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January 3, 2019

Have You Experienced This During An MRI?

Recently,  I went in for a repeat brain MRI from 2010 as a result of a previous brain bleed I’ve had.

I am a survivor of abuse with a history of PTSD and anxiety and of course they asked if I was claustrophobic and I said no.

Surprisingly, I was kind of surprised that as I entered into the MRI room I was experiencing anxiety. Once I laid down on the table and enter the machine, I began reciting the gokai, which are the 5 Japanese reiki principles to live by.

By the end of the third time reciting the gokai, my anxiety was completely calm. I was in a calm complete state a presence with a notable reduction in respiration.

In the beginning of the scans, I began to see flashes of a pinhole white light in my third eye which Drew my attention to actually pay attention to what I am witnessing. It was like a flash going off on a camera but in a pinhole size.

This followed with  a black spot  notable on the upper  right side  in my third I’d vision .

Following this I began seeing nebula type formations in waves. The colors were of a translucent mustard seed yellow and an oblong shape moving from my left to my upper right with purple formations in the middle.

Right after the text said to the next scan will take 5 minutes, the next set of visualizations I saw started more on the upper right side of flashes of an oblong shape that was of a darker yellow and color. This later began to continue to flash in the more it flashed the clear the images got of my entire brain

The next set of images she said was going to take 2 minutes. With that followed images showing various vascular sections in my brain and I even began feeling tingling in my right foot which dissipated right after this portion of the scan completed.

The final scan was very similar to the beginning with a general nebula of colors flashing in waves mostly in the yellows, Blues and purple hues.

I asked the tech if there were different images being done on my brain as I had visualizations while in the scanner. I think she was a little confused by my question because it’s not a typical question people would ask. So I went on to tell her that depending on which scan she did I saw images of my brain as well as images of the vascular portions of my brain. She did verify that there were vascular portions done on my brain.

Now whether or not this is a verifiable experience doesn’t matter. However, since I am a very deeply spiritual person and love it when science backs up a spiritual experience, I’m putting this out there because maybe some scientists would love to use this to create a study on the brains of those who are intuitive or empathic.

That would be quite interesting though wouldn’t it for the scientific community?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share in the comments.

With love and appreciation,


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Fran Holyoake
4 years ago

I had an MRI on my TMD joint recently and saw pulsing beams of light of all kinds of colours. A little like a laser light show but much more beautiful and with way more lights. I saw colours that I can’t explain and don’t think I’ve seen before. I don’t know how that would work. I too had an overwhelming sense of calm in the machine, so much so I fell asleep and the administrator had to wake me up! They kept telling me I was perfectly still but it felt like my brain was doing more moving than… Read more »

Emily aj
4 years ago

I just had a neck mri today and I saw Blue light that turned into a darker yellow and back and fourth. A flower like pattern in middle. I wonder if it’s because I was looking at the dark grey stripe inside of the mri machine or maybe the magnetic pulse? I’m a sensitive person with radio waves so maybe same thing? It was new as I’ve had a head mri within a month and this didnt happen.
What is your opinion as this was quite odd but no information online about this.

4 years ago

Yes! This just happened to me. It’s pretty much identical. Down to the patterns, positions, and color, even the ptsd and abuse. The only difference is that I saw a red pattern after the white spot and dark spot. It went from red, rotating. It looked almost like a spiderweb. Then it was yellow, starting orangish and fading to green. That one was almost like a barcode scanner. The MRI tech looked at me like I was insane. I have had many MRIs due to problems with my neck and spine. But today was the first this happened. I was… Read more »

Deb Douglas
4 years ago

I also experienced unusual swirling colors during MRI. The pattern changed when the machine changed. I could also tell which direction the machine was moving….i asked the tech afterwards, and she almost freaked out. Lol! But I have always “seen” things others don’t, and I am a deeply spiritual person also. Empathic abilities? Maybe…

4 years ago

Hello, I recently had an MRI. I am very claustrophobic. I panicked a bit when they told me they didn’t have order to sedate me from my doctor. I didn’t want to reschedule I just wanted to get it over with so I did it. I was given blindfold and ear plugs. I closed my eyes and started to mentally talk to myself painting a picture of my happiest place. Out by the water fishing and standing in the water with my deceased dad. I suddenly felt a warmth take over my entire body. I could feel the warmth of… Read more »

3 years ago

Hi Laura

Out of curiosity we’re on ever diagnosed with a cyst on your brain? I know you had a bleed but were there any mention of a cyst anywhere in your brain?

2 years ago
Reply to  Georgia

I was going to ask the same question. I just recently had an MRI to test for some other medical issues and they found a small cyst in my pineal gland which wasn’t there 5 years prior. I’ve always been a very strong empathize but just went through my awakening in the last couple of years and my 3rd eye has definitely gotten stronger , along with many new gifts. I wondered if the cyst happened to correlate with the spiritual gifts. But…as far as what happens to me when I’m in the machine…exactly the same. I feel the imaging… Read more »

3 years ago

Hello Laura. I found your site this morning while searching the interwebs for folks that might have had the same experience. I went in for an MRI this morning, and much the same visuals as you’ve described above. Mustard yellow fluctuations, with a dark center. Purple aura or ball in my third eye. I could see/sense the purple ball with my eyes open, and it became much more rich and substantial when I closed my eyes. I also experienced the MRI walls breathing with me, inflating and deflating as I took slow deep breaths. I was in the machine for… Read more »

3 years ago

I had an MRI done in an open MRI machine and began crying uncontrollably. I’m wondering if it’s possible that more empathic/spiritually inclined people are more sensitive to the magnets? I didn’t experience panic I just became overwhelmed with emotion.

3 years ago

So I just researched spiritual experiences while doing an MRI, because I just had one on my right foot and it was very interesting. I attempted to meditate to make time drag less harshly, as it takes 30 minutes per body part. I ended up in a half awake half asleep state where I had strong visualizations of very old and deep memories I must have repressed for whatever reason, but they were all very positive and had a poignant nostalgic feel that brought these memories into full motion with temperature sight color etc. it was like lucid dreaming while… Read more »

3 years ago

I had an mri for my shoulder today. It was wild. I saw purple/violet nebula first. I saw fiery yellow and blue as well. I could also feel where the machine was. At one point I felt a spike in the magnet that made my body jump and I could feel everything passing through my stomach/core. Sometimes I would realize I was breathing heavy and focus on keeping calm. This was a crazy experience. I told the tech that I can see how some people could completely lose their shit in there… they were like whatever and asked me a… Read more »

3 years ago

Wow!!! I had the most breath taking experience! Today I had a MRI on my neck and it took me to a place of healing & harmony. I initially saw my deceased dad & another familiar spirit with him so I focused in and figured out it was my Godfather or another endearing male relative. Then this overwhelming amount of LOVE engulfed me, I knew whatever next was going to be enormous and it was. It was something I said I needed in order to be reminded these things are true. I was in totally awe! Beautiful hues a neon… Read more »

Angelina Austin
3 years ago

I was in a MRI for my knee my head itself wasn’t in the machine but i looked towards my knee and saw lime green/ mustard yellow colors.

Elisabeth George (Betsy)
2 years ago

I had a similar experience during an open MRI two days ago. I never opened my eyes once I entered the machine. The swirling purple and gray nebula began about a minute after the scan began. The mustard color followed around the edges at first and later ebbed and flowed. There was a beautiful white orb that increased and decreased in size rhythmically. Towards the conclusion of the scan I saw the faces of people I have never met. They came and went quickly but continuously with the exception of one young dark-haired man who lingered and was forming words… Read more »

Alisa Jones
1 year ago

I just had an MRI on my knee a few days ago. I was out of the machine from my elbows up. I also closed my eyes and started seeing different shades of purple cloud like shapes. As the machine continued clicking there was a sudden wave of black that flew out from the machine and I felt a tingle in my knee each time the black oceanlike wave came and went.. as I focused on the purple I also became aware of a white blending into a warm sunny yellow..it was there that I saw silhouettes of human form.… Read more »

1 year ago

Hi Laura, I’ve had something very similar happen. I was having an MRI done before sinus surgery and while laying there starting off into space, I started seeing waves of color washing over my field of vision. They were mostly transparent waves of pinks and blues. It alternated and blended like waves. Now I realize later in life as I’m learning to meditate and reading about auras, that it was my own aura being reflected back to me. It was an incredible experience that I haven’t had since. I haven’t needed another scan so… I’m trying to learn to see… Read more »

1 year ago

I have had 2 MRIs on my left foot for different issues and both times I have seen auras similar to migraine auras but without the migraine. They change pattern and color when the MRI changes. Also, both times the MRI techs are baffled when I ask if anyone has ever commented about seeing colors or auras.


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