Orca Symbolism and Medicine on Cape Cod

The Orca Sightings Off Cape Cod

On May 7, 2019, social media lit up with news of a sighting of an orca trolling off the coast of Cape Cod and Plymouth Bay in Massachusetts.

My eyes lit up for many reasons. First, orcas are not native to this region at all and secondly, they were one of the first animal totems and spirit guides I received over 25yrs ago.

I wrote a social media post about it, and then got “busy”. So, I neglected this message. I never sat in silence with the orca energy to see what I needed to see or a message we needed to hear collectively. This is teaching me to not neglect this part of my journey and to step up my game.

Then on Sunday, June 9, 2019, an orca was spotted off Chatham on Cape Cod. This is the 2nd sighting in weeks. Here is the video clip.

Again, my eyes lit up, and I thought “WOW some serious medicine being dished out here”. That same day, we hosted a very powerful women’s retreat. Also, on this day, the earth experienced a geomagnetic storm due to some space weather from the sun emitting winds from the coronal holes of the sun. I talk more about these effects HERE.

I am sitting here pondering “why NOW. Why is orca showing up here now?”

Just like the bizarre occurrences of snowy owls in 2013 that were spotted as far south as Texas, these are signs we can not ignore. This is a collective message for us, humans, to heed.

In the past, there has been a rare spotting of a lone killer whale named Thom between Maine and Chatham apparently over the years. So yes, they can come to MA.

Orcas, although the largest part of the dolphin family, were called “Killer Whale” due to misunderstandings, but now has earned great respect symbolically.

Orca Medicine

Nature-Pix / Pixabay

There is lots of orca medicine to pay attention to and I will share with you my own insights. The increase sightings of orcas off Cape Cod are subtle messages from Nature and the Universe.

As far as the actual medicine, I will need to sit with this for a while to see what message and medicine we need as sometimes they come through as patterns especially since this is not a one-time occurrence. 

BUT, my first read is since this orca is solitary, it may have to do with diving deep into the depths of our inner world fearlessly. All the knowledge we seek for ourselves is within our soul, and our own inner guidance system. Spiritually bypassing this is not going to help us here. The fact that orca has been spotted more than once in this region recently, it is a message we need to heed. Going inward and digging deep right now is the only way to break through the resistance and barriers preventing us from moving forward.

This is in alignment with my what I wrote in my May e-newsletter last month.

I have always been fascinated with orcas with their grace, beauty, family connections, strength, and mastery, but it was not until later in life I understood how they truly are a mighty guardian of the cosmos including our soulful journey in this life.

“Orca whales are a female-centric society – matrilineal. This means the whole clan (family – or group – also known as a “pod”) acquiesces to the leadership of the head female of the group. In fact, when a mother Orca passes away, the males will take the lead of the sister, grandmother, or the next female in the lineage. This is big symbolic juju. It implies a parallel to the divine feminine, or yin energy.” (What’s Your Sign)

Orcas are very protective of their pods and babies very much like I view elephants or wolves. They are also very loyal and mate for life like I have watched swans and mourning doves do near my home and office.

They are masters of the oceans deep, travelling thousands of miles in their journey and can survive even the harshest climates. Like the depths of the shadows within (many of you have been hearing me talk about) the deep ocean is connected to the emotional parts of our being deep within.

These ocean depths hold many truths. In order to access their wisdom, we must turn inward and trust our gut instincts. The orca medicine can teach us to delve deep within our very being. Going deep within into our shadows is not easy. With the help of orca medicine, we must trust that we will be shown the way through any obstacle or fear.

Orca Symbolism

In the past, I saw killer whales associated with family, community and protection similar to wolves which was my other spirit guide at the time and still do. Considering the wolf and orca are often compared as similar in many ways symbolically, I was grateful to my earlier life experiences with both as my guides.

Today, I also see orcas connected with spirituality, connection, healing, strength, perseverance, and teachers of magic in addition to what I mentioned.

Since, orcas are a sea mammal that can only survive in the ocean, water becomes a powerful element. Water is symbolically connected to the orca medicine in areas such as emotions, dreams, intuition, flow, healing, purification, or cleansing.


skeeze / Pixabay
  • monumental sign,
  • family
  • protection,
  • seeing the unseen,
  • guardians of the oceans
  • emotional and spiritual health
  • communication
  • perseverance
  • strength
  • loyal
  • magic
  • cosmic journeys
  • cosmos
  • empowerment
  • step out of fear

Native American Orca Connection

Orcas are an “important medicine animal to the Native American tribes of the Northwest Coast. Killer whales are considered a particular symbol of power and strength, and catching sight of one is considered a momentous omen.  Some tribes, such as the Tlingit, view the killer whale as a special protector of humankind and never hunted killer whales (although they were accomplished whale hunters of other species.) The Kwakiutl tribes believed that the souls of marine hunters turned into killer whales upon their death, just as the souls of forest hunters turned into wolves. For this reason, there were a number of special rituals regarding the killing of a killer whale, so that its spirit could be reborn as a human once again.” (Native Languages of the Americas)

In Summary

Symbolically, I love the Orca.

Orcas are a very powerful contender literally and metaphorically. There is a reason why orcas have chosen to NOT prey on humans. There are even stories of orcas saving humans and stranded boaters bringing them to shore.

It will be surely interesting to see how these majestic animals reveal to us in the coming days, weeks, months here in New England.

Take a ways

skeeze / Pixabay
  1. Maternal orca hierarchy in alignment with what many mystics have been saying in regards to the rise of the divine feminine.
  2. Orcas have always been a powerful ally to humans and a strong balance in nature.
  3. Step out of the fears you have been holding onto so tightly so that you can embrace your life’s purpose.
  4. Symbols of perseverance and strength.
  5. Go deep within for the answers you seek. This is a spiritual/soulful journey.

Finally, if ever you needed a sign to jump on the spiritual train and your spiritual path, this is it. We are being supported by the divine. It is time to step forward into our truth… into our path … fearlessly.

I invite you to step into the realm and the spiritual medicine of orca, and see where this journey this takes you.

Are you feeling this call?

What does orca say to you?

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

Share with us what you learned or an experience with us that resonates with things in this post.

With appreciation,


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