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Laura has a private practice on the water near the Atlantic Ocean just south of Boston, MA providing spiritually based holistic health enrichment through programs, services, events, groups, retreats, and classes in person and virtually.

Since 2006, Laura has helped thousands of people heal issues and restore wholeness – mentally, physically, spiritually.  She is a published author, speaker, award-winning advocate, teacher, an experienced rooted healer, seeker, intuitive, spiritual mentor, social justice warrior, and a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, with over 15 cumulative years of experience in the field of healthcare.

Laura has also been providing spiritual retreats throughout New England since 2012 to help others surrender to self care, journey into self discovery, and nurture their souls.

Laura is also a member of the National Health Freedom Action in Massachusetts and a member of the Jikiden Reiki NPO.

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The Mission

Laura’s mission is to help others rediscover the power that lies within and to find that treasure buried in the depths of our own shadows and become their own superhero by addressing root issues, transforming pain, bridging science, research and the practical magic of sacred, ancient traditions… with honor and integrity. She does this while also advocating for holistic health, domestic violence survivors, and policy changes.

All the answers we seek and healing lie within. Our bodies are fully equipped and designed to heal themselves. Sometimes we just need a little help and guidance. Laura believes that no matter what you are seeking, balance is key – mind, body or spirit.

Laura also finds that those with a history of trauma, dementia, or are faced with end of life challenges, need someone who is compassionate and understanding of their needs and has the tools to guide them through these difficult challenges that many times traditional healthcare is not fully equipped to understand or assist.

She brings her journey of acceptance into self discovery, self care, self love, passion, compassion, and wit to assist in bringing out the best in you.

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We have a primary location on the South Shore of Boston, but we do travel throughout New England for special events, classes, and speaking opportunities.


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