Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

I like meeting others that seek the answers to questions about being an empath ... Laura, I want to thank you for the class and all the knowledge not just about empaths, but sharing information about other healing modalities.

Laurel C.,
Self Care For The Empath

I learned today how important nutrition and proper vitamins are to my ability to handle and decipher various energies, so that I am less overwhelmed. Also, how self-love comes first and vibrating the frequency of love outward attracts less of the lower energies. Taking back my personal power.

Jennifer Polcaro,
Self Care For The Empath

Know that its all about self love. She knows her shit.

Hannah Croche,
Self Care For The Empath

This class provides an incredible foundation for all spiritual practices. It will teach you the basics you need to practice self care and love in order to grow.

Cara Losapio,
Self Care For The Empath

small, intimate class size; detailed, integration of aspects of traditional medicine with Eastern/metaphysical knowledge; good foundational base; well-prepared and structured presentation...This class has enhanced my experience, understanding, and proficiency as a healer in an extensive and practical way. Thank you Laura!

Mark Thompson,
Energetics 101

Laura is very intelligent and giving with her knowledge. Great tool to mediumship (psychometry). Confidence was built. Laura knows the answers to whatever we ask. She never demeans you just makes you work harder. Always lean something new w/ her. Love her!

Susan Robillard,

If you're curious, register & attend the class! If you're curious, you're meant to know more! *By expanding one's consciousness, we reach one more step toward raising our vibration. *Laura Joseph is a generous, experienced & Committed teacher who tenaciously guides & challenges the learner :) *Bring your photos, and other items, in a plain bag (paper) so that the container/bag doesn't confuse the reader.

Astrid Menjer,

The class was what I needed to release the past. Forever. Learned a new way to write down signs, numbers, and animals. Great job. Many ways to trust yourself and the Angels and spirit and my guides are real!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you

Christine Tripp
Communicating W Nature; Attaining Messages from Spirit in Nature

A very interesting class with a perception different from my normal one on how to look and interpret signs and symbols that I would normally not notice. Helped me to be open to information from outside and how it affects me and my journey.

Ed Souza,
Communicating With Nature; Attaining Messages From Spirit in Nature

I attended one of Laura's Mediumship Classes in Weymouth recently. I had expected to be a casual observer, take a few notes, and have an enjoyable learning experience. I also thought that if I got lucky, I might get a reading done as well. What happened quite surprised and thrilled me instead. When Laura started speaking, I could instantly see her aura. This startled me as I wasn't trying to do this nor did I even think I could, without trying. But there it was. Next, Laura prompted us into contacting spirit for anybody that was connected to the people in the group. I thought, no way am I capable of doing this. But I was able to, TWICE!! Suffice it to say, Laura's teaching ability and patience will bring the best out of anyone. She is a truly blessed gifted person. I highly recommend her workshops to anyone wishing to expand or begin their spiritual journeys. You MUST take a class with her. I definitely will again...and soon!!!!

Larry Ferreira,
Mediumship Development


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