Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

I highly recommend it for anyone being told they’re “too sensitive”, weighed down by their emotions or their environment or feel as though they don’t fit in. Laura is excellent at what she does and she has knowledge, compassion, insight and understanding that is truly unmatched.

Debbie Gillis,
Self Care For The Empath 4 wk Immersion

Today's class/workshop showed me that I am not alone! I learned not to own other people's experiences, choosing words wisely, and most importantly detach from people, places, things, and outcomes.

Nicole Monaghan Whittaker,
Self Care For The Empath

It is a very thought provoking & profound class. It emphasized a communal experience in that your experience is similar to others,. Through this it led to personal realizations and tools in coping & finding peace. A realistic & applicable course experience!

Suzanne Simmons,
Self Care For The Empath

(Liked best) The positive, good energies. The tools given and feeling and knowing I'm capable of the new positive change.

Alicia Nickerson,
Self Care For The Empath

I learned to use a couple of new tools to stop taking on other people's "stuff".

Peter Pinto,
Self Care For The Empath

It can be challenging to open up, be vulnerable in a group. The class felt safe & nurturing & it became increasingly easier to share personal experiences. (I liked the best) learning and practicing various tools & understanding that I can trust my inner guide regarding which tools serve me best.

Jeannine Whitehead,
Self Care For The Empath 4 wk Immersion

I learned: Caring for yourself is essential! Breathe out the negative - make room for the positive! Cut out the negative people.

Sarah M,
Self Care For The Empath 4 wk Immersion

I was anxious before taking the class as I wasn't sure I was an empath and more fearful that I would be and not be able to control it. After having taken the class i am accepting of being an empath and have a greater appreciation for what it entails. I have the tools to protect myself and raise my own vibration. It is ok to take me time.

Suzanne Mc Carthy,

I met Laura at a Mediumship class she was teaching in Weymouth. I have taken a few Mediumship classes and have sat in circle for over a year at one time but it had been awhile and I wanted to brush up on my abilities. Laura was very nice and persistent at probing me about the information I was receiving and helping me relax so the information would flow. I learned breathing relaxes your body and makes you a clearer channel to receive the information weather it's an aura or a message. Thank you so much Laura for your advice, knowledge, and patience. Love and Light

Mediumship Development Class

Boom Boom Information! ...I came to the class thinking how it would help me deal with the outside sources of the Empath issue which were well covered and Laura gave a lot of tools & info on how to deal, but importantly, for myself, opened me up (awareness :) )on how I need to deal & recognize what I am contributing to it. The journey ... the balance...

Sundee S.,
Self Care For The Empath 4 wk Immersion


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