swallow their own saliva preventing them from eating for days, and after one focused session, that ability returned and would give a 3 day relief and ability to live out their final days with quality and dignity, before another session had to be administered.  There was NO traditional medical treatment available to assist with this issue at that time
  • To watch my first ever local bald eagle circling over my office. When noticed, he flew off, and was later the sighting was validated in one of the major local newspapers. For those who follow me and understand, THIS was a great omen and sign.
  • To be able to participate in the transition of a loved one into spirit along side of a Catholic priest was a first for me and a beautiful experience. And in 2018, I was privileged with assisting in the transitions of three individuals this year,.
  • To being asked to be a guest speaker and medium at a local church and after the service, to receive not one but many beautiful letters from one special lady and this made me smile. Miracles happen when we least expect them.
  • To increased messages from Mother Earth – You may have read some of my experiences on social media or about a message from a tree during a storm or the wisdom of the stormy seas.


Laura at sunrise in Seattle, WA studying with Tadao Yamaguchi in April 2018.

Personal Expansion:

This year I grew too along with all of you.  I continued to work on the shadow aspects of myself and called in trust sources to assist me in the process.

I increased my own self care regimens and took a break from anything that would cause over-stimulation – tv, public places, computers, etc.

I sat in some powerful sacred circles with some amazing individuals who embody this spiritual walk.

I was also fortunate to study with Tadao Yamaguchi in April for my continued teacher Jikiden Reiki training.

Our programs also expanded. We offered 2 women’s retreats this past year where we dug deep and journeyed into self discovery in a community of sisterhood in a safe supported sacred container.  We will are looking at collaborations to expand this program for 2019. Stay tuned.

As of this past fall, we also now offer our reiki vibrational healing meditation with the tibetan singing bowls twice a month at 2 locations.


Energy Forecast Heading Into 2019

It is a new year and a time for new beginnings to manifest.

How well you stand in your truth and authenticity and how well you respond to chaos externally will determine how well 2019 will go for you.  Let’s look at how.

Insight into 2019:

  • Lessons and Themes for 2019
  • More Miracles
  • Challenges For Many Still
  • Numerology Aspect
  • 6 tips to guide you in 2019

Lessons and/or Themes For 2019

  • I feel 2019 will be an amplified version of 2018 depending on where you are at in your spiritual journey, and could prove to be a difficult one for some.
  • Heighten sensitivities will increase.
  • What will be important as we move through 2019 is how well grounded or centered we can be.
  • “Master the calm within the storm” – Buddha. It will be important to be in a place of stillness regardless of what turbulence is around us.
  • The divine feminine will continue to rise shifting frequency and vibration.
  • Dragon energy and other forces like it will intensify. Dragon has connected with me personally, but it may be another force that connects with you being phoenix, eagle, angels, etc.
  • Personal power and authenticity will ring strong this year. 2018 prepped us for deeper work in this area. Be ready to dig deep in the shadows and shine in your power.
  • As I stated in last year’s forecast, the the theme of Social Awareness and Social Justice will continue.
  • The major theme is really about being the best piece of the larger puzzle of the universe. No   competition. No grass is greener on the other side type themes, but more about you and being best version of you.

More Miracles

I feel miracles about to happen on so many fronts and dimensions. This #metoo movement has restored much in me that I thought was lost forever. Many of you have been hearing me talk about for months regarding the paradoxes, the silver linings, and shifts of focus.

Many of us have worked hard and diligent in cleaning up our vibration, facing our shadow selves, and choosing to live more authentically.

I see the personal storms clearing and the sun returning. This is the perfect time to plant those heirloom seeds you been wanting to plant.

Challenges for Many Still

If you have not worked on your shadows aka your junk over the past couple years, this year could prove to be challenging.

Healing the past is crucial to moving forward. I have seen a surge of “old traumas” over the past few years surface and amplifying with each year passing – whether our own, generational or past life.

We are at a crossroads now. We have become a culture who has normalized abuse and violence in many ways. So when it comes to things we did to others or things that may have happened to us in the past, we think time will heal all wounds, and brush it under the carpet.

Some of us may have seen ourselves do this. We may have even “gaslighted” ourselves in the process.

In order to move forward, you must heal and accept your authentic true self. No one ever said healing was a pleasant journey, but it is a worthwhile one that can lead us to our soul purpose and path.

As a matter of fact, healing can down right be painful and exhausting giving glimpses of questioning life and our faith. However, somehow, we manage to push through the barriers and search for that rainbow at the end of the storm that just wreaked havoc in our lives.

It is through our greatest adversities where we find the greatest gifts.

The hard human lessons for this year will include:

  • More transitions from physical form  to spiritual form. Some physical bodies may be to weak to move forward. Others may have a soul that is too high of a frequency for the physical body to handle. Others may choose to exit and return in a different vessel.

Numerology Aspect

This year is a three year in numerology (2+0+1+9 = 12/3). I always associate 12 with karma. This year will focus on a LOT of deeper issues and stuff especially in the realms of trauma, justice, and oppression. Some may not even be your own. It may be generational (can go back up to 7 generations) or it could be past life stuff.

The number three is about creative self expression, communication and is connected to the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Archangels.

Just as in 2018, the concept of self care, self acceptance, self love will increase momentum in 2019. You will be forced to look within and understand the relationship you have with your own soul and inner guidance system will be a huge determining factor on success and your definition of success.

The number three is connected to:

  • past, present, future
  • birth, life, death
  • beginning, middle, end
  • divinity number
  • number connected to magic – “three times a charm”
  • The three Borromeam Rings are three rings that are interlocked.  If any single ring is removed, the two remaining rings will fall apart.
  • primary colors – red, yellow, blue
  • The Triple Moon/The Triple Goddess. It shows her three aspects as maiden, mother and crone.
  • Gemini is the third astrological sign of the Zodiac. (May 21 – June 21)
  • Number three is the number of Jupiter.
  • In the Tarot, three is the card of the Empress which is symbolic for creation and growth.
  • Great Pyramid of Giza:  There are three larger pyramids side by side mathematically aligned in position to Orion’s Belt. There are also three smaller pyramids nearby. The ancients emulated these shapes found in nature using threefold and sixfold symmetry.

The number three is a big transformational number too. Nikola Tesla understood this better than most.

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six, nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius and superstitious. He understood the magic of these numbers and the universal language of pattern aka numbers found in life, galaxies, evolution, sacred geometry, and almost all natural systems  which are actually devoid of the numbers 3, 6, 9. He understood that 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. Nine is a number connected to the secrets to unlocking the mysteries of the Universe.

So this is another BIG year in numerology terms. This will be focused on digging deeper into the shadow aspects of ourselves, stepping forward in our    authenticity and power, personal transformation and letting go of expectations of people, places and things for 2019.

Are you ready?

Here are 6 tips to guide you in 2019:

These tips are pretty much the same as I wrote about for 2018, but will be amplified for 2019. The concept of living more authentically in 2019 is crucial.

  1. Practice the art of presence. Some refer to this practice also as mindfulness. Be aware of your thoughts, actions, and reactions. Adjust as necessary to bring you back to the present moment.
  2. Listen to the wisdom of the body. When we build a relationship with our bodies and listen to its wisdom, we are given insight and healing to things before that may have left us feeling stuck like a hamster on a wheel.
  3. Raise your vibration. By being more mindful of our thoughts and how it affects our wellbeing and life, we can become more aware of how to shift. When we listen to the wisdom of the body, we become more aware of how our thoughts physically, emotionally and spiritually affect us. By focusing on gratitude, we raise our vibration. Sickness and disease live on lower vibrational energies.
  4. Live authentically. If we have not stepped into our power and authenticity, now is the time to do it. I can not stress to you how important this part is for this coming year. This is where it is at. Spiritually bypassing will not get you there as I discussed in the video in Nov 2018.
  5. Self Care. This has been a theme than began in 2015, but really increased its momentum as witnessed in 2018. Self care needs to no longer be at the bottom of the list, but rather at the top of the list. You and your loved ones will thank you in the end. Not to mention, you set a prime example of caring for yourself in a loving and compassionate way to your children. What a gift!
  6. Rise Up. Act. This is time to get involved in a social justice project. The energies have not been more supported in this area since I began my personal journey in 2005. I am excited to us all become more empowered and living more authentically in our truth.

As always, I am here to help you illuminate your soul, guide you on your path, assist you in removing toxicity, and restore wholeness in your life.

I am available for private sessions, groups, speaking appearances, and more. Contact me for more information or to schedule a private session.

Happy New Year to you and yours.  In the meantime, be gentle with yourself, and master riding these waves of change.

With love and appreciation,


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Spring Equinox Tarot Card For The Day 3/20/18


Well howdy doozy time with these energies.  Holy cow. How are you doing over the last few weeks?  Please share your experiences. I am sure you are not alone.  By sharing your experience, you may can actually bring some relief to another.

Have you ever heard the saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”? Today’s card is reminding us of this sentiment.

Today’s card is asking us to pay attention to the “unseen”, the divine that is all around us. We are divinely supported and loved unconditionally whether we realize this/believe this or not.  Just because we can not see what lies in the unknown yet, does not mean it does not exist.

Remember we know the air we breathe that keeps us alive exists. However, the air is not tangible to the touch or visible sight.

 The number five in today’s card is reminding us that we are in the midst of some great change ahead. This is compounded with the energies of today’s  vernal equinox aka spring equinox.

If you are feeling these changes, and/or struggling with them, this card is reminding us to seek a spiritual advisor, teacher, or counselor to help guide us. This spiritual teacher could be our soul, a group, or someone else who can help us make sense of what is happening in the spiritual realms while integrating this knowledge into the physical plane during these challenging times.

We are much more that what we see in this physical world. We are SOUL with unlimited potential.

Remember all teachers were at one point a student. So, this may also mean that while you seek support, others may also seek you out as well. OR … it is time for the teacher to become the student once again.

Either way, as the energies continue to intensify ahead, it is important to stay true to you (in the sense of what your soul came here to learn not what our egos perceive as truth)

There is something greater that lies ahead than what is seen. Remember, we are all one consciousness at the end of the day … star dust.

As always I am here to help. I have a few openings this week for private sessions. Please reach out and schedule a time if you feel I can be of assistance to you and your path.

With lots of love and appreciation,

Healing With Spirit 
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Surrender To Self Care and Nurture Your Soul RETREAT

Feeling depleted? Overwhelmed? Stressed? It is time to press pause. Let go of your obligations and responsibilities just for one day to replenish and tickle your soul. You ready to take some “you time”?

Women hold the medicine our world needs. Join us for a full day surrendering into self-care, journeying into self-discovery, nurturing your soul, and community.  Spend the day with us pampering the soul and lifting your spirit. This is about YOU.

This retreat is designed to help you create a deeper awareness and connection to the inner wisdom in a very nurturing environment.

Get back to you … Your authentic you.

Here is a small taste of your day:

  • A deeper discovery into self through an enrichment circle
  • Self-care and soul-fillment experientials
  • Renewal and reflection with Journaling and Creative Arts
  • Spiritual journeys of self-discovery and exploration in nature (earth, wind, fire, water)
  • Reiki vibrational healing meditationwith the Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Quiet time in nature
  • Connect with like-minded community
  • Get out of your mind and into your body and heart through conscious movement, music, dance, and energetic explorations of a Journey Dance* guided by Deneen McQueen
  • Healthy lunch, light snacks, and water provided.

Empower yourself and your soul. This will be a powerful interactive day with built in quiet time to go within. You will no doubt leave more empowered and living more in vibrational alignment with your authentic truth. 

What previous attendees had to say:

“Highly recommend”
“Love it. An Awesome day! Thank you.”
“I loved the bowls (OMG)”

“This was the best retreat I have been to and I go to a lot.”

“Others should know how relaxed and calm you will feel.”

“This retreat exceeded my expectations”.

“I loved it all – enough movement & contemplation – nicely balanced!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed Laura’s ability to guide me back to my inner self and appreciate me for all that I am.”

“Laura has a unique ability to guide attendees and help them become more in tune with themselves. She helps all see the beauty within and gives the tools to continue the work on your your own and carry it forward.”

“The journey dance experience was extraordinary”

What To Bring:

  • Dress comfortable with wear loose, easy to move in clothing for movement, but be mindful  and suitable of weather
  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable shoes for movement and nature
  • Wear/Bring socks or bare feet for journey dance
  • A pen or colored pencils
  • Something for our sacred space (sage, flowers, herbs, crystals, etc)
  • Optional: Something to share with others for goodie bag (samples, biz coupons, etc)
  • An open mind
  • A smile

Retreat time:

Doors Open: 8:00 am

Social Gathering, Creative Time: 8am

Retreat:  8:30 am-5pm (with breaks for snack and lunch)

*About This Event’s Journey Dance Portion:

Get out of your mind and into your body and heart through conscious movement, music, dance, and the energetic explorations of JourneyDance.

Through a combination of dance, expressive arts, sacred drama, supportive mentoring, and contemplative process guided by Deneen McQueen, discover how to live your life with enthusiasm, passion, and purpose.

All are welcome to become part of this vibrant community and share this journey of self-exploration and self-acceptance.  Absolutely no dance experience necessary!


Local accommodations at Nantasket Beach Resort located approximately 1-2mi from the retreat. On the beach with swimming pool and spa. Private units complete with fireplaces.


To Register:

Option 1:  Please mail a check made payable to “Laura Joseph” and mail to Cohasset Medical, Att: Laura, 256 Hull St, Hingham, MA 02043. Put in subject line Oct Retreat with email address.  

Option 2: Pay online via eventbrite. Click here to pay with credit card.


$175    –  Healthy lunch, coffee, tea, water and snacks included

Plus, goodie bag for each attendee, raffle, custom notebook, and more.

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SALEM, MA: Guest Speaker and Spiritual Medium

I am honored to have been asked to return as guest speaker and spiritual medium at the First Spiritualist Church of Salem in Salem, MA.

One of my favorite things to do is to give back to the community and serve Spirit/Source. I look forward to this day of inspiration and healing.

Open to the Public.

Service: 6:30pm


Per First Spiritualist Church of Salem:

The regular Sunday Service begins immediately following the Healing Service at 6:30pm … generally at 7 p.m. It includes song, prayer, an inspirational talk given by a guest speaker, and spirit greetings by the guest medium (usually, but not always, the same individual as the speaker.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Bless Your Junk

This series “Today I Bless My Junk” has been quite the challenge for me. However, I feel if I am to convey a certain message, I choose to be raw, real and authentic seeing all of me with an unaltered video.

Here is part four in the series of “Today I Bless My Junk”. In this video I go into the “WHY” we need to bless our junk  especially during these intense energetic times as part of the today I bless my junk series.

We all have junk … Do we not?

We all have junk lurking in our shadows … in our closets … in the depths of our minds. We don’t know what to do with something and what do we do? We put it in the closet? Right? Then when our closet gets full, we gasp and avoid dealing with the closet. Sound familiar?

Why the #metoo and #timesup movements are important


Survivors of abuse who have once been silenced are now being heard in ways unprecedented. This is BIGGER than we know and could ever imagine and goes far beyond what has happened with abuse survivors. It transcends into race, culture, economics, religion, and more.


What does it mean to bless your junk?

To bless your junk means to take all the pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, etc and transform it for wholeness, happiness, prosperity, and success.

According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a blessing is “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare”. A blessing endowed power for prosperity and success.

Foreword- Tigger Alert – Triggers can happened in sometimes the most unpredictable ways.  Be aware of what triggers you. If by any reason you find this video triggering. I encourage you to stop and pause a moment before you continue. 

In this video:

  • What is the junk?
  • The paradigm shift
  • Importance of the #metoo movement
  • What does it mean to bless your junk
  • 5 reasons why to bless your junk

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  Other Videos in the Video Series

For my other videos in the series of “Today I Bless My Junk #metoo

Question To Ponder

I ask for you to consider one question

Are you part of the solution to systemic abuse or are you part of the problem? The choice is yours and only yours to make.

Please go to my Vlog on Youtube for the following videos.

How Can You Help?

As always, please support my healing journey and my desire to help break the cycle of abuse through healing. There many ways you can do this.

Take action on the things I mention in this video series

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  2. Leave supportive comments and let me know what pearl you took away with you
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  5. As always, thank you for your support and being a part of my spiritual journey.
  6. Become an ally – Help me become a better speaker, communicator and video producer. Want to volunteer your services to help make that happen? Email me and let’s collaborate.

With love and appreciation,


ONSET: Guest Speaker and Spiritual Medium

I am honored to have been asked to return as guest speaker and spiritual medium at the First Spiritualist Church of Onset. One of my favorite things to do is to give back to the community and serve Spirit/Source. I look forward to this evening of inspiration, healing, and messages.

Open to the Public.

Service: 6:30-8pm

For more information about services and events, please visit their website at www.church1.org