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Bless Your Junk & Step Into Your EmPOWERed Self

Be awakened. Be empowered. Be Informed. Be Healed.

We all got junk. Who doesn’t have junk? Right?

We all have junk aka “stuff” lurking in our shadows … in our closets … in the depths of our minds.

We all got stuff we wish would just disappear or brush under the carpet pretending it doesn’t exist whether it’s a loss, betrayal, illness, shame, fear, pain, failure, trauma, etc.

Challenge is do you let it control you and you don’t even know it?
When we have the courage to face your junk head on, bring it into the light and bless it, we can transform our lives beyond our own imaginations.

Are you ready to finally step into your FULL power and be all who you are meant to BE?

These are exciting times for GREAT change. Although … it may be perceived differently. We are experiencing what many call the dark night of the soul.

Truths are being revealed, shadows are coming to the light, and the divine feminine continues to rise up. We are being called to be something greater than we are. In order to be who we fully are, we need to bless our junk.

The challenge is that humans do not like change nor like to face the darker sides of ourselves. Despite the positivity of many changes we may know, we still resist change.
It is time to stop living life ruled by fear! Have the courage to step forward fully into your power; see your life in a way beyond what you think it can be; and free yourself from the shackles of the past.  It begins with blessing your junk.

What does it mean to bless our junk?

To bless your junk means to take all the pain, hurt, trauma, betrayals, old stories etc and transform it … compost it … for wholeness, happiness, prosperity, and success.

Why Bless Your Junk?

You can visit our blog by clicking here on “5 Reasons Why You Need To Bless Your Junk” or watch this video below.

What will you learn in this class?

When you enter the world of Healing with Laura you have the potential of accessing a wealth of knowledge and power. It’s up to you.
The information, insights, and space held is all there for you. It’s a meeting place of medical, empathic, and compassionate care rooted in lineage. Where some teachers fail to offer substance, with Laura you get the roots & teeth, the science & art of it all. It’s a well-rounded and wholesome space where stories can fall away and the power of words is used for healing and building resilience.
This is a space to come gain knowledge and be able to bless your junk, and harmonize with the intelligence process happening within.

Learn how to bring all that junk out of the shadows and into the light. Learning to bless your junk helps shift perspective, opens doors to help you reclaim your power, and create the life you were intended to create.

This class was designed as a result of a combination of Laura’s 15-year healing journey from trauma combined with my healthcare background, my domestic abuse advocacy, my professional training, as well as my personal and professional experiences.

  1. Address our traumas, triggers, shadows, old stories, & chains of the past.
  2. Through various experientials, learn tools and skill sets to define & discern what is disempowering you from your full potential
  3. See beyond the story and the magic in the silver lining.
  4. Through various experientials, discover the wisdom of the body, self-care practices to be added or that may need adjustment, and the antidotes to this “junk”
  5. Restore wholeness in your life.
  6. Reclaim the power lost.
  7. Through ceremony, shed the old & birth the new into a place of empowerment, truth, sovereignty & personal power.
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