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March 20, 2018

Spring Equinox Tarot Card For The Day 3/20/18


Well howdy doozy time with these energies.  Holy cow. How are you doing over the last few weeks?  Please share your experiences. I am sure you are not alone.  By sharing your experience, you may can actually bring some relief to another.

Have you ever heard the saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”? Today’s card is reminding us of this sentiment.

Today’s card is asking us to pay attention to the “unseen”, the divine that is all around us. We are divinely supported and loved unconditionally whether we realize this/believe this or not.  Just because we can not see what lies in the unknown yet, does not mean it does not exist.

Remember we know the air we breathe that keeps us alive exists. However, the air is not tangible to the touch or visible sight.

 The number five in today’s card is reminding us that we are in the midst of some great change ahead. This is compounded with the energies of today’s  vernal equinox aka spring equinox.

If you are feeling these changes, and/or struggling with them, this card is reminding us to seek a spiritual advisor, teacher, or counselor to help guide us. This spiritual teacher could be our soul, a group, or someone else who can help us make sense of what is happening in the spiritual realms while integrating this knowledge into the physical plane during these challenging times.

We are much more that what we see in this physical world. We are SOUL with unlimited potential.

Remember all teachers were at one point a student. So, this may also mean that while you seek support, others may also seek you out as well. OR … it is time for the teacher to become the student once again.

Either way, as the energies continue to intensify ahead, it is important to stay true to you (in the sense of what your soul came here to learn not what our egos perceive as truth)

There is something greater that lies ahead than what is seen. Remember, we are all one consciousness at the end of the day … star dust.

As always I am here to help. I have a few openings this week for private sessions. Please reach out and schedule a time if you feel I can be of assistance to you and your path.

With lots of love and appreciation,

Healing With Spirit 
Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

To schedule a private reading in person or via phone, to book a private party, or speaking engagement, please private message me


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6 years ago

Appreciating your reminder, Laura, that “Today’s card is asking us to pay attention to the ‘unseen,’ the divine that is all around us.” It’s very breezy here in FL and they even closed down the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a major connector, yesterday because of 78 mph winds.
When I feel the winds today, I will stop to connect with the unseen.
Stay warm and well up there! xo Lore

Rachel Kieffer
6 years ago

“We are soul with unlimited potential”. Yes we are. Seeing beyond our physical selves and the physical world helps us be all that we are. I believe that the connection to our soul is the best way to be guided.

6 years ago

Yes the energies have been intense lately and I have been taking some deep dives into releasing the past that has come through in my dreams and divine downloads. Thank you for this lovely reminder about paying attention to the unseen which is what I have been tuning into in the space between every step, thought, and choice. xo

6 years ago

Hi, Laura! I so appreciate your reading in this blog post. Big changes, energetic shifts – I AM READY! Happy Spring!

6 years ago

I love how you described the energies of this card…and this time. I am feeling the energy pf change in a magnificently powerful way. Because I’m working with the energy, receiving and teaching, it makes all the difference to how it feels in my body.

6 years ago

Absolutely feeling the crazy energies at loose right now! Have been meditating longer, praying more, and following the inner guidance from my spirit guides when it comes through.

6 years ago

Hi Laura!
This is a beautiful Spring Equinox post! Thank you for sharing. Your insight and knowing of being so much more than we tangibly experience is so vast!
Thanks for your words and sharing them with the world!

6 years ago

Hi Laura, Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your wisdom. How we deal with change is SOoo important!

6 years ago

Yes, I have felt the energies Laura. As you know my recent Facebook experience 🙂 I also have felt supported and connected to spirit, I know I am never alone despite how unsettling events may seem. Thanks for your post. Many Blessings Lisa xx

6 years ago

Interesting — I have been having some tech troubles in an area that’s usually very simple for me. Your post was reassuring. There were also a lot of “5”s around here earlier today. I may need to re-read this. Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

6 years ago

Laura this is perfect for me , yes to being aware of the change that is happening and the call to be more aware and in touch with the energies that are with us at all times – xo

6 years ago

Live by our soul not our ego, our soul knows the truth…I’m listening and ready for big changes, looking forward this springtime

6 years ago

This is an absolutely breathtaking post Laura. Thank you for sharing this beautiful perspective.
xoxo, Z~


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