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February 14, 2018

5 Reasons Why You Need To Bless Your Junk

This series “Today I Bless My Junk” has been quite the challenge for me. However, I feel if I am to convey a certain message, I choose to be raw, real and authentic seeing all of me with an unaltered video.

Here is part four in the series of “Today I Bless My Junk”. In this video I go into the “WHY” we need to bless our junk  especially during these intense energetic times as part of the today I bless my junk series.

We all have junk … Do we not?

We all have junk lurking in our shadows … in our closets … in the depths of our minds. We don’t know what to do with something and what do we do? We put it in the closet? Right? Then when our closet gets full, we gasp and avoid dealing with the closet. Sound familiar?

Why the #metoo and #timesup movements are important


Survivors of abuse who have once been silenced are now being heard in ways unprecedented. This is BIGGER than we know and could ever imagine and goes far beyond what has happened with abuse survivors. It transcends into race, culture, economics, religion, and more.


What does it mean to bless your junk?

To bless your junk means to take all the pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, etc and transform it for wholeness, happiness, prosperity, and success.

According to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, a blessing is “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare”. A blessing endowed power for prosperity and success.

Foreword- Tigger Alert – Triggers can happened in sometimes the most unpredictable ways.  Be aware of what triggers you. If by any reason you find this video triggering. I encourage you to stop and pause a moment before you continue. 

In this video:

  • What is the junk?
  • The paradigm shift
  • Importance of the #metoo movement
  • What does it mean to bless your junk
  • 5 reasons why to bless your junk

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  Other Videos in the Video Series

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Question To Ponder

I ask for you to consider one question

Are you part of the solution to systemic abuse or are you part of the problem? The choice is yours and only yours to make.

Please go to my Vlog on Youtube for the following videos.

How Can You Help?

As always, please support my healing journey and my desire to help break the cycle of abuse through healing. There many ways you can do this.

Take action on the things I mention in this video series

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  5. As always, thank you for your support and being a part of my spiritual journey.
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I love your definition of blessing your junk, “To bless your junk means to take all the pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, etc and transform it for wholeness, happiness, prosperity, and success.” I am blessed to continue to bless my junk and to empower other women to bless theirs. Thank you so much for the work you do in the world and creating so many healing ripple effects Laura.


Thank you for leading survivors to bring their pain and suffering to the light. It is important that we realize that every part of us is blessed.

Thank you for your voice and strong witness!

Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your healing so that other women can be vulnerable too! It’s so important that we share our stories with each other so that we heal the shame shadows that keep us hidden form our light. <3 your poat!

I love the wonderful work you are doing Laura! By blessing the junk, I and the clients I help move from brokenness to wholeness.

Hey Laura
I love the idea of transforming “junk”. I practice the ritual of transforming emotions everyday. We cannot create or destroy energy, but we sure can transform it and that is powerful!

What a wonderful message that is so needed at this time. Thank you for your courage in sharing.

I love that you connect the junk in the closet to “junk” from abuse. Acknowledging and blessing either one is an important step in moving forward. Thanks for a good post!

Times are changing with a positive light. The vibrational energy is strong for that. We need to realize we can be free. And yes we become healed and WHOLE again. Illumination is important in the beautiful way we were always meant to live. Thank you for the beautiful message.

Such an important issue and love the bless you junk way to release pain etc thank you xxx

Thanks for sharing this powerful message and voice

I really appreciate your message, Laura, and I know that ‘blessing our junk,’ as you put it, is the way through to the greener pastures we wish for. Thank you for your inspiring words.


As a survivor, I believe in releasing the junk and shifting our life has a powerful effect on how we survive – it is not just to survive, but to thrive (no matter what). A beautiful talk. Bless you.


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