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Reiju Kai – For Jikiden Reiki® Practitioners

What is a Reiju Kai?

Once you have learned Jikiden Reiki® you can also receive Reiju at a Reiju Kai meeting. This is like a short refresher course and social gathering. It is not necessary to receive it again to keep your Reiki ability active. Receiving it regularly is nice and beneficial though.

These Reiju Kai’s are only open to people certified in Jikiden Reiki®. People with Jikiden Reiki® certificates are welcome to attend meetings organised by any Jikiden Reiki® Teacher / Assistant Teacher.

What Happens at a Reiju Kai?

Reiju Kai’s provide an opportunity for are for Jikiden Reiki® Practitioners to expand their reiki experience, training, & networking.  This includes receiving a Reiju again from a Jikiden Reiki® approved teacher. While it is not necessary to receive it more than the number of times given in training, it is still beneficial.

One of our goals with the reiju kai’s is also to build a strong reiki community that is supportive in each others growth.  

The day will include some bonding, networking, as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

A typical Reiju Kai includes the following:

In Jikiden Reiki® we do not discuss the sacred aspects of Reiki in public, so this is a place where such discussion can take place outside of reiki training.

Afterward the group may socialize with snacks and maybe go for a meal together as a group. A Reiju Kai is a good way to meet other Jikiden Reiki® practitioners and share reiki experiences.

INVESTMENT: $35 (unless a special event)
Pre-Requisite: Jikiden Reiki Certification any level and teachers are always welcome to join.

Join us for a day of connection, healing, review exclusively for Jikiden Reiki practitioners.

For list of upcoming classes, click here.

For more information about Jikiden Reiki training, click here.

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