Jikiden Reiki® Seminar in Okuden (Level II)

Jikiden Reiki® Okuden (level 2)training is recommended for people that want to learn more about Reiki and deepen their practice, be able to treat psychological problems, give treatments over any distance.


  • Receive 2 more Reiju
  • How to use Reiki specifically for psychological issues
  • How to use Reiki for bad habits and/or addictions.
  • Distance Reiki Variations of distance Reiki method for easier self treatment including for psychological issues.
  • Practice sessions and practical demonstrations

You will be able to treat a greater variety of problems with more convenience to yourself and those you give Reiki to.

For more about Jikiden Reiki®Training and classes, click here.

*Pre requisite – Satisfactorily completed Jikiden Reiki® in Shoden

Class Times:

Friday,  6:30pm – 9pm
Saturday,  9:30am-5pm
Non-Refundable deposit required to hold your spot: $200


Please mail in the Registration Form complete with payment. JIKIDEN SEMINAR REGISTRATION FORM (3)

Jikiden Reiki® Seminar in Shoden (Level I)

CLASS TIMES:  Friday,  7-9:30pm,    Saturday/Sunday 9:30am-6pm

Are you looking for ways to improve your quality of life, reduce stress and anxiety, remove toxicity from the body and guiding it towards wholeness?
The traditional standard treatment in our American healthcare system rarely looks at the “root cause” of our symptoms and treats only the symptom. Therefore, we rarely address and heal the underlying cause. Left untreated, it can manifest into illness.
Our bodies are designed and fully equipped to heal themselves. Reiki taps into those innate abilities.
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple form of energy healing from Japan known as “Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho”, which translates as “Usui treatment for the improvement of body and mind”.
Reiki supports the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually while drilling down on specific issues. Jikiden Reiki® sessions focus on removing toxins from the body and guiding it towards wholeness.
Jikiden Reiki® is the “direct teaching” of Reiki presented with credibility and clarity from authentic Japanese lineage.
This lineage goes from Dr. Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Tadao’s (current President of Jikiden Reiki® Kenkyukai) mother, who learned Reiki in 1938. Because this lineage has not gone through Mrs. Takata, it lacks the Westernization of Reiki.
Learning reiki is easy and can be used in a home or clinical setting to enhance the health and emotional wellness of both self and others. It is also complementary with all other alternative or traditional medical treatments, and in non-invasive.
In these classes (called seminars), you will experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity as it was taught in Japan before it was brought to the west in the 1930’s. Because Jikiden Reiki® is free from Western influence, it differs from “Western” style of Reiki in approach, attitude, and ideas. Its roots go back almost to the discovery of Reiki itself.
Who should take a Jikiden Reiki® Class?
Jikiden Reiki® is for anyone interested in learning Reiki and for current practitioners who wish to deepen their practice & understanding.

What you will discover:

  • It is unique – A Japanese Reiki with NO western ties.
  • It is much more than a relaxing therapy
  • A deep Jikiden Reiki® practice with a history of success with chronic illness as well as to address deep rooted beliefs, habits, traumas and addictions.
  • A proven approach that is safe and effective
  • An effective treatment option for alleviating pain, pre-op and post-op surgery recovery, anxiety, skin conditions and post-traumatic stress.
  • A simple, non-religious therapeutic treatment that works
  • Includes ideas and methods not previously taught in the West

♡ Accreditation through the Jikiden Reiki® Kenkyukai (Institute) in Kyoto, Japan.  Certificates in Japanese are sent directly from the Institute in Kyoto, Japan.


FOR THE LATEST UPDATES, visit https://www.facebook.com/events

Investment: $350

A $150 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit required to reserve your spot


For more information, please contact Laura or call 857-880-0365

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Click here for more information about Jikiden Reiki® Training Classes.


To Register:

Please download and complete the registration form and mail back  2 weeks before class dates.

Click here for Registration Form: JIKIDEN SEMINAR REGISTRATION FORM (3)

*** Due to class materials coming from Kyoto, Japan, deposits must be received no less than 30 days prior to class time to guarantee a spot. If you are registering within the 30 days, please inquire first availability.


Our seminar teacher is a certified Shihan through the Jikiden Reiki® Institute in Kyoto, Japan. She is a student of Frank Arjava Petter, Vice Chairman of the Jikiden Reiki® Institute who studied directly with Chiyoko Sensei and Tadao Yamaguchi, current chairman of the Jikiden Reiki® Institute. .

Laura has a background as a college educator, domestic abuse advocate, and allied health professional with a focus on trauma informed care.

She has over 15 cumulative years in the holistic and allopathic health fields and has incorporated reiki in her line of work since 2006. Laura brings her passion, compassion, and wit to assist in bringing out the best in you.

For more information about Laura, please visit our About Us page or go to her Reiki Blog 

Past Life Regression With Beth O’Connor

This event is facilitated by Beth O’Connor.

Past Life Regression, Why they can truly change your life!
Have you ever wondered why you feel drawn to a certain period of history or country? Why you have certain interests, or fears that don’t make sense in this lifetime. Curious about the patterns you may be working through in this lifetime that may directly correlate to another time?

Past life regression is a beautiful process and a healing of the soul. It can help you to identify patterns in your life, that you have chosen to work through in this lifetime and help teach you why you feel the way you do about someone or something or explain your familiar resonance. It’s really a soul journey and a special experience. Past Life Regression is merely a journey of the mind’s eye and will help guide you on the best way to live your present life.

This event is limited to 10 participants

To Register: Please contact Laura directly saying you wish to register for this event.

2018 Holiday Specials and Shop Small Business Saturday OPEN HOUSE

Are you looking to make an impact while looking for that special unique gift for your loved one this year?

Scroll below for:

  • Why celebrate with holidays with us and support small business
  • Our mission this season
  • Details for Open House, Saturday, Nov 24th
  • Various holiday specials

Small businesses often are overlooked by customers who are enticed by larger companies, and this can adversely affect the local economy in more negative ways than might appear on the surface level. The rise of shopping malls and large chain stores such as Walmart and other retailers has caused irreversible damage to Main Street in the last half-century or so, and it’s paramount to remember the importance of supporting local small businesses.


Why Celebrate The Holidays With Healing With Spirit and Shop Small…

This year, why not give the gift of self care that keeps on giving while also calling to attention the importance of shopping at the small businesses that serve as the backbone of the American economy and our local communities?

As a consumer, you can choose to also be a game changer and a wellness ambassador. You can accomplish this by choosing to support your local small business rather than the big box stores.

Join Us Saturday For Our Open House

Not only are you supporting small businesses this holiday season, you are bringing wellness to those you love by supporting my mission here at Healing With Spirit.

Please join us this Saturday.

Step away from your daily stresses.

Warm yourself and sip on some herbal tea.

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THIS Saturday, November 24th

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We are located inside Cohasset Medical, 256 Hull St, Hingham, MA 02043 next to the 7-Eleven strip plaza on Rte 228 before Nantasket Beach. *Restrictions apply. While supplies last.


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Our Mission This Season

Mission #1:  One of my missions is to help others step into their power, facilitate their own healing, and reduce medical waste that is one of our greatest polluters including the unnecessary need for medications that lead to addictions. Not all illnesses can be improved by the traditionally as many are starting to understand. Let me help be a bridge for you.

Mission #2: I have a passion to be a catalyst for healing the epidemic of the underlying current of trauma deeply seeded in our subconscious minds and in our culture that negatively affects every aspect of our lives and steals our joy and well-being. In my opinion, unhealed or repressed trauma is the greatest economic toll and human health crisis in our modern society linked to poverty, violence, mass shootings, injustice, abuse, job loss, poor health, and more.

Mission #3:  I also want to be able to use my voice and advocate for change using my story, my spiritual practices and disciplines, and my training to help others heal when they have been told to “just live with it”. I created a Facebook page this year and an Instagram account called “Healing Trauma Through Spirit”. Please support these pages and share with loved ones.

Mission #4: I want to create a scholarship fund targeting 2 demographics:  for those faced with end of life and the other healing from trauma associated with abuse like domestic violence so these individuals do not have to go without healing services when it matters most and can change a life. I need the help and support of the community to make this happen. I will need volunteers to help make this vision become a reality – lawyers, accountants, business, etc.