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March 8, 2018

A Message From A Tree During A Storm

I love trees. They have so much to say if we quiet the mind and listen to their wisdom.

The weather here in New England has been less than kind over the past week. Mother Earth is quite unhappy.

However, there is also such beauty in the storm. We just have to shift our perspective a bit and open our eyes to see.  She is helping us cleanse our shadows and reveal ancient wisdoms for us to see and feel what she is showing us.

Today’s message from the tree:

“I reach to the sky 
with my extended branches.
Catching each snowflake and
Letting it melt into my bark.

My roots are nourished as
I drink up and quench my thirst.
I extend my reach underground
To brace myself in these winds.

My trunk holds me steady
As I ride out this storm
Balancing my branches above
And my roots below.

I provide you nourishment too
And provide you with the air you breathe.
Why have you forsaken me?
Do not see my intrinsic value?

We are connected
You and I
Don’t you see?
Don’t you see?

Respect me
Love me
Nourish me
And I will provide for you”

For more on wisdoms of the trees, please check out “A Mindfulness Journey Into The I AM … the Tree”.

Posted with love and appreciation,


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6 years ago

I love tress and their symbolic we can use in our life.

6 years ago
Reply to  Cindy Hively

Life is all about perspective my friends

6 years ago

I love trees too Laura and so appreciate your beautiful poem. I love the last stanza – Respect me, love me, nourish me and I will provide for you! Thank you so much!

6 years ago

Trees speak a soothing and grounding language to us. They nurture us with their steadfast and centered energies. I love how you honored your experience with this your beautiful poem Laura! xo

6 years ago

Hey Laura
What a lovely poem from the tree that you channeled. I too, have noticed the trees talking during the storms, particularly I have been drawn to the trees that completely bend under the weight of the snow, but don’t break. They seem to be a reminder to be flexible and allow the energy of transformation.

6 years ago

That was so beautiful. Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve always adopted a tree nearby as my “wisdom tree.” Just resting my hand on the trunk, I can feel what she has to tell me.

6 years ago

Beautiful Laura! An art colleague of mine does ‘Tree Conversations’ and then creates art from the message she receives from the tree. There was just a Tree Spirit Summit and my friend was one of the speakers. Reading the message you received from your tree, I sense you would love connecting with all of those who are similarly connected to and communicating with our beautiful tree spirits. I’m also a tree lover and often stop on walks to acknowledge that I see them and give a hug to those that are speaking out to me!

6 years ago

What a lovely poem! I often think what what trees tell us if they could talk. But perhaps it’s more like “if we listen.”

6 years ago

Beautiful poem. Trees have so much wisdom and so much to offer.

6 years ago

I love your poem! I love taking walks in the woods and talking to the trees.

6 years ago

I am very drawn to trees Their power resonates deeply with me. They have such a beauty. How they change throughout the seasons is magical. I love capturing them in photographs.

6 years ago

I love your poem. I love trees. I am glad that in the midst of this wintry weather that you are able to see the trees and receive the gifts that they give you (and all of us).


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