March News: In Like A Lion, Self Love A Journey, Dragons in the Sun, Mercury Retrograde

Hmmmmm do we have the luck of the Irish this month?  Got spring fever yet? As I am typing this, the sun is shining, and the outdoor temperature is in the low 40’s as we prepare for a massive storm stretching most of the US kicking off the month of March.  I always see storms as something significant in the spiritual path and something to view within all of us to help our souls growth.

There is soooooo much shifting, healing, revealing, and shaking up going on, and I do not anticipate that momentum slowing down any time soon.

Forget the Lamb. Hello Lion.

Right? Are you feeling this already? Holy cow. Or should I say holy lioness? Or is it the DRAGON masked as the lion?

This month, I edge closer to the 50 mark on the solar calendar and this is the time of year I check in deep with myself and where I am going, where do I find joy and what still need to be accomplished.

Over the next couple months, I will be doing LOTS of traveling for personal and professional development to attend a magical wedding, co-facilitate a men’s healing group in VT, and attend the Trauma Training Conference with Vander Kolk. Just to give a glimpse.

This month I feel will definitely push boundaries and push us out of our comfort zones forcing us to dig deeper before the thaw and emergence of the new plantings of spring.

Self-Love: A Journey

1 of 10 hearts stumbled upon a walk mid Feb 2019

Last week I wrote about an experience I had at the park with hearts on the 10 year anniversary of the divine sending me signs and learning to build a partnership with the divine to help guide me on my path.

You can read the post here, Self Love – A Journey With The Divine in Nature. I write these posts from the heart to share these journeys with you. As always, I would cherish your comments and feedback on the post and know if what I write resonates with you and helps guide you on YOUR path.


Dragon and the Sun

Screen shot of video of sun activity 2/27/19

Many of you have been hearing me talk about dragon energy increasingly over the last few years and may have even attended an event I facilitated where we tapped into dragon energy. Well check this out… this is filed under #cantmakethisshitup.

I was watching a scientific video on the updates of solar activity and how it affects the sun dated 2/27, and while watching it, I saw a dragon in the coronal hole of the sun (or what I like to call the shadow side of the sun). Do you see it? Here is the screenshot I took.

I believe this is the same solar storm that spewed out a dragon northern light show that was circulating all over social media on the 28th.

So now we are in March … how lion … I feel like our the wounded unhealed part of our egos might get quite the challenge this month and it is important to remember to come from a place of soul and view what surfaces emotionally for you as a road map of what needs to be released, healed, or reevaluated.

Mercury Retrograde

With mercury going retrograde on March 6th, it will be a good time to re-evaluate, relax, rethink, redo, plan, prepare projects or situations. Now I am a Pisces, so what I know is that it is important to PAUSE and seek the lessons or pearl of wisdom that is being presented to you. You might find this challenging because we are a culture and a society that let’s our emotions control us vs guide us.  Yes there is a difference.

So What Does This All Mean? 

This month we continue the themes of :

  • past/present/future colliding and finding balance
  • understanding love, unconditional love, and self love on a deeper cosmic level.
  • like the dragon, muster up the courage to take a leap of faith in the direction that has been beckoning your soul.
  • Time to face our inner demons, heal old wounds, and purge old belief systems so new and more soulful beliefs can be birthed.
  • Dig deep and get real with yourself and continue to go into the shadows of self and confront your fears. This is where the buried treasure resides.
  • connect to the divine within on a deeper level

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In the meantime, don’t forget to pause, breathe and take a moment for yourself.

With love and appreciation,

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Some New Moon Intentions and Affirmations To Guide You


Are you ready to manifest? Create something magnificent?

The new moon is a perfect time to hit that reset button and open yourself up to new beginnings.


Here are some tips to guide you:


New Moon Affirmations:

  • I AM divinely filled and supported.
  • I shine my light and confidently in the night shattering all darkness that arises.
  • I AM manifesting all the good that aligns with my soul purpose.
  • I invite abundance and prosperity into my life.
  • My soul steps forward guiding me through this journey.
  • And so it is …

New Moon Intentions:

Watch your thoughts for like a genie in a bottle would say, your wish is my command. It’s manifestation time and don’t forget to write your prosperity checks too.

The New Moon is the perfect time to manifest new things into your life. This is also a perfect time to write yourself a New Moon Prosperity Check, which serve as a tool we can use to create more abundance in our lives.

You don’t necessarily have to believe the check itself will work when you write it. What do you have to lose? Just try it, and be open. You just might be surprised at the results with the increased prosperity and abundance in some area of your life.  Remember, abundance in itself is not always financial.
However, by writing your new moon prosperity check, you become more attune to all the possibilities that can happen.

New Moon Prosperity Check Instructions:

There are many ways to write your New Moon Prosperity Check. You can use a check from your check book, or use the check below.

Key: Write your Prosperity Check within 24 hours after each New Moon.

From your checkbook:

  1. Feel throughtout your whole body and in your heart with the intention for something of great prosperity and abundance to happen.
  2. In the ‘Date’ area, write ‘Now’.
  3. In ‘Pay to the Order of’, write your name.
  4. In the dollar amount, write ‘Paid in Full’. You may also write a specific dollar amount that you have in mind if you choose instead that you feel is attainable in 30 days.
  5. Sign the Check ‘The Universe’. You can also sign it ‘God’, ‘Your Angel’, ‘The Law of Abundance’, or whatever you are comfortable with.
  6. In the ‘Memo’ area, write ‘Thank You’

Place the check in a safe place with intention to bring more prosperity and financial balance into your life. Then, forget about it as you just turned over your intention to the Universe. Don’t worry or think about the ‘how’.  The Universe will take it from there.

It is important to reflect as much positive energy as possible.  Please be mindful  that if you are currently in a dire distressed state, this process will work, but more time will be needed. So it is important to visualize the end result. Visualize how you will feel … Feel the sensations of happiness and gratitude flow through your veins when you receive such a generous amount of money. Believe it to be possible.

Remember that abundance is so much more than money, and comes in many forms. Here are some examples:

  • Perhaps a coworker invites you out to lunch and unexpectedly pays.
  • Perhaps something came to you “out of the blue”.
  • Perhaps you are talking with a friend and he/she offers you some valuable pearls of wisdom regarding some area of your life.
  • Perhaps a neighbor stops by to offer assistance with some home maintenance or project that you’ve been struggling with.
  • Perhaps something you have been wanting is suddenly  gifted to you.

Above all, be GRATEFUL for ALL that comes into your life. Just try it, and see what abundance awaits you.

You can burn the check from the previous month as you thank The Universe for all the miracles, prosperity, and abundance you received.  The best time to burn your prosperity checks in on one of the upcoming full moons. Make sure you always express your gratitude for receiving prosperity and abundance in your life while the check is burning.

Remember, everything is energy and energy is abundant and unlimited! So enjoy it, be thankful, and stay positive! 

Have a blessed day.


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