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Laura’s Story

The Event That Changed Laura’s Life

Even though she was a born empath with heightened sensitivities, Laura’s desire to help others stems from her daughter born with a variety of health challenges including a food sensitivity to almost everything.

It all started with a premonition dream she had when she was 3 months pregnant. She dreampt about key family members who had passed that she has never met before but were holding her daughter showing her the serious health issues of her daughter. She immediately knew this was not a normal dream, but a visit from the other side warning her about a serious problem with the baby.

Fortunately, it was with Laura’s training and mother’s instinct that pushed her forward and with help of family in the medical field, she discovered her daughter had a serious potential life threatening internal birth defect that required urgent surgery at the age of 3 months.

The experience changed her family’s lives forever and led Laura to become interested in food sensitivities and what she calls “an under-diagnosed and unrecognized field heading towards epidemic levels due to all the chemically and genetically modified foods, over-processing, over-vaccinating, and the overuse of anti-bacterial soaps.” (New England Business Bulletin; Pamela Berard; Nov 2010)

This event catapulted even further in her desire to help others after she had the courage to leave an abusive marriage in 2005.

Healing Her Own Trauma

What she was receiving through the shelters and the traditional American health care system was not only broken, but amplified a broken me.

Experiencing many of these difficult life lessons resulting in complex PTSD and Trauma, Laura had a feeling there was something wrong with her until she rediscovered her gifts and learned to embrace her sensitivities as an empath.

This is when she learned to trust in Spirit once again.

Her traumatic experiences led her back to “ME”.

After initiating her trust and relationship with the divine, she resorted to nature, meditation, mindfulness or what she likes to call “presence”, reiki, and finally the best tool she discovered that encompasses all of it – Jikiden Reiki.

Since 2005, it has been a journey into self discovery, healing and learning to trust and love herself again. Learning to become “whole” is key a concept that many on the surface think they know, but really and truly don’t.

When you begin to heal the inner child and build a relationship with the wisdom of the body, she could hear the whispers of trauma and triggers that to the health care field go unnoticed and untreated or if treated is only given a numbing agent or band aid.

She was told she needed a hysterectomy. Never had it.  She connected the issues that were caused by the physical reactions to PTSD. So she worked on that.

She was told she needed a root canal. Never happened using same tools.

She has had three UTI and treated with NO antibiotics using same methods.

She is not adverse to traditional medical treatments, but if done correctly, we can heal the body naturally and only rely on traditional medical options with everything else fails.

For more information about her work with trauma, click here.


Laura has been recognized twice as one of the top professionals under the age of 40 by New England Business Bulletin, and she was one of the featured recipients in the article “Sixteen honorees were selected for innovation, leadership, and community service;” by Pamela Berard for the New England Business Bulletin.

Various recognition for the Annual Walk for Hospice for Old Colony Hospice

Charity Work

Laura currently serves as a board member for Massachusetts Survivors Outreach.

She is also a frequent guest speaker discussing her experiences using reiki and other spiritually based healing practices as a viable treatment option to heal trauma associated with abuse.



Laura is an accredited Shihan in Jikiden Reiki® authorized to offer private sessions and classes/training through the Jikiden Reiki® Institute, Kyoto, Japan

Certificates in the following:

Other training:

BFA in Illustration and Design (Medical Focused)

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