Have You Experienced This During An MRI?

Recently,  I went in for a repeat brain MRI from 2010 as a result of a previous brain bleed I’ve had.

I am a survivor of abuse with a history of PTSD and anxiety and of course they asked if I was claustrophobic and I said no.

Surprisingly, I was kind of surprised that as I entered into the MRI room I was experiencing anxiety. Once I laid down on the table and enter the machine, I began reciting the gokai, which are the 5 Japanese reiki principles to live by.

By the end of the third time reciting the gokai, my anxiety was completely calm. I was in a calm complete state a presence with a notable reduction in respiration.

In the beginning of the scans, I began to see flashes of a pinhole white light in my third eye which Drew my attention to actually pay attention to what I am witnessing. It was like a flash going off on a camera but in a pinhole size.

This followed with  a black spot  notable on the upper  right side  in my third I’d vision .

Following this I began seeing nebula type formations in waves. The colors were of a translucent mustard seed yellow and an oblong shape moving from my left to my upper right with purple formations in the middle.

Right after the text said to the next scan will take 5 minutes, the next set of visualizations I saw started more on the upper right side of flashes of an oblong shape that was of a darker yellow and color. This later began to continue to flash in the more it flashed the clear the images got of my entire brain

The next set of images she said was going to take 2 minutes. With that followed images showing various vascular sections in my brain and I even began feeling tingling in my right foot which dissipated right after this portion of the scan completed.

The final scan was very similar to the beginning with a general nebula of colors flashing in waves mostly in the yellows, Blues and purple hues.

I asked the tech if there were different images being done on my brain as I had visualizations while in the scanner. I think she was a little confused by my question because it’s not a typical question people would ask. So I went on to tell her that depending on which scan she did I saw images of my brain as well as images of the vascular portions of my brain. She did verify that there were vascular portions done on my brain.

Now whether or not this is a verifiable experience doesn’t matter. However, since I am a very deeply spiritual person and love it when science backs up a spiritual experience, I’m putting this out there because maybe some scientists would love to use this to create a study on the brains of those who are intuitive or empathic.

That would be quite interesting though wouldn’t it for the scientific community?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share in the comments.

With love and appreciation,


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