TSM Episode 32: Journeying With An Inner And Outer World

Welcome to Episode 32 of “Triggers and Spiritual Medicine” with your host, Laura Bonetzky-Joseph, and our guest, L Faunt.

Join us as we explore the journey of inner and outer healing. We’ll delve into spiritual practices and their transformative impact on our well-being.

Join us as L Faunt shares their personal journey and offers three simple tips to start your own healing journey.

About L:

 L aka DivinatX Inner and Outer Worlds (they/them) is an experienced performing and visual artist, fitness instructor, intuitive reader and home decluttering specialist. Their eclectic interests bring them to unite people through laughter, witty observations and looking at life unconventionally.

Website: https://divinatx.my.canva.site/

Spiritual background/longer bio site: https://divinatx.my.canva.site/divinatx-bio

Instagram: llfaunt
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How The Burning Times of Witches Influence White Women Culture Today From The Eyes of A Breast Cancer Survivor

Welcome to Episode #5 of Triggers & Spiritual Medicine Podcast with our Guest Rae Carter of EmpowR

Topic: How The Burning Times of Witches Influence White Women Culture From The Eyes of A Breast Cancer Survivor

In this episode Rae shares her breast cancer journey and what it is like to heal the root issues both within herself and as a society as she continued to deepen her healing and recovery. The deeper she went, the more she discovered.

What she discovered along the way is short of inspiring, it is eye opening with that Ah-ha moment of like “Oh crap, so this is where everything is rooted”.

Have you ever wondered why women do not support each other – especially white women? Especially in business and careers? Instead, we often feel envy, jealousy, or judgement?

Have you ever wondered why women are so darn critical of other women? Like where does this stuff really come from?

Have you ever wondered why women feel an instinctual need to compete against each other, but you do not know where it is rooted or why if we are hard wired to be in community and support of each other?

Have you ever wondered where the ideology of women serving the man ever came from?

I ask you to tune in to THIS very thought-provoking amazing episode as we shed the beliefs systems, we’ve been conditioned to believe that runs through our very DNA over hundreds of years.

I will add this episode may be triggering for some who are not ready to dive deep into the root issues many of us women – especially white women are experiencing and WHY we keep repeating cycles that do not serve us OR repeating cycles that serve us in a way that still keeps us chained to the patriarchal expectations.

This is sure to be a POWERFUL episode, and, in the end, Rae’s offers 3 things you can do today to make a shift.


Rae Carter (she/her) is a dialogue facilitator, culture builder, communication strategist, healing navigator, and intuitive arts practitioner. She cultivates community and creates opportunities for vulnerable connection, courageous conversations, individual wholeness, and collective healing. She works at the intersection of health, communication, culture change, and consciousness.

Inspired by her personal experience navigating cancer and trauma, her career background in communications, and training in holistic health, Rae facilitates a nurturing, intuitive, and feminine approach to healing. She specializes in holistic wellness—the interconnectedness of the physical body, emotional and mental health, spirituality and belief systems, interpersonal relationships, and awakening consciousness as ALL interdependent to influence our well-being. Rae integrated her career background in communications, organizational development, human behavior, and social change with training in holistic health and intuitive healing practices sparked by her health crisis. Her deep exploration into trauma and ancestral healing as she navigated allopathic, naturopathic, and spiritual medicines catalyzed her personal transformation and revealed a vision for connecting personal and cultural healing.

Rae embodies her life purpose as one small player in the shared work to heal the heart of humanity. She catalyzes movement towards this vision as the founding co-creator of EmpowR, a container for personal, organizational, and cultural transformation accountable to transformative justice and emergent strategy principles. Rae approaches transformative justice with a deep empathy and understanding of the vast and varied entry points for change. In her work with EmpowR she nourishes a growing community of change makers co-creating cultures of empathy, healing, community, and accountability centered in equity and belonging. EmpowR facilitates connection between personal and cultural transformation with sessions for individuals, services for organizations, and educational programs and events.

Rae lives in Plainfield, Vermont with her partner and animals where they grow organic and wildcrafted medicinal herbs and steward Grandmother Cherry Sanctuary, a forest sanctuary for healing, change making, and land-based EmpowR events.  WEBSITE: https://empowr-transformation.com/ 



Vision: To break the unrecognized endemic of unresolved unhealed trauma & create sustainable systems for recovery, healing & empowerment.

Mission: To help others rediscover the power that lies within and to find that treasure buried in the depths of the shadows. To help them become their own superhero.

We hope by helping you connect the dots like a web, we can help others understand the trauma infection that impacts all areas of life – addiction, domestic violence, racism, homelessness, sexual abuse, chronic health issues, cancer, environmental issues, climate change and more.

We hope by highlighting these infected areas and what they share in common, a new perspective of solutions, healing, and resolutions can be birthed.

This is a NEW collaborative program with industry experts, survivors, who have figured out the “how” to heal the effects from their trauma breaking FREE from the chains that bound them in ways society said was not possible.

We’ll feature a different guest w/ each episode sharing experiences & solutions w/ the greatest epidemic of our times world – an epidemic of unrecognized unhealed unresolved trauma that is placing misguided burdens on our society, increasing rates of chronic illness, mental illness, & addictions & stressing an already taxed broken healthcare system ill-equipped to treat root issues because it is NOT profitable.

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Why Spiritual Medicine Is Needed More Than Ever Before

 … And 6 ACTION Steps To Take Now

The energies these past couple weeks, months, and years have been increasing in the intensity of change, integration, spiritual growth, and discernment.

Are you feeling the growing shifting waves of energies?  What a ride so far huh?

I am NOT sure if this post is just for me to take stock of where I am, where I was and where I am headed or if this message will resonate with you and inspire you in some way.

With all that’s unraveling, shifting, disrupting, up-leveling, I’ve learned one string of things over the last 16yrs since THIS journey began for me after the struggles of leaving a domestic abusive marriage … that is to

  • Stop.
  • Pause.
  • Surrender into the natural flow of life
  • Listen to the divine soulful whispers within
  • And take action.

Who I have become is thanks to the connection to spirit & spiritual medicine I have learned to embrace in my life  and in my work – over many decades.

It is the one thing I see missing in today’s “modern colonialist consumerist culture”.

What is missing … is the link to the divine connection to the spirit of life, its wisdom and its medicine.

Why is that?

I think the why will need to be answered another day as that’s a little more complicated rooted with weavings into patriarchy, systemic oppression, colonization, and control.

I believe the fundamental story in movie Avatar eloquently showed us if you can get passed the sci-fi box office plot. I always wondered if the movie was released prematurely as its message is needed NOW.

We do NOT have to work harder.

We do NOT need to go back to school and get another certificate or degree.

We do NOT have work ourselves into the grave.

We just need to tap into the infinite wisdom of the spiritual world. Think I am nuts?

We all have gut instincts that have helped us save our child from something or to close a sale or to hit some mark successfully.

We have all experienced this to some degree. Some call it alignment. I see those instincts connected to this same spiritual world I am speaking about.

But first, let me share with you a glimpse of my 2020 year and how I am moving forward.

My 2020 Story

The year 2020 started out to be the best year in my career and personal life since I left my abuser in 2005 (who near destroyed me). I was on par to have the best year of my career, looking to expand my office, hire my first employee,  and work towards more professional education. While working with professionals and state agencies to make this all happen and to become whole in my own trauma recovery & healing, I was fortunate to have qualified for a grant for an addictions counseling certification program.

Like many others who suffered the wrath of 2020, I am still recovering from the string of unfortunate events that included …

  1. readjusting how I work
  2. family health challenges
  3. an unexpected and sudden fostering of a traumatized puppy and a cat.
  4. discovering my abusive ex moved to Florida with my children without permission (Now a court issue)
  5. working towards completing my addictions counseling certification at UMass Boston
  6. Finally, having a medical crisis that required surgery.

I share my struggles, my victories and journey with you to keep it real and hopefully the words and inspiration I speak on these pages will inspire someone.  I walk this path with you NOT just talks about it.

Why Spiritual Medicine Is Needed NOW More Than Ever

While all these human events occurred like a sequence of hurricanes that pummeled the shores one after another before the shorelines had time to recuperate, never lost sight of my divine spark within.

Did I question my faith, my purpose, or my life?

YES. Of coarse, I did.

That is called being HUMAN.

However, understanding that my soul – the divine presence within me – has a greater wisdom and knowledge than me to guide me in this current storm was critical.  It is the ONE thing that keeps me balanced, centered, focused, healthy, and ON PURPOSE.

All while STILL showing up in this hurricane we all experienced in 2020.

  • Guiding others on their spiritual journey.
  • Holding a safe container for others to dig deep, heal old wounds/stories, reclaim their power, and stand in their truths.
  • Starting my clinical internship for my addictions counseling certification.

This connection to the divine within is a skillset that has systematically been stripped away from us through systems of control like governments, corporations, and formalized religions.

The spirit world can NOT be controlled, monetized or tamed.  The spirit world just is. It is BIGGER than the human construct or human consciousness. As history has shown us,  these systems of control are threatened by its medicine that is offered, but that is changing NOW. 

These powers are losing control NOT by rebellious humans acting stupid and irresponsible, but my the Universe itself. 

I am human that still has human experiences regardless of my spiritual development.  By February 2021, I was a nervous wreck. Why?

I let my head get in the way temporarily trying to force things to happen while beating my head against the wall. Sound familiar?

So instead, I stopped.

I paused.

I listened to the whispers of the divine within.

What I heard from the spirit realms was that 2021 was an integration year for me – a pause year – a clearing out year – a rebalancing year.

Any project I want to launch NOW or attempt to launch now will be met with obstacles. I need to focus on clearing out the rest of the “clutter” and build a MORE solid foundation than the last one and come out banging in 2022.

So I sighhhhhhed.

I stopped and paused.

I put together an action plan.

I worked my personal numerology and my astrological signs with what I saw collectively energetically for 2021 and as I forecasted earlier this year and said OK.

So I decided it is time to switch gears. What do I do NOW?

I have been strengthening my systems and foundations.

I have been calling in and seeking out authentic solid sustainable partnerships, while listening to my soul like a GPS to guide me on where to go and which turns to take.

Are you finding yourself in a similar pattern?

6 ACTION Steps To Take NOW

There is sooooo much polarity and division happening here in the USA and globally it is like watching a bunch of parentless children running around aimlessly without guidance, self discipline or moral fortitude.

As we continue to grow and evolve,  please BE gentle with yourself AND others.

Many of our fellow humans are stuck in fear and struggling with trusting in spirit or letting go of the egoic mindset. Be aware of this when it creeps in.

1.BE aware that our thoughts may NOT even be our own, but part of the collective consciousness.

2. BE aware that some of what is surfacing is OLD stories and old traumas that were stuck in

the soil we reside

the blood in our veins and electrical circuitry from our genealogy – aka generational trauma

the spirit of our soul from our past karma and past lives

in the mind and bodies of our own past traumas

3. It is important to build a strong relationship with the diving presence within – soul – spirit – in order to have the skillset to discern what is ours, what is NOT, and what is our contribution to it.

If you think you already have it, you do not. Build a stronger one.

4. Remember to



Choose what action to take next.

5. Above all, please

BE kind

BE compassionate.

BE the solution the world needs.

As I wrote in my 2021 energy forecast, this is a year for change. It is a year for creating more balance between the human ego material world and the spiritual world.

6. It is imperative we find a way to shed the colonized mindset that has been cultivated and bridge in the necessary spiritual medicine & cultivate a relationship with Spirit once again honoring what the Universe is requiring of us in this time and space.

Thank you for coming to my TedX talk

With appreciation,


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7 Simple Rituals To Maximize The Full Moon Energies

Doing a full moon ritual or a ceremony are sacred practices that date back to ancient times. These moon rituals are found in almost every ancient culture where worshiping the moon was part of their culture as we have seen in Celtic traditions, Babylonian, Egyptian, to Shinto in Japan and more.

There is tremendous power in learning to harness – what I like to call – moon magic, which is the energies, flows, rhythms. However, like anything else, this is NOT a one shot deal and poof, it’s magic. It takes dedication in learning these sacred rituals, implementing them, getting into vibrational alignment with them, and more.

The moon is our teacher and we are her students. Over time, we learn how work WITH these natural flows and rhythms in all her phases. Tuning into these phases of the moon can help provide us with a framework or guide to work from. This can be immensely empowering.

Working with the moon in a ritualistic or ceremonial way is needed more than ever in our technological driven culture that is ever increasingly losing connection to the greatest influencers, creators, and destroyers in life – the moon, father sun and mother earth.

What Does The Full Moon Represent?


This is when the moon is at its peak energy – a time where there is a build up of energy accumulated – both illuminating and shadowy – light and dark.

She represents the receptive energies or what others might call the feminine.

She reflects back to us a strong full illumination from the sun where she is the brightest.  She highlights all that needs to be illuminated in your life in this lunar cycle.  This is where the energies are most potent and a time for strong creative and intuitive influxes.

The full moon is all about endings and completions of a cycle and in this case the lunar cycle. This is a good time to:

  • reflect
  • evaluate
  • access
  • cleanse
  • recharge

Here are three things to consider when doing a full moon ritual

1) Focus on what you have done in the past 28-30 days. What transpired in this time? Where are you stuck? Reflect.  How have you utilized the energies in this lunar cycle?

2) What have you reaped – gained? Reflect.

3) What needs to be leg go of? Purified? Cleansed? Reflect.

Photo by: Laura Joseph, (c) 2021

Preparations For Full Moon Rituals

This is a great time to take a hard look at what has come into fruition and what has not.

It is a time to get quiet, connect, and honor the sacredness of the moon, all she offers us and the other elementals harnessed.  Implementing these rituals should show clear respect with proper cultural appropriation.

This includes asking for permission of the ancestors of the land you occupy to guide you. For me, that would be asking permission from the Massachusett People, the original stewards of this land I reside on, to be here.  Asking the ancestors forgiveness for those who may have come before me and asking for them guide me today in this sacred ritual so I may become a better steward for all future generations to come.

Here are additional tips to prepare:

1) Get centered & calm – so yes, meditate in preparation

2) Write it out – (see three things to consider when doing a full moon ritual above for prompts)

3) Take a sacred bath – you can use epsom salt or Himalayan salts with some herbals like roses, lavender or essential oils. The intention here is asking the moon and waters to cleanse and purify the mind, body, and spirit.

Photo by: Laura Joseph (c) 2020 All Rights Reserved.

Here are 7 simple rituals to maximize the full moon energies.

1)  Cleanse – Clear, cleanse, purify your mental and physical space. Clean out those closets. If you choose to smudge, please consider avoid using white sage or palo santo due to the increasing poaching of these items leading to imbalances.

2) Put out a bowl of moon water.  Let the bowl of water bask in the radiance of the full moon energies.  Create intentions and rituals.  Sip it daily as a reminder of the intentions created and the full power of the moon.

3) Releasing Ritual – Write whatever you wish to release, let go of on a small piece of paper.  Whatever you wrote down, you can say a prayer, intention, or the like. Then with things you want to release either place in a bowl of water and sprinkle pink Himalayan salt to purify/cleanse or burn in a ceremonial sacred fire.

4) Meditate – This is one of the most important things you can learn, do, and incorporate as part of your daily rituals. This is the space we can access the wisdom and answers we seek.  However, this is NOT something you want to initiate on a full moon as a new practice if you have not already been practicing meditation.

5)  Dance – Physical release is a good way to purge stuck energies that need to move and filter out.

6) Gratitude Ritual – Write whatever you wish to be grateful for – successes, opportunities, etc on a small piece of paper.  Whatever you wrote down, you can say a prayer, intention, or the like. Then bury it in the garden and wait til the next new moon to plant any seeds and watch what grows.

7) Charge your stones/crystals – Put them in the moonlight to bask in the energies of the full moon to cleanse, charge, and purify these stones and crystals.

Laura Joseph, Seattle, WA 2018

Above all, remember to set good intentions and check out the 2021 energy forecast for more.

Approach these rituals from a soulful place and less from the egoic earthly place with honor, respect, and sacredness.

You’ll be amazed at what shows up for you when you adopt these flows & cycles into your life.  Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment below if you find these tips helpful.

With appreciation,

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Learn About “MY WHY” I Launched on Patreon

I did it. Say whaaaatttttt?

After partaking in another Patreon as a member with strong social justice goals, and watching the benefits unfold, I finally created a Patreon account to give you a better virtual experience, expand our virtual reach, offer exclusive specials and offers while broadening my social justice goals that are so important to me.

I want to share with you more about myself with you.  So, I would be honored & grateful if you could take a moment and read my WHY I launched on Patreon.

  • My why
  • What I have done in the past
  • What is happening NOW
  • What I can offer It take a community to make this happen.

Let’s join forces AND BREAK The CYCLE of the Perpetuation of Unresolved Unhealed Trauma TOGETHER.

To be honest ….

I am a bit Nervous.



AND that is all ok.

I am putting the trust and faith in this journey and allowing it to unfold as it needs to.

Have you ever heard of Patreon before?

Here is the dish … It is a wonderful subscription service for content creators and in my case content creators with a social justice or social impact mission in mind.

What is unique about this platform, it lets people financially support and reward content creators — such as podcasters, writers, and YouTubers — through a monthly subscription.

Creators can set up multiple membership tiers with various rewards so each subscriber can choose the amount of money they feel most comfortable giving to a project and in my case – healing the perpetuation of unhealed unresolved trauma that is plaguing our society.

So, please check out my “My WHY” Patreon post, and if the message resonates, please consider
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  • joining to support my social justice impact goals
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Would LOVE your thoughts AND …

I am new to learning how all this works and working on building a team to make my dreams and missions come to light so I can show up more effectively and more impactful for YOU.

Me doing THIS work is and always has been about BE-ing of greater service to the community & our Mother Earth.

Like everyone else, I am learning HOW to show up BETTER to meet that soul journey mission.

If you decide to become a patron on Patreon, you become active participants in the work I am doing while supporting a cause we all love and NEED especially during these challenging times where the trauma epidemic is running wild like an uncontrolled unchecked avalanche or a volcano that is about to explode.

Let’s DO THIS … TOGETHER … Shall we?

Click here to learn more about this initiative.

I have so much love and appreciation in my heart for all your support in my journey.

Thank you.


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2020 In Review and The 2021 Energy Forecast

Are you ready for it?

This 2020 review and 2021 energy forecast was recorded LIVE on 1/1/21 during our normally scheduled Mornings with Laura; Spiritual Medicine & Meditation event.

Here is a glimpse of what we talk about.

  • We reviewed the 2020 energies and themes that played out throughout the year.
  • Numerology for the day 1/1/21: 7
  • 2021 Numerology for the year: 5
  • Today’s Medicine 1/1/21: PAINTED TURTLE
  • PLUS, a guided meditation with the Tibetan Singing Bowls

The numerology for 2020 was a 4 year – a “work” year as talked about throughout the year in our LIVE events as well as throughout the blog posts posted throughout the year as well.

What does this mean – a “work” year? We have a leveling out that happened in 2020 between the ego/material world and the soul/spiritual realm. This means that:

  • shadows revealed
  • trauma healing – generational, past life, personal
  • karmic debt
  • no longer able to spiritually bypass without consequences

The deep hard stuff was in our face and we were forced to face it. Clearly 2020 was no joke. However, if you think 2021 will be a walk in the park, you might be in for a rude awakening.

The Beetle – The Past Lessons

The focus was on the “earth” elements, cocooning, and restoring balance of life.

This was reflected in the “Beetle” card pulled which is associated with the water element, the 7 of cups in tarot which highlighted the need to face necessary decisions.

In 2020 we discovered the need for stronger partnership with plant and herbal medicine and stewardship of our great Mother Earth.

We discovered the importance of grounding, centering, tapping into ancestral work/wisdom, decolonization work, and social justice.

(A complete list of 2020 reports at the bottom).

We have been learning how to balance the yin/yang, light/dark as we evolve into a new era of human evolution.

This years surrender influence: SURRENDER DEFENSIVENESS

Now before you all get defensive – hahahahaha – take a pause and process without judgment.  See what shows up for you as you go through the meditation portion in the video.

“Defensiveness is a sign of weakness. To communicate in a more empowered way, stay centered and hear someone out – then offer a clear, non defensive response.”

The Painted Turtle – The Present Moments

In 2021, we move into integration as brought to us by the painted turtle which is associated with the fire element and the 6 of wands in tarot.

The painted turtle is showing us to continue with what we set out in motion in2020 with the lessons of the beetle. Through all this good stuff will commence this year.

Themes of working together in groups or collaboration is important. It is key to be less “me” or “I” and more “we”, which is a very Aquarian age theme moving forward anyway.

The rewards are NOT without continued strong effort. These efforts will begin to see the payoff especially over the next 2-3 months – so basically through spring equinox.

What do you want to birth????

The Swan – Moving Forward

The swan in the future position has been showing up repeatedly during our Facebook LIVE events at the end of the year and in the beginning. There is no coincidence here.

Swan is connected to the Temperance (XIV) card in tarot. Over the next 2-3 months, it is important to move forward with the lessons from the prior two cards and implement their teachings.

Be aware of the increase sensitivities into new realms and energies associated with these teachings to be awakening for you. HOWEVER, we can NOT bypass the first 2 lessons of the beetle and turtle to get there.

It is important to pay attention to what shows up for you in the subtle energy realm over the next 2-3 months.

Try new things.


See what shows up without the need to control outcomes or create expectations.

Create and maintain more balance in the elementals – water, air, earth, fire. Yet, do not abandon everything right now either.

Watch the replay for more key information and discussions around what we learned from 2020 and how to move forward in 2021.

Plus, a meditation to help you begin the year centered, clear and balanced


Three Lessons 2019 Taught Us, Three Things To Know About Navigating the 2020 Energies, & What It All Means

The 2020 Intense Karmic Start and Four Tips To Move Forward – Well in case you missed my January post, 2020 is a massive year for “change” being a four year in numerology in all areas of our life. It is also a “work” year, a year to cultivate our deep inner spirit, and connect with the ancestors for healing and wisdom.

The 444 Psychic Energy Regarding COVID19– what is happening energetically, collectively and spiritually around the COVID19 and what we need to do collectively to move forward.

Facing the Shadows & Healing During COVID19, This is an invitation to hope, healing and guidance during some very challenging times of cocooning.

Spiritual Medicine With Jaguar During Times of Civil Unrest -This has been quite the spiritual journey in the depths of the shadow realm this year, and there is a LOT surfacing personally, collectively, karmicly, and generationally in the first 6 months amidst a COVID19 outbreak with growing protests & civil unrest. A spiritual message is born.

2020 Mid Year Energy Update + 4 Tips To Guide You Into The Last QuarterWhat happened in July energetically, Numerology update, “FLOW”, “The Dark Night of the Soul”, 4 Tips to help you move forward into the last quarter of 2020. 

Fall 2020 Psychic Review & Energy Update + 4 Tips To Guide You –  An energetic over view year to date of what happened and how to move forward

2020 Presidential Election Psychic Energy Forecast, posted in September 2020, my election predictions.

A 2020 Halloween Astro, Full Moon, Numerology, Cosmic, Energy, Space Weather Updates + 5 Tips to do NOW

Halloween Energy Update

We will talk about what has been happening w/ a summary in the areas of
  • Numerology
  • Mercury Retrograde
  • Mars Retrograde
  • Recent Space Weather events
  • Recent electrical events on Earth
  • Tomorrow’s Full Moon
  • How Halloween factors in all this

AND 5 TIPS on where to focus NOW

My goal  with this post is to provide some energetic psychic insight to what is happening from as pure of a state as possible while giving spiritual guidance on how to navigate these polarizing energies while balancing any triggers we may encounter along the way.

For more on the three Powers classes:


The 444 Psychic Energy Regarding COVID19

A psychic energy perspective on the numerological  gateway date of  4/4/20 (444) where we chat about the energies during these evolutionary times.

This was originally recorded on Instagram LIVE but had to re-record this message in order to share this. There is LOTS of stuff surfacing karmicly, generationally, and past life on top of current stuff.  There is more to what is happening than the obvious.

In this video I share with you what is happening energetically, collectively and spiritually around the COVID19 and what we need to do collectively to move forward.

This is synonymous to what I wrote about in the 2020 forecast just amplified. Click here for the 2020 forecast with a followup posted here talking about karmic debt and three tips to moving forward. Did you catch those posts??? If not, please do as sometimes what is needed is seen through the congruency and patterns.

Click on the video below for the psychic reading and energy surrounding COVID19 and what we need to learn and do.

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Quantum Shift Podcast Episode 18: Cocooning Vs Isolating

Check out the interview on the Quantum Shift Podcast with Shawna Pelton. How many of you feel there is something coming????

In this episode, we chat about the topic of Cocooning vs Isolating – a spiritual perspective of the lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic

We talk about all the deep stuff not to miss.

  • from a trauma informed lens
  • transformation
  • trauma that’s embedded in the soil we live on
  • spiritual bypassing
  • triggers
  • changing the language
  • shadow work
  • maladaptive behavior
  • lineage based patterns that are repeating
  • what is the difference between isolation vs cocooning
  • the psychic elements of manifestations
  • the war that was forecasted on our soil and what that really means.
  • How cocooning is a mindset shift.
  • Ancestral wisdom
  • Asking permissions and why that matters
  • Avoiding pausing as a form of distraction
  • Managing triggers, trauma responses.
  • Addressing Fear
  • Colonized mindsets and conditionings
  • A global awakening
  • The aftermath – How do we move forward
  • Taking action
  • The opportunity
  • The Japanese Jikiden Reiki Gokai Teachings



How Solar Minimum can Affect Our Health, Communications, and Climate Change

Are you having periodic episodes of sleep issues? Can’t sleep? Wake up at 3am and can not go back to sleep?

Are you having periodic episodes of unexplainable or amplified severe fatigue?

Are you experiencing GPS issues or cell phone glitches?

What about periods of unexplainable or amplified bouts of stress and anxiety?

Have you felt great one day and then suddenly you got seriously ill as if it was out of the blue?

Have your dreams been increasing in frequency and vividness?

What about time? Are you struggling with managing time or feeling as if time escapes you or as if you are in a time warp?

If you answered yes to any of those, keep reading.

If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed I have been talking a lot about space weather and how it has been affecting the planet and us as humans.  Yes, we as a species are evolving.

Many of the posts have been about how the incoming space weather may effect our sleep, moods, energy levels to GPS systems, cell phones and computer glitches not to mention effects on earthquakes, volcanic activity, hurricanes, blizzards, and more.

As humans, we see the sun rise and we see the sun set. We hear about events like solar eclipses and are like ooooo ahhhhh. However, the sun does change and it is currently changing.  Did you know this?

Enter The Solar Minimum

Since 2015, the sun began transitioning into what is called the solar minimum phase after a very intense solar maximum phase. This is a solar cycle the sun enters approximately every 11 years with a “grand” maximum phase approximately every 200 years.

The peak low period for the potential of solar minimum phase is forecast to enter between 2019-2020 with ignition of the potential grand solar minimum phase.

This basically means the sun’s activity is reduced to its lowest level and the sunspots and solar storms have quieted down a bit.  It is the “calm” phase of the sun.

Research shows that the last “Grand” solar minimum was believed to have occurred sometime between 1645 and 1715.

There are four major shifts that are affecting all life on earth right now known as space weather:

  1. Solar flare activity
  2. Solar wind storms from coronal holes
  3. Cosmic rays
  4. Geomagnetic storms

All these shifts with the sun weaken the earth’s magnetic fields. Since this cycle began, we have experienced an approximate 30% reduction of the earth’s magnetic fields and the acceleration of the shifting of the poles.

The strength of these magnetic fields is needed to shield all life on earth from harmful space weather particles. So understanding how this affects us is important so we know how to navigate.

Also, during this solar phase, earth will gradually cool with potentially colder, more eventful winters and has been likened to a mini-Ice Age.

A fairly recent study predicts that the next grand solar minimum could see the sun with almost a 7% reduction in light and heat – and this is 7% below the normal solar minimum.[1]

Valentina Zharkova, a professor of mathematics at Northumbria University in the UK, states  “… solar activity will fall by 60 percent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the ‘mini ice age’ that began in 1645…”[2]

Don’t panic.  All in all, what is important to remember is that the sun-earth relationship is always in a constantly state of flux doing their magnificent dance in our solar system.

What are solar flares?

Solar flares are magnetic explosions that happen on areas of the sun called sun spots. The emit flashes of X-rays and extreme ultraviolet radiation.

During a grand solar minimum phase, there are fewer sun spots emitting solar flares which means there is less CME’s bombarding the earth.

Because the solar flare activity is quieting down on the sun, we are experiencing another interesting phenomenon… coronal hole storms.

The Coronal Hole Storms

 “Coronal holes are vast regions in the sun’s atmosphere where the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows streams of solar particles to escape the sun as the fast solar wind.” (NASA)[3]

We have been experiencing over the past few months more coronal hole activity that spews massive streams of solar wind that can affect the earth’s magnetic field causing what is called a geomagnetic storm.

These solar wind storms can cause disruptions to communication systems like cell phones as well as GPS systems because of the friction satellites experience at the time.

Cosmic Rays

You might be saying to yourself what pseudo-science is this? I assure you this is a thing and can be verified through NASA website.

According to NASA: “There are unique space weather effects that get stronger during solar minimum. For example, the number of galactic cosmic rays that reach Earth’s upper atmosphere increases during solar minimum. Galactic cosmic rays are high energy particles accelerated toward the solar system by distant supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy.”[4]

Cosmic rays can “trigger larger flash floods, hailstorms and – due to jet stream disturbance and mixing of atmospheric layers – local long-duration precipitation events (e.g. atmospheric rivers)”[5] as we have been witnessing over the plain states this year.

It can also trigger earthquakes, lightening, and volcanoes and other tectonic anomalies.

How Does Space Weather Affect Us?

Disclaimer: Please see a doctor for anything deemed a medical emergency. What is posted here is not a substitute for medical care and is for reference and education only.

To me it is validating and interesting to see what science is beginning to say to substantiate what many of us empaths, healers, and others in the spiritual community have been saying using different terminologies.

The effects from this recent sun cycle began to amplify how we are experiencing things after the solar eclipse of August 2017.

We can anticipate more earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, and other electric events and an enhanced risk for a solar flare that can disrupt our power grid.[6]

There is even some discussion in the scientific communities about the biologic effects of space weather on humans.  There is more space radiation entering the earth’s atmosphere due to the earth’s weakened magnetic field. This means humans are more susceptible to the influx of cosmic rays, harmful electromagnetic radiation and space particles.

Some of you have heard me talk about the science behind the space weather and earth’s weakening magnetic fields and how it may impact our health.

What might you personally experience? All are deemed unexplainable or amplified for those with existing current medical conditions.

  • Bouts of inability to sleep
  • Bouts of serious fatigue or mega sluggishness
  • Cardiac arrythmias
  • Chest pressures
  • Mood shifts
  • Time warps or feeling as if you are. May feel as if time is speeding up and then slowing down.
  • Emergence of unresolved old wounds or traumas
  • Spiritual awakening and growth
  • Heightened sensitivities or empathic abilities

Those who are at greatest risks? Those with cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, and sleep disorders as well as those who fly. You can read about this from the research conducted about space weather from the University of NH.[7]

Here is another article from the European Space Agency about the biological effects of space weather radiation.[8]

Please do not go into panic mode. I do not write this to create chaos and doom and gloom. The intention is to make you more aware and awake to the effects space weather might have on your human body and mind.

We forget we are made up of mostly water that conducts electricity and the heart and brain are centers for electrical conduction. So how can we NOT be affected?

The point of writing this is to help you navigate some of what you might experience and better explain some of the symptoms especially when the medical community cannot explain or help you.

I have learned over the years that the “not knowing” factor can be quite debilitating to our very being. So education, understanding, and doing the self-care work are key.

As humans, we are evolving and experiencing some mass spiritual awakening that is coinciding with all of this. We are healing generational traumas, old belief systems and patterns.

It is important moving forward if you are sensitive to the space weather and learn tools to manage these effects.

In Summary, What to Expect During Solar Minimum or a Potential Grand Solar Minimum Phase

If the space weather forecast is correct, we may be entering a grand solar minimum phase. Here are some things to consider:

Interestingly, some research connects the grand solar minimum periods or aka the ‘bad-weather periods’ to times of also relative peace, reason and of improvements of human rights.

Is this a surprise?

I have seen just in my own work a surge in humanity seeking, spiritual awakening, and desires for deep healing. With that comes some disruption.

In the climate:

  • Ionization of atmospheric molecules –Cloud nucleation
  • More cloud formation and erratic precipitation.
  • Long-term cooling of the earth
  • More snow and ice reflect solar radiation
  • More localized larger flash flooding
  • More Hailstorms and lightening
  • Crop damage, local surface heating, wildfires and biological damage can all be accelerated by an increase in UV radiation
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes and other tectonic anomalies triggered by cosmic ray influxes

Space Weather

  • Weaker solar magnetic field aka solar flares
  • More cosmic ray influx from space
  • Longer coronal hole wind storms
  • More UV radiation entering the earth
  • The shift in our galaxy moving from its protective magnetic bubble

In Our Health

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Bouts of serious fatigue or mega sluggishness
  • Cardiac arrythmias
  • Chest pressures
  • Mood shifts
  • Time warps or feeling as if you are. May feel as if time is speeding up and then slowing down.
  • Emergence of unresolved old wounds or traumas
  • Spiritual awakening and growth
  • Heightened sensitivities or empathic abilities
  • Joint pains
  • Headaches
  • Vivid dreams

Other Disruptions

  • More electric events that affect communications such as cell phones and GPS systems
  • An enhanced risk for a solar flare that can disrupt our power grid
  • Increase risk of more radiation when flying
  • Deconstruction – political systems, relationships, jobs

As humans, we are experiencing massive spiritual upgrades as we deconstruct old beliefs systems and patterns. The storms, quakes, and tremors taking place on earth are also taking place within us, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

All these external experiences occurring reflect a universal transformation process affecting all levels of existence. It is important to get in alignment with these cycles energetically to master the flow of change within us. The changes taking place have a higher purpose.

The mainstream systems such as political, religious, media, and financial will try to gaslight the masses out of fear and desire to control. Resist the urge to go relinquish your natural born rights and freedoms. This does not mean to be a shithead. It means to step into your soul path.

The old ways of power grabs, belief systems, and patterns are being deconstructed for a higher spiritual evolutionary reasoning beyond our own comprehension.

Those in power do not like this and will attempt to gaslight and control the masses.  When we allow others to control us and force poisons into our bodies, minds, and spirit against our will, we give up responsibility to nurture our divine selves.

But the cosmic events and space weather do not lie.

We are in an interesting time in history literally and metaphorically. As we go through these multi layered shifts, we may feel out of balance at times – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. These are NORMAL when going through soul growth and expansion.

Actions to Take

  • Move out of the head and into the heart and gut space.
  • Listen to the wisdoms of the body as it has a wealth of knowledge for you to tap into.
  • Turn off tv programming that creates fear and agendas that are not in alignment with your very core being of who you are
  • Be careful of the inner critic. Don’t always trust that old chatter.
  • Trust that no matter what, your soul has your back.
  • Treat Your Body as a Temple. That means refrain from putting toxins into it.
  • Grow your own food or support a local, organic farmer.
  • You are more than the reality that you perceive. We are frequency and vibration. So work with the space weather to become a master of the flow.
  • Find a competent well skilled healer – who has done the work and walks the walk – to help you reset your nervous system, immune system, and endocrine systems.
  • Be aware of your triggers and work on healing those cords
  • Practice daily grounding, meditation, and gratitude
  • Release fear and step into your light and power.

What is happening with our space weather is just to help you better understand what is happening within and around us so we know what actions to take and know how to master the energetic ebb and flow of change.

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

Share with us what you learned or an experience with us that resonates with things in this post.

With appreciation,


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