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Not every psychic is a medium, but every medium is a psychic. A medium is someone who connects with Spirit entities or loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world. The job of the medium is to prove that “…the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change called death.”

Laura is a Spiritualist who offers a variety of compassionate spiritual medium readings on the phone, online, or private events in and around New England and Florida.

Why is being a Spiritualist important?

A Medium trained through the Spiritualist movement, channels only positive and constructive spiritual entities. Spiritualist mediums many times will spend years perfecting the skills of mediumship. This includes making sure the space we work in is protected and blessed to ensure a positive healing experience for the recipient. Many of these mediums are affiliated with one of the Spiritualist Churches where they donate much of their time and studies.

Laura uses all her senses when connecting to spirit in relaying information from the Spirit world. This includes clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Her goal is to provide information that is clear, concise, evidential and above all healing to those receiving the messages from the Spirit world.

What Others Say:

“Laura is an amazing medium!…” 

” Laura is a very gifted Psychic/Medium…”

 “Laura connected with my dad, it was amazing how she got him so accurately!…”

” … I have been a member here (First Spiritualist Church) for over 23 years and this message could only be called most evidential….”

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By law, Laura Healing With Spirit is required to state that she is not a medical doctor and the advice received is not meant to be replaced for medical treatment by your doctor. Laura is a spiritual medium and energy healer. Her statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Your health is your responsibility. Please view her full terms & conditions and site disclaimers, located here.
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