What Happens When We Tap Into The Divine: A Morning With Deer

Morning Thoughts

I just returned from a fruitful and amazing women’s retreat on Sunday in Hingham, MA. The day after any event like this can be a little chaotic in trying to balance my own energies out while unpacking, reviewing feedback, holding space for clientele, and being keenly aware of my own energetic needs especially after a massive coronal hole wind storm that hit the earth plane on Sunday creating a geomagnetic storm.

Those with certain health conditions like cardiac issues or those empathic like me can feel these intensely. I recently wrote about this. You can read about “How Grand Solar Minimum is Affecting Our Health, Communications, and Climate Change” here.

So, today I went for a walk to prepare myself to do a reading shortly and set the tone for the day. Nature grounds me. It helps me clear my head and it allows me to access the divine easily and effortlessly. Then THIS just happened.

Early in my healing journey, I lost trust in humans and institutions that claim to protect victims of abuse and don’t.

The blessing is that it forced me to return to my soulful spiritual state. When I couldn’t trust people or even myself for that matter (my choices/decisions), I was forced to go up … to God, Great Spirit, Universe, the Divine or whatever you call it.

I began getting synchronistic things happening beginning 2009 with what I call #signs.

Going into that divine place kept me safe, and helped restore trust in myself and my ability to heal and move forward in life.

Not to mention my heightened keen sense and ability to sniff out disingenuous, narcissistic, abusive, manipulative, predatory people.

So, here as I prepare for this reading, I stumble upon this doe in my field at my house.

Deer Message

Deer Symbolism

I usually associate deer to gentleness, family, and compassion.

The Take A Way

The take a way she gave me was that she wasn’t afraid of me. She was aware of my presence and as long as I respected her boundaries, I was able to approach easily and effortlessly.

She wasn’t startled by me, which deer can easily become. She knew I was safe, but also made sure that didn’t change what she deemed as a healthy boundary.

In Numerology:

6/11/19 at 9:18am =
reminding me of the yin yang aka +/- and the neutrality/homeostasis/balance/partnerships as a big chapter is about to close and balance/partnerships will be needed moving forward into the next chapter successfully and purposefully.

If you missed my 2019 forecast post, please check out “What 2018 Taught Us, the Energy Forecast Heading Into 2019, and 6 Tips to Guide You in 2019”, here. I go into more details on what is happening spiritually and what 2019 means in numerology.

Do you get signs?

Please share a picture or experience in the comments.

Happy Tuesday …

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