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March 6, 2023

International Women’s Day: A Personal Journey Part II

I was recently reminded about a similar post I made on 3/8/19 where I shared my journey, as well as an empowerment mantra. In light of events since then and in reflection, it feels more like I wrote that piece during a different era comparatively to where we are today. On one level feels like we slipped backwards in a time warp 50-100 years ago despite all the milestones women have made throughout history.

This year – do we celebrate, or do we organize and rise the fuck up????

So, BEFORE I share with you some yummy affirmations, I feel like we need to face some harsh truths FIRST. We cannot change what we can NOT acknowledge right?

You will have to help me, because I am not sure that women under the age of 35 really understand what is at stake. Women first gathered in 1848 to discuss the issue of gender equality. Over 170 years later, women have sought gender equality through various waves in American history.

Despite all the progress we women have made, since my last post in 2019, I have witnessed an erosion of women’s protections and rights that go beyond just the reversal of Roe.

The #1 screening to prevent cervical cancer is no longer recommended annually, but every 4-5 years and in many cases is no longer covered on insurance. I recently learned that Medicare/Medicaid is NO longer covering this unless “medically necessary”.

From child marriage laws to Missouri enacting a law that women can no longer bare their arms in government buildings to family court judges incarcerating women to silence & punish them in domestic violence cases involving custody to judges legally trafficking children to either their rapists or abusers or to a cottage industry of parental alienation 4-day camps where children literally disappear with NO outside contact with the world or school or doctors etc for 100+ days or longer and more.

Then lets NOT forget the vile mass mob mentality of deliberately set out to harm Amber Heard that was originally orchestrated by Johnny Depp who PAID millions BEFORE his trial to gain influences to launch a “global humiliation” and destruction of his victim, Amber Heard.

Finally, we have the toxic vile abusive influencers like Andrew Tate who admittedly sexually trafficking & enslaving women and encouraging YOUNG boys and men to BE like him.

It is actually quite refreshing to see professionals like Dr. Jessica Taylor , psychologist & speaker, take on the toxic misogynistic culture we STILL live in from a psychology standpoint of both the Andrew Tate situation and Amber Heard. She is also the author of “Sexy but psycho: HOW THE PATRIARCHY USES WOMEN’S TRAUMA AGAINST THEM”.

We are at a crossroads, as we chatted about in the Triggers and Spiritual Medicine Podcast Episode 5 “How The Burning Times of Witches Influence White Women Culture Today From The Eyes of A Breast Cancer Survivor”

Women who say … “yeah but” – need to seriously pause a bit and see what they are really endorsing. I recently saw a self-proclaimed domestic violence advocate (not connected to any nonprofits), who said the “yeah but” to Alex Murdaugh being found guilty of murdering his son and wife claiming he was set up.

Anyone who truly understands the dynamics of domestic violence, narcissism, coercive control, AND his entire familial history, would NOT be saying “yeah but” unless they still have some serious unpacking to do still. You cannot advocate for victims of abuse and say this man with his history is innocent.

Many of you know that I believe that in order to FULLY heal trauma, you must address root issues and systems. I also believe that as a multi-generational healer & intuitive and spiritual teacher, we cannot fully help others heal without doing our own inner work – this includes unpacking patriarchal & colonialist ideologies – and without doing sacred activism. They do go hand in hand in my option and to many well-intentioned folks, bypass these necessary steps.

So, here is the deal – Both Trump & Biden – BOTH political parties – have been BLOCKING the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution (Us Archives)- The Equal Rights Amendment (dif link)- that would guarantee equality of women to men.

So when I originally wrote my 2019 post, I was going thru lots of growing pains & was on the verge of a major breakthrough … the kind I’ve waited a lifetime for if not multiple lifetimes … that was halted when the pandemic shutdown commenced, and the onslaught began – medically, systemically, politically, and legally.

NOW – if we choose – we can be the lotus flower rising from the darkness.

Despite the obstacles and setbacks, we do have opportunity here. We must remember that we do NOT grow during the party or celebrations. We grow in the darkness like the lotus flower or any seed you wish to plant.

Despite my own setbacks over the past four years, I published not one, but two books last year, on top of my healing work & professional practice:

Currently, I am a part of a statewide domestic violence task force, and Massachusetts has numerous bills pending involving coercive control, abusive litigation, and making cutting off a GPS bracelet a felony. I am waiting to see if the language supports victims in a way that abusers are unable to weaponize them against their victims or targets, because on the flip side, MA is currently trying to build a $50 million prison. I am using my sacred activism and voice to ensure that does NOT happen and we become FREER and safer from abuse.

Check out Families for Justice as Healing and their efforts to prevent this building of a women’s prison. I wrote about my incarceration story in the book Feisty on how I was sentenced for 30days plus 6mo of criminal court community service (my regular 12-15hrs a week community services to victims of domestic violence was prohibited) by a family court judge who also denied my right to an attorney and to medical care for $400 in holding by D.O.R. While incarcerated, I learned about how many women turned to substance abuse to cope with the trauma inflicted by the courts failing to protect victims of abuse AND that approximately 15-20% were sent there by family court judges as a way to silence them.

In January, I shared the 2022 in Review & 2023 Psychic Spirit Energy Forecast in episode 17 of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine Podcast where I talk about these changing times and how to navigate these ever-intensifying energetic shifts – that do impact the daily life, politics, laws, governing, social justice etc.

In the Secrets to Healing book, I wrote an extended version of the “Embracing the Dragon Within” that I wrote originally in 2018. NOW is the time to call in the energies of the dragon.

Dragons have been a huge part of my life and over the past few years, their energy and connection to me has grown stronger.  If we want to make the kinds of changes we want and need to make, we must look at ALL facets including the spiritual realms.

The reason why so-called extremist groups use tactics such as race or religion to incite division, fear, and control to disempower and enslave their followers, is because their narcissistic abusive methods of power are threatened.

Women are more educated now. Or are we?

Have you ever wondered why women do not support each other – especially white women? Especially in business and careers? Instead, we often feel envy, jealousy, or judgement?

Have you ever wondered why women are so darn critical of other women? Like where does this stuff really come from?

Have you ever wondered why women feel an instinctual need to compete against each other, but you do not know where it is rooted or why if we are hard wired to be in community and support of each other?

Have you ever wondered where the ideology of women serving the man ever came from?

I ask you to tune in to THIS very thought-provoking amazing podcast episode as we shed the beliefs systems, we’ve been conditioned to believe that runs through our very DNA over hundreds of years.

I will add … this episode may be triggering for some who are not ready to dive deep into the root issues many of us women – especially white women are experiencing and WHY we keep repeating cycles that do not serve us OR repeating cycles that serve us in a way that still keeps us chained to the patriarchal expectations.

Do not be seduced by the systemic patriarchal misogynistic ways or their toxic agendas that target your fears and vulnerabilities.

Alone we are strong. However, together we are stronger.

Together, we rise.

Together, we are unstoppable.

But do you believe that? Really?

Let’s bare witness to the transformation and magic of dragon within in the depths of our souls.

Today I celebrate ALL OF ME and all the brave courageous strong women before me.

I celebrate the wisdom of my ancestors breathing and pulsating in my veins.

I celebrate all the badass women and men who have guided me, supported me, journeyed with me, and mentored me throughout the years.

Thank you.

I am dragon.

I am the divine feminine.

I am the fire, water, air, and earth in the womb.

I am woman. 

I am ME.

Together we rise. Together we are unstoppable.

Let’s do this shall we???

Happy International Women’s Day 3/8/23

With appreciation,

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