Fall 2020 Psychic Review & Energy Update + 4 Tips To Guide You

WOW What a year huh? It is certainly the WTF kinda of year and NO matter how much we predicted these times – YES we did – it sometimes does not make these challenges any easier though.

All it does is give us a road map on how to navigate through all of this evolutionary change. I posted a 2020 forecast here with a followup here on karmic debt and three tips to moving forward. Did you catch those posts???

Since 2020 began, these energies have created lots of contrast in our lives. The idea of spiritually bypassing our way through life will not help any of us. The trading one feel good addiction for another has shown to be more harmful than good as I talk about here.

By April, it felt like all hell broke lose. So I pulled some cards on the matter and created a vlog post regarding COVID here. This is about emotional & spiritual maturity, truths revealed, shadows continuing to surface and how to navigate moving forward.  This year is VERY reflective of the “Tower” card in tarot.

There is a single threaded message that streams though all these posts addressing the triggers & ego destruction. This year has been less about trying to “control” situations or outcomes and more about mastering the calm within the storm while co-creating with the divine and disconnecting from the news & propaganda. Think Hunger Games, the Matrix series and Avatar.

In May, things escalated again on many fronts. So, I used my trauma & trigger healing journey to get quite candid and personal talking about Facing the Shadows & Healing During COVID19 as an invitation to hope, healing and guidance during some very challenging times of cocooning.

In June, the jaguar appeared where I talked about the Spiritual Medicine With Jaguar During Times of Civil Unrest.  Here I talked about my premonitions over the years about these times and addressed 3 lessons we have learned so far  including upping our virtual presence and call for unity as well as continuing themes of trusting instincts and ego destruction.

Finally, in the end of July, we addressed “flow”, the dark night of the soul and 4 tips to help you navigate moving forward here.

We are stewards of this Great Mother and stewardship is our sacred duty that we collectively have neglected.  We have been talking about THIS aspect A LOT in our FB LIVES held 3x a week.

Since COVID shutdown everything days before my birthday in March, I felt a huge call to action to BE an anchor of support to the community. So, for the last 22+ weeks I have been offering free/by donation FB LIVE events ranging from energy updates to meditation to psychic medium readings to a 7 day challenge to somatic movements to council meetings on the topic of trauma, triggers, and spiritual medicine and more.

AND every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 8:30am (EST) I’ve been offering what has now morphed into Mornings with Laura: Spiritual Medicine and Meditation”.

Here is one of those messages recorded on 8/26/20 from a Facebook LIVE on Spiritual Signs, Time Master & Turtle Medicine, & completing with video Meditation W/ The Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Towards the end, we ask for shares and experiences.

Like the video above,  I have been blending many of the tools I’ve acquired over the last 15 years.  As a result of these teachings and the interaction and engagement of community to participate, we’ve witnessed some BIG medicine coming through that is helping so many during these challenging polarizing times as well as all life.

Since the launch of this initiative, our group has doubled in size since March to over 700 members from all over including MA, RI, CA, NM, AZ to Korea, UK, and Denmark.

These events have been instrumental as a spiritual guidance tool to help us co-create and navigate through all the human egoic bullshit coming at us from all different angles and sides. 

Before I share with you the tips to help you navigate the rest of this year, here is a followup from 8/26/20 that I felt compelled to share on 8/28/20 from another Facebook LIVE  on Trauma, Earth Medicine, Meditation and the Master 22 Number in numerology that is relevant to what I am posting about here. 

Now Moving Forward

Finally, things are shifting, moving, evolving in so many areas and planes from the earth’s electrical grid to space weather to rise in consciousness to shifts in the material world. There is an infinite intelligence of Great Spirit that makes up the fundamental fabric of the Universe. Think The Matrix Series, Tesla, and Einstein just to name a few.

The Facebook Live we did on September 4, 2020 addressed the “MAGIC”. Remember, we can’t experience or see magic if we do NOT believe. This is a time to reconnect with the inner child and see and experience the world through their eyes.  

We are being called to step up and recognize the universal … spirit … dance in all the synchronicity, signs, symbols, and omens you might receive or experience. This veil has been thinning for quite a while. 

I would ask that you trust in your divinity and flow and not fall into the illunsionary trap of many formalized religions. You have your own infinite intelligence built within you. We have been deprogrammed is all.  

Here are 4 tips to help you move forward this fall

Click here, where I elaborate on these tips in more detail.

  • FIRST, Continue to take personal responsibility for where you are at. Continue to clear the “old” and face the junk & shadows. Not sure how? Check out my Classes Tab for course descriptions. 
  • Second, learn how to navigate and master the flow. 
  • Third, Stay grounded  & center yourself.
  • Fourth, (NEWLY ADDED/ not in video) either learn how to co-create Source energy/the divine/Spirit/God/ Great Spirit/The Universe etc or deepen your connection to this co-creation piece. 

Think of 2020 as the year of ACCOMPLISHMENT from a soul perspective in four (4) “work” year in numerology . This is where we want to go:

  • when we master the idea of NOT controlling Mother Nature, but aligning with and co-creating with her in sacred partnership. 
  • settle karmic debt 
  • and clear out the shadows and/or shine the light in the dark places within. 
2019 Laura in Marin County Redwoods, CA

HOW do we implement these strategies? 

Life is a journey & lesson for evolution of the soul to BE EXPLORED. That exploration continues this fall.

Remember, THIS … THIS is multi-layered, multi-faceted. Some of this is individual AND some of this is collective. Learn to decipher what is your junk and what is someone else’s. 

Is it a SH*T SHOW right now??? 

Yes, it is … if we choose to see it this way or we can choose to see what is happening as an opportunity which brings me to a saying someone ones said to me early on my healing path. We are either in a pile of dung. Going into a pile of dung, or getting out of a pile of dung. The difference is HOW we handle these situations. 

This fall I will be launching the virtual class Bless Your Junk & Step Into Your EmPOWERed Self as well as the 8wk virtual class the Rooted and Resilient Empath.  Both are comprehensive and geared towards giving your the tools you need to move forward. Are you ready?

Learn more by joining our FB LIVE events. 

Want to know more about these FB LIVE events?

I offer these FB LIVE events in my group Reiki & Spiritual Enrichment With Laura Healing With Spirit and are available on replay. 

If you’re struggling, stressed, depressed, triggered, anxious, fearful etc … then what’s stopping you from committing to yourself to a healthier routine that will help you break these patterns?

These FB LIVE events have been so powerful and so on point each time in guiding us. I posted more about these events and feedback from them just in the past week. 

Here’s what folks are saying in the past week on these LIVES:

  • “I’m so glad I joined in today and that you had three takes… I finally made one of your talks. Love this Laura. 😍🙏  – Jocelyn
  • “The bowls and drums were amazing.” -Beth
  • “This is gold! You are my sign 💛🙏  -Merry
  • “Is there a way to share this or for others to watch it now? You’re on fire. Good Stuff’s Coming🙏”   -Laura
  • “I enjoyed your meditation this morning Laura thank you 🙂💗 I feel centered and relaxed ready to take on my day a few errands then ill be enjoying the pool and then maybe dinner by the ocean…🙂 -Jennifer
  • You speak so much truth in the political world.”  -Heather
  • “This was very relaxing in spite of me sitting at a garage where I’m getting my oil changed, 😂 but it was a great way to spend my time here!” -Monica
  • “Thank you. Beautiful Laura🙏❤️🙏  -Suzanne
  • “Beautiful message” – Gina
  • “Powerful Laura”. – Annette
  • “Thanx for this gift today. Loved the messages from Hurricane Laura too🧚♀️ “ -Laura
  • “Just watched the replay! Needed to hear that!”  -Joan

I hope you found this post helpful??? 

If so, please leave your comments below and let us know how we are doing.

With appreciation, Laura

Spiritual Medium, Healer, Speaker, Writer, Metaphysician, Advocate, Holistic Health Practitioner, Facilitator, Trauma Specialist, Empowerment Specialist and Spiritual Badass.

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The Dark Night of the Soul

This year has kicked our rears to no end. Many of us feel like we are about to break wondering when will all this end? Are you feeling this?

Various folks in the spiritual communities are saying we are experiencing what is called the “dark night of the soul”, but do we really know what this means?

If you are wondering what the heck is going on in the air????

Have you read any of my 2020 energy forecast yet? Click here for initial 2020 forecast with end of January karmic update here, 4/4/20 COVID Energy update here, Facing the shadows May update here, and my June spiritual medicine during times of unrest update here.

Please post your comments and feedback so I know if these posts resonate with you or not.

In this video:

  • I define what the phrase “dark night of the soul” means
  • What is it?
  • How does it relate to what is happening NOW
  • What does it mean?
  • How can we become empowered through it?

Three Lessons 2019 Taught Us, Three Things To Know About Navigating the 2020 Energies, & What It All Means

Happy New Year. This is a time of year where I pause. I unplug. I go within. I listen. I process the lessons of 2019 & the past decade while acknowledging the gifts & blessings received.

I ask the divine within me what 2020 & the next decade asks of me moving forward. I feel into the blessings & the chaos. I allow the wisdom from my ancestors & divine team to be openly received.

One thing I have learned over time is that change is constant in the grand scheme of the Universe and 2019 was a BIG year for change and transformation to prepare us for a powerful punch in 2020. Are you ready?

Laura in Rome, Italy September 2019

In This Post:

  • A Refection
  • What 2019 Taught Us – There are many, but I focus on three,
  • Why spiritual bypassing our way through life will no longer work being an addictive crutch moving forward,
  • 3 Things To Know About the 2020 Energies moving forward,
  • What it All Means 

A Reflection

A Roman burial site; San Gemini, Italy; Sept 2019

I DON’T do resolutions. Do you? Instead, I reflect.

As I sit here reflecting on the past year and decade, I realize that I would not be here without YOU. So, I thank you for supporting me in this journey of mine which transitioned into a business on its own over the years with 2 simple things in mind:

  1. How do I fix the broken me and restore wholeness in my life
  2. and the desire to help others in their path especially those without a voice, abused, neglected or facing end of life.
Vancouver, Canada 2019; Jikiden Reiki Congress

It has taken me 3 weeks to formulate what I was going to say and how – well maybe longer as my prep started in November.

There is SOOOOOO much happening energetically at rapid rates that I found myself challenged with putting together all I know in a format simple enough and easy enough for you to follow, grasp, and possibly align with.

I was chuckling this week with some of my clients on how the Universe does NOT know it is a new year, new decade, and by gosh I gotta have my newsletter and forecast done by January 1st.

I have learned to pause and wait for the alignment of flow to show up. 

Into the ancient forest I went. Lost my mind & found my soul in Canada 2019

This time last year (November 2018 – January 2019), I posted many energy updates including a video stating how the energies then were about to “disrupt”, shift and shake the paradigm.

This was a massive shift from old belief systems and patterning to a new more aligned one. Many of us resisted and others aligned.

The year 2019 was clearly about with all the intertwining lessons and growth in between while learning how to navigate the flow of change.

Click here to check out my post on “What 2018 Taught Us, the Energy Forecast Heading Into 2019, and 6 Tips to Guide You in 2019”. It might help you understand things a bit more moving forward.

So what did 2019 teach us and what is in store for 2020?  Here is my  review and guide.

What 2019 Taught Us

Last year was a THREE year in numerology where we witnessed the past, present, and future colliding – personal stuff, generational, karmic, and past life – all coming to a head.

It’s wakey wakey time. No more being asleep. We can no longer run away or seek out the easier route, because the easier route is to move into the path your soul came here to do and be.

There are many lessons taught in 2019, but I focus on three. The video will go into details, but here is a quick synopsis.

One of the first things we learned in 2019 is that NOT everything can be explained literally, materially, or physically in the egoic dominated material world.

Secondly, when we can step away from “the story” created by the egoic mind, we can understand our triggers are mere clues on the treasure map within us and can empower us beyond our expectations.

Thirdly, spiritually bypassing our way through life is no longer working. We can not afford to spiritual bypass our way through life like an addictive crutch moving forward. Doing the required inner work can no longer be shoved under a carpet and ignored.

In 2019:

  • We cleared out old outdated beliefs and patterns to make way for the new.
  • We connected deeper with our inner spirit aka divine aka soul
  • We were forced to do our inner work to allow for the opportunities to reveal themselves
  • We reconnected with all things divine.
  • We have been returning to the sacred ancient teachings.
  • We stepped away from ego or at least understood where ego’s place should reside.
  • We awakened to the collective
  • We integrated our shadows with our light

Why spiritual bypassing our way through life will no longer work.

In this segment, I will elaborate more on spiritual bypassing because I am aware that many of us either do not know what it is or we have a misconception of what it is.

So, I will address:

  • What is spiritual bypassing?
  • Examples of what spiritual bypassing looks like
  • When do we engage in spiritual bypass?

3 Things To Know About the 2020 Energies moving forward

Our culture is uncomfortable with pain, grief, and other negative feelings, wanting to only discuss or address these things if they are more sanitized pleasant emotions.

This casts shame on grief, anger, and other less pleasant emotions, casting them into the shadows. If we never shine a light down there, these shadows can fester like an unhealed open wound, and the denial mechanisms around them become more and more desperate.

Moving into the 2020 energies, the idea of Spiritually bypassing your way through life will not help anymore for any one of us. Trading one feel good addiction for another is more harmful than good.

We are stewards of this Great Mother and stewards is where we must return our priorities. It is our collective sacred duty.

2020 will create remarkable opportunities for us to move FORWARD with diligence and courage.  Depending upon our actual birthdate, how and when these changes takes place is different for every one of us.

With full commitment and conscious engagement, we can open doors to immense success, happiness, and financial flow in your life in 2020.

Think of 2020 as the year of ACCOMPLISHMENT — making your dreams real. But that’s just part of the story…

So moving forward, consider these three aspects:

  • Space weather including cosmic rays, solar cycles, and earth’s changing poles.
  • 2020 being a FOUR year in numerology
  • Addressing the shadows within – checking in vs checking out. Leading with vs ignoring the spirit within.

What it All Means

It means we stand in our truth unapologetic. We speak out for those who do not have a voice. We call out and address predatory behavior infiltrating sacred safe spaces and protect those preyed upon by predators. It means we do not stay silent.

It means we change the way we live and address simple things we can do NOW.

It means we do the hard inner work that is required of us.

As an empath, healer, intuitive, and trauma specialist we will continue to see unresolved trauma surface – personal, generational, karmic, and past life. The ideas around power, control, manipulation will continue to be “seen”.

We continue to come face to face with our shadows. The more we surrender the stories of the egoic mind and into the flow of our intuitive soulful self continues to rise.

Finally, this is election year, the Universe is asking us to VOTE with our conscious NOT by party affiliation. Do not let the external world brainwash you, manipulate you, bully you, or intimidate you into swaying from YOUR truth.

What does spirit within you say? Go there. Vote from THAT place.

Let’s take shame out of our unrealistic egoic expectations of BE-ing spiritual by sharing our experiences.

Life is a journey & lesson for evolution of soul to BE EXPLORED. That exploration continues into 2020.

THIS … THIS is multi-layered, multi-faceted. Some of this is individual & some of this is collective.

It’s a SH*T SHOW. Yes, it is … if we choose to see it this way or we can choose to see what is happening as an opportunity which brings me to a saying someone ones said to me early on my healing path.

What do you choose?

Again, thank you for BE-ing a part of this GRAND experiment called life with me and supporting my work.

With appreciation,



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