The Birthing Of Mothers – The Super SHEroes Of Modern Times

To birth as a mother is the gift of all life. As I age, with maturity and life experience comes a new perspective for me.  How I view Mother’s Day has changed over the years.

Why do I say “birthing of Mothers”? I inadvertently used this, and then began thinking why did I define it that way. I hear in my  inner voice say … “because Mothers ARE birthed”. Mothers are initiated. They are initiated into motherhood. If you look up the definition to “give birth”, the word initiate comes up.

Motherhood is a celebration of unconditional love that begins its journey from conception that no one could ever break. I read this quote and it summed it up for me …

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

– Elizabeth Stone

So yes, mothers are initiated or birthed. I recall the first time I was going to be a mother and I totally panicked. Then when I delivered my daughter and after 2 days, the hospital sent me home and I panicked. “Like what do you mean I go home. What do I do? How do I know she is ok or not ok? What do I do? Like wow, I am responsible for this little person? What if I mess up? What if I miss the cues that something is wrong?” Sound familiar?

Motherhood changes you forever and encompasses every area of a our life. It changes the way we think about ourselves, our family, our friends, and the world all around us. It changes our belief systems, the way we view life, the way we reflect, and the way we act and react.  Motherhood teaches us to examine things differently with a different lens on things we never gave a second thought to before, and to even question everything we thought to be true.

Mothers are underappreciated and undervalued … in my opinion. To me, mothers are the modern day superhero or “superSHEro” who handle everything as a 24 hour job. Without the community support as in ancient times, mothers now we feel the constant pressure, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed inundated with yelling text messages, kicking, screaming, and resistance without a moment of quiet solitude.

Somehow, mothers still find a way to push through it all despite the demands to maintain a full time job while meet the demands of motherhood, and patriarchal societies telling mothers how to feed their newborns with attempts to control their super powers.

It truly is the hardest job there is. Why? Because despite how tired, exhausted, worn down, burnt out we may feel crying ourselves to sleep wishing for 5 minutes of zenful peace, we still carry on like super SHEroes. 

With Mother’s Day, comes mixed bag of emotions. It is supposed to be a day to honor our Mothers.  Many have an undeniable unbreakable bond with their mothers.

However, as someone who has worked with many women over losing their children, the grief can be unbearable. For these mothers, it is not all peaches and cream.

For children who may have lost a mother prematurely, it can be equally as unbearable. I saw a client once who was dealing with that very situation where a loved one with a young elementary school children was given a diagnosis of 3 months to live and these children were having difficulties in understanding what is happening and struggles watching his/her mother die.

It is important to recognize this reality if we are to heal the whole collectively. We need to honor ALL mothers regardless of situations or stories we play out in our lives.

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Women have been called to rise up and unite collectively as it was done so many centuries ago in a community of sisterhood where we can be held, heard, supported, valued. 

Alone we are strong.
Together in a community of sisterhood, we are unstoppable.

We all have our separate experiences with unique journeys in regards to our own motherhood journeys or with our own mothers. It is important to honor those journeys as sacred wherever they may be. 

It is important for us to dismantle the colonialist conditioning of women conflicting with other women when in reality it’s natural for us to nurture, hold space, heal, in a safe container. We have just the event to inspire you.

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I want women and mothers to know …


I am here to help guide you.  In the meantime, don’t forget to pause, breathe and take a moment for yourself.

With Appreciation,
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