Deer Medicine Drum Workshop With Respected Elder Jane King

Come build your own sacred Deer Medicine Shaman-style Drum

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The drum is the primal heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

It is your primal heartbeat.

It is the first instrument used by humankind.

A steady drum beat synchronizes the pulse, the blood, lymph, and all life flow, not only in human biology but in all life throughout the cosmos.

copyright 2024 Jane King. All photos are from recent drum making workshops led by Jane and are NOT stock photos

Past participants have experienced life-affirming shifts during this deep deer medicine immersion.

During this workshop, you will journey inward to the spirit of deer, receive the unique medicine that deer has to offer you receiving your personal message and teaching from your deer.

You choose from handcrafted Vermont White Ash or Red Cherry wood, the standing tree spirit medicine that will be your hoop.

Ceremony is used to instill your personal energy, your medicine, and intention into your drum, creating a healing tool, a beautiful instrument as well as a sacred creation or art.

Making the drumstick is included.

All materials included.

This is a peaceful healing event.

copyright 2024 Jane King. All photos are from recent drum making workshops led by Jane and are NOT stock photos

Build your unique healing relationship with Deer Medicine Drum

Are you ready?

There is only now.

The drum takes you there.

There is only now.

The drum is the void

where all life is teaming

with fluid vibrance, here, now.

You are on the precipice of understanding.

The proverbial cusp of awakening.

Birthing your Deer Medicine Drum

shows you the Way

to the virtues of your inner guidance.


Those ready to travel

across the abyss

to the unknown depths of infinite space

are the Ones called to come

to this sacred deer medicine encounter.

Your Deer Medicine Drum beckons you.

copyright 2024 Jane King. All photos are from recent drum making workshops led by Jane and are NOT stock photos

Can you feel its heartbeat in your soul?

The rising and falling

of presence and non-presence.

The ebb and flow

never-ending cadent turbulence

you ride upon

known as deer drum pulse.

Birthing your personal Deer Medicine Drum

is a serious endeavor.

A Being is re-born

yet the being is eternal.

The Being is Deer.

Can you drop into the awakening

of joining your powers.

Can you allow the animal medicine

to guide you?

Can you allow yourself

to drop into the truth

of who you are?

Through the eyes of this four-legged.

This is the tip of the power

of your personal Deer Medicine Drum.

Awakening, enlightenment, non-ordinary

ever-changing truth of eternal life.

There is a place for you here.

Is this leap into the abyss your path?

Can you feel the vibration of exhilaration?

stirring you inward

creating this union with you

and your Deer Medicine Drum?

Yes! You are here now.

Yes! Deer medicine beckons you.

Yes! Your gestation period concludes

this round of growth

as you birth your Deer Medicine Drum.

Medicine is power.

Power of Divine providence.

Power of Spirit.

Power of Great Mystery.

You are invited to come

claim your power

in this unique immersion


Deer Medicine Drum Building

Registration Information

Step 1:

Decide which size drum you are choosing (once chosen, you are NOT able to change your mind later as the rims are custom hand made in Vermont)

  • $450 full request for appreciation for 18″ drum
  • $350 full request for appreciation for 15″ drum

Step 2:

Decide if you are paying in full or making a deposit

A minimum of $150 non-refundable deposit due by NOVEMBER 1, 2024 to hold your spot and order supplies.

NOTE: This is NOT an event you can procrastinate on and see. If this CALLS TO YOU. DO IT. Take the step. Take the action. Commit to yourself and this medicine. Deer medicine is needed more than ever personally and collectively. We are LUCKY to have a wise elder to travel to Massachusetts to offer this powerful medicine that starts way before the day of the event. Please understand this.

This deadline allows Jane to tap into the group to energetically and spiritually prepare, order and make the materials needed for the class.  Contact Us Here for Availability after November 1st

Balance due by the day of the workshop (cash or check only if paid same day).

Step 3:

Decide payment method

To pay via cash or check:

  • Cash – please arrange with Laura for cash payment by calling/texting 857-880-0365.
  • Check – Make check payable to Healing With Spirit and Mail check to Healing With Spirit, 185 Lincoln St. Suit 300, Hingham, MA 02043. Please include size of the drum you are registering for, phone number and email address to keep you posted for updates on class.

To pay via credit card:

Review our cancellation and refund policy here.  You may view our privacy policy here

About Your Facilitator:

I am JaneE King, founder of Medicine Drum LLC. I have facilitated Medicine Drum drum-building workshops throughout the country since 1997.

A retired corporate accountant by profession, I was guided to the International Herb Symposium in 1993 in search of natural remedies for my health concerns at that time. Drumming, dancing, under the stars, herbalists decked out in their regalia, this was a dramatic life-changing culture shock to a conservative accountant like me. In fact an intense ( a long story for another time) dimension shift, a reality wake-up call occurred driving me to seek out my first frame drum.

Using that first drum as a model, my former partner, Richard King, gathered the drum parts and materials to create our first Medicine Drum. At that time all our drums were made with cow skins and imitation sinew lacing. Our first drum-building workshop was in our garage with friends and family participating.

That was a magical winter Saturday where Mama Gaia confirmed our new venture by beginning the day with cold, snow that turned to rain, then the clouds churned with thunder and lightning only to have the day end with warm breeze and brilliant bright sunshine as the clouds parted in the sunset. A day emblazoned on my memory banks, February 27, 1997.

Richard and I have gone our separate ways. My passion for drums, drumming, and teaching drum building ramped up. While Richard had lost interest I expanded my passions to add deer skins to our previous monotone mix of only cow.

Today it is the animals, deer, elk, buffalo, horse, and bear that drive me to offer these deep-dive immersions into building your own sacred Medicine Drum. Offering two-legged souls, humans, the opportunity to foster and create a mutually respectful relationship with these animals by ceremonially rebirthing them, giving them a new voice in the voice of their Medicine Drum, feeds my soul. It is my small way of bringing oneness and peace to our planet.

My Healing Medicine Drum Circles also are now in demand inviting, allowing our Medicine Drums to play us with their living animal medicine vibes.

I am also a Certified Brennan Healer, a certified Hypnotist, an Ordained Minister, an earth ceremonialist, and an educator with over 25 years of experience teaching and practicing laying-on-of-hands healing. Melding all these parts into the sanctity of a healing session, when the client is ready, miraculous life-affirming positive changes occur.

My transformative “Way of being with” you can shift your vibe and assist in the awakening of your “inner Healer”, the only true healer. I offer private individualized healing sessions tailored to your uniqueness. Potentially metamorphic. My tools include drum, rattle, crystals, trance, singing bowl, human voice, and many other esoteric tools as called upon by your Being.

From career Accountant to Energy Medicine Professional to Animal Medicine Drum advocate, I humbly, modestly follow where my Soul leads as I continue to mine for my Soul’s gold within and in so doing catalyze others to do the same.