Tarot Card Pull Regarding The Mueller Report Congressional Hearings

Today is Wednesday, July 24, 2019, the day Robert Mueller was testifying before Congress once again.

During the congressional hearings, I pulled cards regarding the Mueller Report again. I did the first card pull on this topic on April 21, 2019 which was posted on Instagram.

So far (since 2010) my readings on politics hasn’t been wrong… knock on wood. I always remind myself there is always a first time.

I believe we are at a crossroads and it is crucial for the American people to bombard our Congress men and women to ACT on this issue NOW.

There are lots of changes beginning to happen and it’s crucial to stay on point to what’s at stake and not let the media, President, or Congress DISTRACT us with a tactic abusers know well… throw lots of smack on the walls to keep them busy while statute of limitations to address this serious issue wanes.

THIS is a wake up call for all NOW. How long it takes to repair will take time.

Card Spread regarding the Mueller Report Congressional Hearings July 24, 2019

—-> For those who can read cards, what do you see? <—-

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With appreciation,

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International Women’s Day: A Personal Journey


I am a badass dragon spiritual warrior goddess that burns away fear buried deep in my shadows, shields my human vessel from harm, stands strong in my truth and raw authentic power, and moves swiftly against those who victimize others.

Today, I am making “herstory” with some dragon magic in tow. I am no longer a victim of my past, but a badass. It’s taken me a VERY long time (decades) to get to this point. CPTSD and the fallout of trying to survive after abuse is NOT easy…far from it.

I’m going thru lots of growing pains right now & on the verge of a major breakthrough … the kind I’ve waited a lifetime for if not multiple lifetimes.

See me.

Feel me.

Hear me.

Bare witness to the transformation and magic of dragon in the depths of my soul.

AND so, I bless my junk … I bless all who caused me harm & I mourn all I lost. In doing so, I find the buried treasure residing within me all along … buried in my own shadows.  To read more on this bless your junk series, click here.

Today I celebrate ALL OF ME and all the brave courageous strong women before me.

I celebrate the wisdom of my ancestors breathing and pulsating in my veins.

I celebrate all the badass women and men who have guided me, supported me, journeyed with me, and mentored me throughout the years.
Thank you.

I am dragon.

I am the divine feminine.

I am the fire, water, air, and earth in the womb.

I am woman. 

I am ME.

Together we rise. Together we are unstoppable.

Happy International Women’s Day 3/8/19

With appreciation,


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