Setting the Tone for 2024 with Dragon and The Morrigan

What happens when you blend working with the Morrigan with the energy of the Year of the Dragon?

It’s been a POWERFUL fiery start to 2024 – year of the DRAGON.

How are you doing moving through the current new year energies?  I am curious what you are experiencing and feeling and if you are feeling all that I am about to discuss here too.

Let me know in the comments if this resonates at all with you.

Here is what happened by the day’s end of January 1st:

  • The sun kicked of the strongest CME since 2017 causing all kinds of energetic and radio disturbances.
  • The planet mercury stationed direct. So, the next 2 weeks will be time for more integration.
  • Profound vivid dreams
  • Internal ruffling of our feathers and more.

This continued through the week that impacted my physical strength & wellness that required more rest, grounding, and self care. These dark night’s of the soul bouts can be a real kicker.

This past Monday, on 1/1, we held sold out “Setting the Tone in the 2024 New Year” event. In general, what I heard folks want for 2024 was less stress, fear, and anxiety and to live more authentically.

But how does one do this actually?

We all want to DO this, but the question always remains HOW?

My How

The answer is simple and complex. The first step is knowing HOW you process something. If you do not know how, it begins with




What is the action step

It requires unpacking cultural conditioning and religious dogma, courage to face hard truths, humility, and willingness to see things through a different lens knowing that your soul knows better than you to guide you through.

For nearly 20 years, I have blended all I have learned in plant medicine, energy medicine, rooted spiritual practices, sacred activism and my relationship to the spiritual world to help emPOWER folks to heal root issues, unpack cultural conditioning, and reclaim lost or stolen aspects and/or powers of themselves or their ancestors.

I am a multigenerational healer and intuitive that come from my paternal  Russian and my maternal Irish/Celtic bloodlines.

Over 53 years, I have been molded in such a way that makes me unique in the way I deliver a reading, or give spiritual guidance, or help someone transition in end of life or help someone facing cancer or domestic violence.

My approach is always deep, rooted, and integrated as taught since I was a child.

2023 Sucess Story

One of the biggest success stories of 2023 was a story of a 30yo female diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer who was told she would never be able to have children. She came to me for Reiki initially only to find out why she left her prior practitioner was due to the practitioner shaming her telling her that her sexual assault in her past was not a real trauma.

So the work began. Over the next 4 years, we unpacked old stories and belief systems, addressed root issues, recognized some of links to her breast cancer from her cell phone and unresolved trauma, and implemented spiritual based integrative therapies that were complimentary to her medical care.

We implemented strategies including coaching, herbal remedies, spiritual healing, a wellness team, past life and generational healing, somatic trauma therapies, meditation, medical intuition and more.

Last year, 2023, she was given the green light to try to have children. In the summer, she was discouraged a bit, but my intuition said September and possibly multiples. Well let’s just say Momma is carrying THREE healthy babies due to be born this spring.

I have countless stories like this and published NINE of them in the book the Secrets To Healing.

What I am Witnessing in 2024

One thing that showed up on Monday for folks was recognizing that you can not achieve what you seek if you are doing it through the old colonizer, patriarchal lens. A lens sometimes hidden in the blinders of our subconscious and unconscious being.

I find this is a MAJOR blind spot for so many folks as to why they are NOT where they want to be. It is only when things align in a certain way, they begin to see. We do not know what we do not know until it hits us and there’s the old saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”

Unfortunately, much of American society is NOT ready for this change, but many are starting to see for the first time. That gives me hope.

Working With The Dragon  & The Morrigan in 2024

So this past New Year’s Day, we worked with meeting our dragon ally to help us to see what we can not see, to help us to hear what we have not been able to hear, help us to feel what we have not been able to feel, and help sense what we have not been able to sense.

I also in an impromptu fashion delivered channeled messages from the Irish Goddess, the Morrigan. I had been sitting with her for about 3 hours before preparing for this event, and she could not wait to bust through and speak on the topic of unpacking cultural conditioning and reclamation.

I want to pause a moment and reflect on how I am leading forward in 2024 is birthing a strong fierce warrior with the Morrígan as my guide riding my dragon spirit (ryūjin) ally I have been fostering a deep relationship with over the last several years. That is some powerful stuff. No wonder I needed a few days to integrate before writing this newsletter.

The latest cosmic energy blast from the sun on New Year’s Eve and Day has only amplified all this… talk about a breathing cosmic fire storm (by the way, there is a forecast of MORE earthquakes and volcanic eruptions moving through 2024 as the sun begins to move into the peak of this solar cycle).

How we relate to our own darkness and shadows  – befriend and make peace with  – will determine how well we move through the energies of 2024.

This year, the energy and spirit of the dragon unfurls like an ancient tapestry, weaving threads of profound significance and transformative energies from the ancient scripts & spiritual ways of being. Working with dragons are no joke either, but it is fascinating how in the east, dragons are  god-like, etheric, and celestial. And in Europe, we demonize the dragon as a villain to slay. I have always wondered why, but more to come on that topic later.

Dragon energies for 2024 bring in a much needed ethereal wisdom. The presence of the dragon itself signifies a paradigm shift we are experiencing, a beckoning of humanity towards evolution, renewal, and spiritual awakening.

In the tapestry & cycles of life, the Dragon emerges as a harbinger of change, symbolizing the cosmic forces aligning to guide us through an era of profound introspection and growth. It signifies a time where the ethereal meets the tangible—a convergence of celestial energies inviting us to delve deep into the recesses of our souls.

This celestial alignment between the dragon and the Morrigan I am witnessing is not coincidence. It heralds a period where the cosmos whisper secrets of renewal, reclamation, rebirth, and the need for dismantling patriarchal conditioning and toxic capitalist systems. Wowza right? It encourages humanity to embrace change, shedding old layers of limitation and embracing the expansive realms of possibilities.

Think: strength, courage, bravery, resilience.

Now when I match up the dragon with the energies of the Morrigan, you got yourself some serious badassery happening.

I have incorporated working with the ancient Irish Goddess, The Morrígan, in my work over the last 9mo or so. To me, she is fierce, strong, and often mischaracterized by a colonized patriarchal conditioning. She is the voice who rises to stand up against systems of oppression. She is often an emblem of feminism for this reason.

My relationship with her is one of deep remembering, reclamation, and transformation.

I highly recommend working with her if called, but I caution you to do it with some guidance and support by someone who has been on this path, lived this path and walked this path for over a decade.  Yes, with time, daily practice and rituals, comes experience.

2024 As The Pilgrimage

I am exciting to be weaving my work with some indigenous sisters in Ireland and incorporating the Morrígan energy into A Sacred Pilgrimage To Ireland 2024 starting with a 4mo pre-trip immersion starting in February.

The Old Irish word for “Pilgrimage” is “turas” (tur-ahs).

Owen and Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin say that ‘Turas’ in Irish means ‘journey’, but it’s imbued with layers of meaning that resonate deeply with us. In our culture, a ‘turas’ is more than travel; it’s a pilgrimage, a voyage that weaves together the physical and spiritual realms. It’s about transformative experiences, self-discovery, and a profound bond with our land and its ancient mythology. The word captures the essence of setting intentions, pursuing meaningful paths, and nurturing growth.

A pilgrimage by definition is a journey, often into an unknown or foreign sacred place, where a person goes in search of new or expanded meaning about their self, others, nature, or a higher good through the experience. It is often a spiritual journey that can lead to a personal transformation or in this case also a reclamation, after which the person returns to their daily life as a different more empowered version of themselves.

This year – 2024 – is a year in itself of a pilgrimage. A sacred pilgrimage back to self, and an unpacking and burning away of old stories, belief systems, traumas, systems of oppression.

Both the Dragon and the Morrigan have a few things in common – dismantling systems of oppression, courage, fierceness, resilience and strength.

How I can support you in 2024

Together, let’s call on these wise spiritual beings into our lives and spiritual practices.

If you would like to learn HOW,

  • book a 1:1 session with me
  • join us at one of the upcoming events including the women’s retreat in March
  • or the sacred pilgrimage to Ireland in May where elements of these beings will be infused.

This year we are also expanding our offering for a deeper more immersive experience with 1/2 day and full day immersion experiences.

We are partnering up with some new folks bringing you new amazing yumminess to the south shore of Boston – women’s retreats and a drumming circle plus more.

You can also check out our latest Triggers and Spiritual Medicine Podcast here on the 2024 Astrology, Energy, Numerology, Tarot forecast with guest Hilary Harley.

You can access our events, booking links, podcast episodes, social media handles, books, Ireland pilgrimage, sacred activism work here

We are here as a steward to serve. Let me know how I be of service to you, your group, family, organization or event.

Let’s do this!!!!

Here’s to a better year than last year.

May we all rise up to be the best versions of ourselves for an aching world.

May miracles happen more frequently and our eyes wide open to witness them.

Cheers 2024.

With appreciation,


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Over the course of ten days, we will embark on a remarkable adventure, delving into the depths of Celtic culture and connecting with the spirit of this enchanting land. Our adventure will be filled with ritual, ceremonial practices, exploring ancient lands, engaging with the energies of the Celtic queens and goddesses, and discover the mysteries and spiritual medicine of Ireland.

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