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Rediscover your body’s ability to heal itself

The term “energy” has been a growing buzz word in the areas of spirituality, spiritually based therapies, holistic health, and mainstream biomedical science. The concept of energy healing has grown from criticism to respectability.

Laura has over 15 cumulative years in the holistic and allopathic health fields and has incorporated energy medicine in her line of work since 2006.

Laura believes our minds, body, and spirit are designed to heal itself. She incorporates her western medical training with eastern medicine and philosophies to teach the body and mind to heal itself and encompasses many Buddhist traditions, beliefs, and healing including reiki.

Healing Services include:

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About Laura’s Healing Work:


Why Work With Laura:

Over the years, she has helped thousands of people heal root issues, restore wholeness and transform lives.

Laura understands that in order to become whole, you must heal all three bodies – the physical, the mental/emotional, the spiritual.  She also is keenly aware of the broken healthcare system as a person on the receiving end as well as a provider.

Sadly, our traditional healthcare model has forgotten we are more than a body part. We are a complex simple yet diverse body system.

She understands the value traditional healthcare can offer and works closely to provide a comprehensive holistic wellness plan to work with existing medical teams, therapists, wellness professionals.

Her training both in the healthcare setting  combined with her holistic training and keen intuitive skills, can help you to receive the highest quality care possible.

Laura brings a unique view with a unique talent and skill sets.

What might be happening in your ear may not be coming from your ear. What might be happening in your back might not be coming from your back.

Together let’s get to the root of it all. Contact Us TODAY

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Laura has been practicing spiritually based integrative holistic health enrichment since 2006.

Over the years, she has realized how much unresolved trauma resides a cancerous underbelly of an unrecognized epidemic that many times is the root cause for chronic illness, cancer, pain, autoimmune disorders, and anxiety.

Like many Americans, she was headed down this path until I discovered a better way.  Her path began with her attempts to heal the “broken me” after being re-victimized by the system after leaving an abusive relationship resulting in C-PTSD and a whole host of physical symptoms that the spiraled into a host of physical ailments.

In her own healing journey, she was forced to think and search outside the box. So, she began looking into aspects of her issues that the healthcare system couldn’t figure out.

Since 2006, she systematically implemented a spiritually based holistic approach to her healing which literally saved her life in ways to defy all logic. She is an accredited Jikiden Reiki® Shihan (Teacher) out of Kyoto, Japan and a westernized Usui Reiki Master Teacher with over 15 cumulative years in healthcare.

She is a healer, writer, speaker, award winning advocate, a former college educator, and a natural born intuitive with a background in trauma informed holistic care.

She offers spiritually based integrative holistic health enrichment through Healing With Spirit in Hingham, MA.She offers private sessions, groups, speaking opportunities, workshop facilitations, and more at our location or yours. Contact us today for more information or to book Laura.

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