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The Human Bioenergy Field

Rediscover your body’s ability to heal itself

The term “energy” has been a growing buzz word in the areas of spirituality, spiritually based therapies, holistic health, and mainstream biomedical science. The concept of energy healing has grown from criticism to respectability.


The Human Energy Field

In health care, doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals study the various body systems such as the digestive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system etc as part of their training. The one body system not included in their studies is the electrical conduction system which produces and radiates electricity initiated in the heart and the brain that radiates out creating the human bioenergy field.

What was once purely science fiction or subjective religious belief has now been scientifically documented and artistically rendered – a field of energy extending beyond the visually-observable human form approximately 18 inches to 3 feet, depending on what aspects of it are being measured.  Field [1,2].

We have seen a shift over last few decades from the scientific community from a stance that there is no human bioenergy field around the human body to an understanding that it exists. We can thank many of the pioneers in western reiki industry for bringing this form of energy healing to the scientific and health care communities. Because of this work over the last 20 years, we finally understand the roles of  the human bioenergy fields in healthcare and disease.

Just like your home, car, or the physical body, the human energy field also requires occasional maintenance and hygiene.  Our human energy fields sometime accumulate toxins just like trash collected in your kitchen which needs somewhere to go. These toxic energies that accumulate may or  may not be visible. They may not even be measurable by current scientific standards. With that said, these energies can still kick our rear once in a while.

Just like our car requires regular oil changes, cleaning and maintenance, so do our human energy fields. The necessity for regular human energy field maintenance is almost always overlooked.

Laura offers customized services to meet your needs. She uses her professional medical and holistic training along with guidance from her guides and ascended masters.

Therefore, a combination of modalities are offered and sometimes a combination of treatment modalities are used to customize & maximize the greatest healing potential.

Modalities include:

Certain techniques may be included in some of the classes taught by Laura such as, but not limited to:

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