Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

Today's class/workshop showed me that I am not alone! I learned not to own other people's experiences, choosing words wisely, and most importantly detach from people, places, things, and outcomes.

Nicole Monaghan Whittaker,
Self Care For The Empath

It is a very thought provoking & profound class. It emphasized a communal experience in that your experience is similar to others,. Through this it led to personal realizations and tools in coping & finding peace. A realistic & applicable course experience!

Suzanne Simmons,
Self Care For The Empath

(Liked best) The positive, good energies. The tools given and feeling and knowing I'm capable of the new positive change.

Alicia Nickerson,
Self Care For The Empath

I learned to use a couple of new tools to stop taking on other people's "stuff".

Peter Pinto,
Self Care For The Empath

It can be challenging to open up, be vulnerable in a group. The class felt safe & nurturing & it became increasingly easier to share personal experiences. (I liked the best) learning and practicing various tools & understanding that I can trust my inner guide regarding which tools serve me best.

Jeannine Whitehead,
Self Care For The Empath 4 wk Immersion

I learned: Caring for yourself is essential! Breathe out the negative - make room for the positive! Cut out the negative people.

Sarah M,
Self Care For The Empath 4 wk Immersion

I was anxious before taking the class as I wasn't sure I was an empath and more fearful that I would be and not be able to control it. After having taken the class i am accepting of being an empath and have a greater appreciation for what it entails. I have the tools to protect myself and raise my own vibration. It is ok to take me time.

Suzanne Mc Carthy,

Great teacher, wonderful class. I learned so much about the history and practice of Reiki! Laura is a fabulous and engaging teacher with a gift of passion for teaching and helping others. I highly recommend Laura!

Christine, Hull, MA
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop

I would definitely recommend the Reiki I Class. It provides a great understanding of the history and physical aspects of the art and I look forward to continuing my path toward becoming a Reiki master. I truly enjoyed taking part in the class. Laura was very helpful & informative. Enjoyed practicing the Reiki & being hands on as well as learning the important details of the origins of Reiki. I wouldn't change anything.

Nora Tarbi,
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop and Certification

Even though I have been practicing westernized Reiki for about 17 years, I was intrigued that Laura was offering the Jikiden Reiki, a calling towards it if you will. Jikiden Reiki seems and feels more authentic and pure at its core. The benefit is the simplicity of it but the challenge is not over complicating it and getting out of my own way to let Reiki do its thing. ..Anyone who wanted to advance their self-care, self work, and healing would benefit from working with Laura. Laura is an incredible teacher and she teaches from her heart and with passion for living the Reiki principles. It was so helpful being able to work with clients hands on and be able to do the work on different people.

Heather Jeanne O'Donnell,
Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)


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