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The Secrets To Healing

An Invitation to Healing Trauma and Other Root Causes of Chronic Illness Using the Japanese Reiki Gokai

What would your life feel like to unpack old stories, trauma, wounds? How would it feel to address root issues & transform pain? What would your life look like to finally experience long term sustainable healing and wholeness that would enable you to take back your life and power?

This book is a real honest look of how we address and heal the growing chronic illness and trauma rates through the eyes of a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor, reiki teacher, and wellness professional with over 20 years’ experience in a medical environment as well as advocacy and legislative policy.

Laura weaves her personal story, her work, and her training in this must have book for patients, survivors, and Reiki teachers alike.

Proceeds benefit Laura’s not for profit work to improve outcomes for domestic violence survivors.

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From Asha D Ramakrishna, Founder of Sacred Commerce Program and Author of The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman & Your Soul Map: Human Design for Liberation in the USA

“I love love love this book. So beautifully written and so honest. From the honoring of trauma in healing, to educating on authentic roots of Reiki, to Laura’s opening her story & process with us. I learned so much and feel like I would be a more discerning client. Thank you, Laura! And also, I need a session with you!”


From Paul Sexton, Shihan in Jikiden Reiki and Shotokan Karate, Retired High School educator and leadership instructor, student of Katori Shinto Ryu in British Colombia, Canada

“Wow. Amazing book that has the potential to help so many with a realistic and authentic way of dealing with our own life trauma. I love the way Laura makes real the lessons of Gokai, while sharing her story uncovering some uncomfortable truths about our North American legal and medical system. I applaud Laura’s strength and courage.”


From Gisela Stewart, Galashiels, Jikiden Reiki Shihan and Founder of Greenspring Health (Integrative Healthcare Centre) in Scottish Borders

“Laura’s book is an important testament to the possibility of recovery from the most challenging of chronic health conditions by uncovering and healing hidden root-causes with Reiki.

Connecting the dots between an epidemic of ever-growing proportions of mental and physical chronic health problems in the Western World and the failure of the traditional healthcare system to look beyond fixing symptoms, Bonetzky- Joseph identifies hidden trauma as a frequent common denominator and root-cause. She illustrates the power of Japanese Reiki to aid in the recovery process both with her own lived experience of overcoming family and personal trauma and its manifestations in physical and emotional health issues, and with powerful case studies from her professional practice.

Giving an overview of this simple, accessible and comprehensive healing method, Laura then proceeds identifying daily contemplation of the 5 Reiki precepts as a powerful tool for personal transformation, healing and empowerment.

As a professional Jikiden Reiki practitioner with over a decade of experience helping victims of sexual and emotional abuse, I highly recommend Laura’s work to both survivors and healthcare professionals alike, and commend her for plummeting the depths of the Gokai as a tool for self-inquiry and liberation.

For any practitioner working in the field of trauma recovery doing the inner work as so profoundly explored by Laura is a MUST.”

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