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February 26, 2019

Self Love – A Journey With The Divine in Nature

Happy happy. What a glorious day it is here in New England, and what another whirlwind of a month February has turned out to be.

This heart rock I am holding was one of the many hearts I found while on the walk with the dogs last week just after the full moon.

This was the same walk with a picture I posted on social media last week with the green orb heart as pictured below. I will post more pictures from this day at the very end of this post.

Green heart orb under the rising full moon. Feb 2019

The Revelation

Fascinating as I stop and pause in reflection of my life …. The journey I have been on since 2005 has been extraordinary to say the least when I really think about all I have endured and overcome since then. It has been far from easy re-discovering myself and back to a fearless love state deeply rooted to my soul.

When things started to not only get more difficult for me after seeking protections from abuse, but escalated, and I didn’t know what to trust or who to trust or what to believe or not to believe, I stopped out of desperation as if it were my last breath of life.  I asked the divine for a sign that I was on the right path and that the decision I was about to embark on at the time was for my highest and best during one of the darkest days in my life desperate to be free from constant onslaught of abuse.

That happened 10 years ago this month in 2009. What I have learned about myself since then is still a masterpiece in the works.

When I posed that question to the universe out loud asking for help, I said a prayer to acknowledge and release all fear and asked for a sign that I am on the right path.  About an hour later, while driving over the Fore River Bridge, in Quincy, Massachusetts, I happened to see an angel in the sky.

Quincy, MA February 2009

Of course I took a picture.  And that picture was not one angel, but two. However, with the naked eye I only saw one.  To this day, I believe this was a divine sign from my aunt and grandmother who can also come in as one divine messenger too!

The quote came as a result of doing some picture collages for my children and this quote suddenly come to me in the form of a message from the divine to “stop, listen and observe for they will guide you”.


Understanding Love In Its Pure Form

There were many things I didn’t realize at the time when my journey began in 2005.  I had to re-learn what love is in its pure form, and undo what we are conditioned to think or believe based on propaganda, societal and religious ideologies that tend to be patriarchal and sexualized in nature.

In order to understand what love is in its pure form, I had to first learn how  to self-love again . This also means I had to understand that my desire to be “needed” or “validated” in order to feel loved was not love but my desperation for love from others.  This was also a form of dependency which many of us confuse with love as well.  We confuse doing for others or “martyrdom” as love and selfless, but at least to me and in my self discovery it is not.

What Love is NOT

Do I look in the mirror and focus on what’s wrong and focus on all the flaws?

Do I focus on why I can’t do something right?

Do I focus on comparing myself to another and loathe at what I am lacking?

Basically do we Gaslight the s*** out of ourselves or do we see the light that we are in its pure form and acknowledging all the perfect imperfections as divinely in order as it supposed to be?

How did we condition ourselves this way?

Who conditioned us with these beliefs?

We were not born this way.  It is time to break the cycle and step into our power and embrace the love energies the Universe is giving us.

The Journey Into Self Love

I refer back to the angel sign from February 2009. Since I did not know who to trust or what, I went up to the spirit realm. Since then, I have developed a relationship with and a language with the divine, and every now and then when I am off track or when I ask for guidance, I am blessed with messages in the form of signs.

Last week, a part of me reverted to old beliefs and patterns, and each time I was redirected in the form of signs of hearts everywhere and on this walk, there were at least ten hearts. Some are pictured below.

Love is BIGGER than us and yet one of the strongest emotions we experience as human beings.  We tend to put our defining moments and perceptions of love onto an experience with another.

In order to attract the love we seek in another, we must first have the greatest love affair with our self and through that vibration we attract that kind of lover and partner.

It’s been a journey into the discovery of love for sure. We forget that love is inherently FREE, yet many times we allow fear, judgement, and attempts to understand what it means distort the magic of it. However, I believe, we have yet to truly understand what is means in its pure form and in relation to self love, because we are conditioned that fulfillment resides in the magic of love with committed romantic relationship.

So what are we missing?

Over the years, I’ve learned love is pure and weightless that creates a chemical shift in our neurological system.

It is a force of nature pure and simple.

There are no conditions or expectations associated with love.

Love is about honoring what is and mastering presence.  It is NOT euphoria that comes and goes like passion, seduction and infatuation where we tend to confuse with love.

Love is bigger than the self or human conditioning. It’s the light that radiates within you. It is interconnected to all life and to the collective consciousness.

It is not a commodity that can be traded on Wall Street or something that can be turned on or off like a light switch.

You can invite love in. You can surrender to love by releasing fear, practicing presence and living in a state of gratitude.

Love is the life force that resides within you. It is unconditional.

when we honor the divine within, we open the door to infinite possibilities.

I am grateful for the divine signs to remind of these facts when I fall off track myself.

What is love to YOU?

What has love taught you?  Please share your thoughts and experiences with us.

How do you define love in your life?

In the meantime, I am here to help you. Don’t forget to pause, breathe and take a moment for yourself.

Please leave a comment below to let us know if this post inspired or helped you on your path.

With appreciation,

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Here are the pictures from that walk.

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5 years ago

Thank you for having the courage to travel your path to love & safety and sharing it with others! Surely, through sharing you will inspire & empower others to do the same. What a gift to have such beauty to walk in and the awareness to know when Spirit is communicating with you.

Vatsala Shukla
5 years ago

Thank you Laura for being brave and sharing a pivotal yet vulnerable moment with your readers. There are many who will resonate and say, Laura wrote this for me. May you always shine that light of hope and help those who need more love than they are ready to openly ask for.

5 years ago

The journey to self-love and wholeness is a lifelong journey, 10 steps forward, 3 steps back, and so on. It sounds like you are definitely on the right path. Keep going and keep believing in yourself.

5 years ago

Just love how spirit is with you those 10 heart’s especially the rock amazing. I love that sometimes when I am beach walking I say I would like some heart shaped stones today and they manifest. Your journey indorse me and feel we walk a similar path 💜🙏🏽💜

5 years ago

Laura what a beautiful vulnerable expression of your soul’s journey. I felt I was with you in every step as your released abuse for self-love. I collect heart talismans of all kinds and they always remind me of my soul-hearted journey. Blessings and love

5 years ago

I love the heart rock! I’ve been finding them everywhere I go on my trip. Self-love is an adventure worth traveling (actually, it’s vital). And, you never know what’s around the corner. Thank you for sharing your pearls of wisdom, experiences and vulnerability.

Indeed, you’ve been on a transofrmational Hero’s Journey! WOW! My answer to yor questions about love are these statements that came to me as a Divine Download 13 years ago–they were the answer to a writing prompt in the creative circle I was hosting, “LOVE IS ALL HERE IS. LOVE IS ALL. LOVE IS. LOVE.”

4 years ago

I used to feel unloveable. Never had the earth-shaking, swept off my feet romantic partner relationship. Married so I wouldn’t be an “old maid.” Years of “friend-type”, temporary relationships inevitably ended in betrayal. Then things shifted. I met real people who were like me. Around the same time, I unknowingly contributed to some kind of out of body experience. To describe here, limited by insufficient language to adequately convey the immense, electrically-powered event, is impossible. But the equally powerful knowledge that I am absolutely, unconditionally and bigger-than-the-sky loved by a Parental Otherness that blessed me with this message will be… Read more »


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