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About Laura’s Spiritual Gifts

How Did Laura Become A Medium?

Laura was raised in a dual religious household – Catholic and Russian Orthodox. After 10 years of Catholic school and years of finding her spiritual path, Laura became a Spiritualist and practices many Buddhist principles today.

Laura’s Psychic Mediumship ability runs in her family. Her gifts were seen early on as a young child which frightened her, because she did not understand her gifts.

However, it wasn’t until a traumatic divorce, her gifts flourished. Her grandmother and aunt were also very gifted and used their healing abilities and mediumship to help others. Her grandmother read tea leaves and her aunt was a palm reader. Both her mother and father are also very gifted in their connections to spirit and use them to help heal people in the healthcare fields.

She has studied with many local and international mediums, and is a frequent guest speaker and medium at many of the local Spiritualist Churches in RI, CT, and MA, many area South Shore venues, as well as Florida.

She was also a featured guest on CBS radio with Bob Lobel, MIX 104.1, dozens of local tv, podcasts, and blogradio guest appearances.

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