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April 4, 2018

When The Unexpected Happens

Feeling these energies?

So the energies have been a little wackadoodle doo per say with the current planetary alignment, shifts, and shadows that continue to rise up. So I thought instead of a social media post, I would share my experience today with you all.

As I said the energies are a little nutty to say the least.  What many of you do not know is that I am not immune to these shifts. I am however, grateful to the tools and skill sets I have to help me through the process.  I have had a very difficult emotional roller coaster of a week working on my own shadows and blocks so I can free myself up from a horrific past on top of a crazy busy week speaking at 3 venues on 3 separate yet related topics in 5 days.

I was told I need to start asking for more help, which I have begun to do. I even sent our a social media request for a “little extra good mojo sent my way with all these crazy energies to help keep my energies balanced and grounded while flowing through all that is on my plate this week easily and effortlessly.”

An Unexpected Surprise Today

Today it is raining. A good day to cleanse the soul and flush away to old junk. I was driving down to my meeting today where I gave a presentation to approximately 25 business professionals on the topic of holistic health, spirituality, the physiology of being a vibrational being made of energy, the standard American medical treatments and why the system is broken, and how to take back your life and health.

I was not sure how well I would communicate my message due to the ever changing intense energies that can affect this empath. However, I will just say this. Here is best feedback from today’s presentation: 

“There wasn’t a single person not engaged with your presentation. That never happens. You had them all”

Probably the second best feedback was being told that I had a Shinto priest in full traditional white attire as a guide helping me today. I was surprised, but for that amazing message, I am humbled and honored.

I took my time driving back to my office to reflect on the day and all the incredibly amazing feedback I received as it was quite overwhelming.

My heart was filled with gratitude.

What Happened Next Stunned Me

So I arrived back at my office, ruminating over thoughts I know that should not be there. You know – those “lack” thoughts and as I settled in, I noticed a very pretty purple envelope on my desk. I first wondered, “A belated birthday card I wondered, but who would know?”

I opened it to find THIS. I immediately sat down … well maybe sank in my chair as I began to read. The name of the person is withheld for privacy reasons until I get permission to publish the beautifully hand written note.

Here it is …

“Dear Laura,

Such an old-fashioned notion, letter-writing. An art form we all used to have to do back in the Dark Ages, before computers. I always enjoyed it, and thought it would be easier than leaving a comment online for you, especially since I’m not on Facebook or Twitter.

I am really enjoying your blogs and videos and everything you have available for the masses! Thank you so much for taking all the time and effort to reach out to us. As a result of watching you & reading what you have put up, I feel renewed – in fact, I am no longer watching late-night TV – I am spending that hour before bed with your words, and I feel as though I have found a long lost friend – you have reminded me of many truths I already knew, but which have been slipping from consciousness from a lack of attention. Every topic – it’s all interesting to me – delivered with great courage and love on your part. I’m a believer in naps, too! Just got up from one, and it’s like starting a brand new day.

There is so much more room here to write. Have you heard this?  “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” Maya Angelou

Sending love and blessings backatcha -(letter signature)

P.S. I was (how they met me). A great honor for me. Thank you for saying hello. You were fantastic!”

In Conclusion

Can I just say WOW. Some of you know my story. Many of you do not. I never profess to anyone that I do not have my own struggles or battles or that my life is perfect.

As I said today at the presentation, I am about being real. I am about being raw and authentic.  Some may appreciate that. Others may not. That is OK.

When I thought over this past weekend I was failing, failing to find a way through this block that is restricting my growth …literally … I receive such kindness and warmth that I am not used to receiving and I will admit, at times I struggle with accepting. I know that is one of my residual PTSD triggers and self preservation mechanisms. However, I will say, I did not experience that today. I allowed and I received.

Funny to come back to my office to THIS letter. Talk about being in vibrational alignment. Not to mention the numerological factors involved.


  • Letter mailed on 3/31/18 = 9
  • Letter received on 4/4/18 = 1

That chapter I have been struggling with is ending and the one I am trying to birth is growing and launching. Trust in the signs the Universe gives you.  It has never failed me.

So … I am here to tell you, don’t let your head play (excuse my language) … mind fuck games … with you and steal your inner joy and peace.

To everyone I came in contact with today or even the beautiful woman who sent me the amazing hand written letter, I honor you. Thank you all for being a part of my journey.

You made my day today … miraculous! You restored some faith in myself I questioned. Because of you, I feel I will find the resolution I seek sooner rather than later to moving through my own last BIG block. I look forward to that day.

With love and appreciation,

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