Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

Know that its all about self love. She knows her shit.

Hannah Croche,
Self Care For The Empath

This class provides an incredible foundation for all spiritual practices. It will teach you the basics you need to practice self care and love in order to grow.

Cara Losapio,
Self Care For The Empath

Laura is very intelligent and giving with her knowledge. Great tool to mediumship (psychometry). Confidence was built. Laura knows the answers to whatever we ask. She never demeans you just makes you work harder. Always lean something new w/ her. Love her!

Susan Robillard,

If you're curious, register & attend the class! If you're curious, you're meant to know more! *By expanding one's consciousness, we reach one more step toward raising our vibration. *Laura Joseph is a generous, experienced & Committed teacher who tenaciously guides & challenges the learner :) *Bring your photos, and other items, in a plain bag (paper) so that the container/bag doesn't confuse the reader.

Astrid Menjer,

The class was what I needed to release the past. Forever. Learned a new way to write down signs, numbers, and animals. Great job. Many ways to trust yourself and the Angels and spirit and my guides are real!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you

Christine Tripp
Communicating W Nature; Attaining Messages from Spirit in Nature

I would like others to know that my experience was very positive & that I left feeling more aware & able to protect myself from negative energy even when I work in a negative environment. I would say that anyone looking to expand their mind about empathy & energy should attend. People should know the teacher is very brilliant & has an abundance of helpful information. I will incorporate more visualizations of a bubble protection & grounding into my daily life. I am very grateful for my experience today! Thank you very much!

Ariana McNeill,
Building Spiritual Energetic Protections

Great experience! I learned a lot and I am pretty well versed in protective modalities. Laura is a fabulous teacher who explains things in ways that can be easily understood by those who are new to Energy Medicine. At the same time those familiar with Energy Medicine will gain valuable insight and information to compliment their current knowledge. Laura is a wonderful, kind, and patient teacher. She has a wonderful sense of humor which makes for fun classes and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously all the time. She posses a wealth of knowledge with others in order to assist others in raising their own vibrations. She is truly a gifted soul!

Christine Malenfant,
Building Spiritual Energetic Protections

I have attended, one of Laura's Reiki meditation and attunment evenings and came away feeling like a new person. The energy was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Thank you, Laura! I am truly grateful, you are so very gifted!

Karen Thrasher
Reiki Healing Attunement Meditation Class

Thank you so much Laura for an amazing evening! It was so powerful and I needed it even more than I had even known. I was definitely feeling very emotional and lost. I am so thankful to you for helping me to release some of that energy and transform it. I am so looking forward to coming back and would love to learn more about reiki someday. Thank you for the special gifts I found there, I love the meaning behind them. It was a very special evening and I am grateful to you!

Tina Gruner
Reiki Vibrational Healing Meditation

The meditation classes Laura conducts have been instrumental for me during my spiritual journey. With them I experience incredible relaxation and a sense of peace. I recommend these classes to all my patients.

Tybee Marruzzi, M.S., Lic.Ac.
Ty-Ann Acupuncture, Cohasset, MA
Meditation Classes


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