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January 27, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - January 29, 2023 @ 6:00 pm

Jikiden Reiki® Seminar in Shoden (Level I)

CLASS TIMES:  Friday,  7-9:30pm,    Saturday/Sunday 9:30am-6pm

Are you looking for ways to improve your quality of life, reduce stress and anxiety, remove toxicity from the body and guiding it towards wholeness?
The traditional standard treatment in our American healthcare system rarely looks at the “root cause” of our symptoms and treats only the symptom. Therefore, we rarely address and heal the underlying cause. Left untreated, it can manifest into illness.
Our bodies are designed and fully equipped to heal themselves. Reiki taps into those innate abilities.
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple form of energy healing from Japan known as “Shinshin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho”, which translates as “Usui treatment for the improvement of body and mind”.
Reiki supports the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually while drilling down on specific issues. Jikiden Reiki® sessions focus on removing toxins from the body and guiding it towards wholeness.
Jikiden Reiki® is the “direct teaching” of Reiki presented with credibility and clarity from authentic verifiable Japanese lineage.
This lineage goes from Mikao Usui to Dr. Hayashi to Mrs. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Tadao’s (current President of Jikiden Reiki® Kenkyukai) mother, who learned Reiki in 1938. Because this lineage has not gone through Mrs. Takata, it lacks the Westernization of Reiki.
Learning reiki is easy and can be used in a home or clinical setting to enhance the health and emotional wellness of both self and others. It is also complementary with all other alternative or traditional medical treatments, and in non-invasive.
In these classes (called seminars), you will experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity as it was taught in Japan before it was brought to the west in the 1930’s. Because Jikiden Reiki® is free from Western influence, it differs from “Western” style of Reiki in approach, attitude, and ideas.
Its roots go back almost to the discovery of Reiki itself.

Who should take a Jikiden Reiki® Class?

  • Anyone interested in learning Reiki
  • Current reiki practitioners who wish to deepen their practice & understanding
  • Mothers looking for ways to reduce medication usage and visits to the pediatrician’s office every time your child gets sick
  • Caregivers constantly fighting the fight looking for a better way to care for your loved ones
  • Anyone looking for ways to minimize need for medications or medical procedures
  • Anyone looking for ways to improve your quality of life, reduce stress and anxiety, remove toxicity from the body and reduce the over reliance of over medication and over use of medical procedures.
  • Clergy
  • Hospice workers & volunteers
  • Healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, massage therapists, metal health workers, addiction counselors, etc. looking to incorporate a more integrative and holistic approach into their scope of practice.
  • School teachers, administrators, and aides
  • Those in addiction recovery.
  • Advocates – domestic violence, social justice, health, hospice, anti-racism etc.
  • Trauma survivors such as medical trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault

What you will discover:

  • It is unique – A Japanese Reiki with NO western ties.
  • It is much more than a relaxing therapy
  • A deep Jikiden Reiki® practice with a history of success with chronic illness as well as to address deep rooted beliefs, habits, traumas and addictions.
  • A proven approach that is safe and effective
  • An effective treatment option for alleviating pain, pre-op and post-op surgery recovery, anxiety, skin conditions and post-traumatic stress.
  • A simple, non-religious therapeutic treatment that works
  • Includes ideas and methods not previously taught in the West

♡ Certification is through the Jikiden Reiki® Kenkyukai (Institute) in Kyoto, Japan.  Certificates in Japanese are sent directly from the Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

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Investment: $350

A $150 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit required to reserve your spot. Payment in full required if paying within 30 days of class. 

For more information, please contact Laura or call 857-880-0365

Click here to learn more about Jikiden Reiki® Services

Click here to learn more about Jikiden Reiki® Training Classes.

To Register:

It is highly encouraged to experience a Jikiden Reiki session prior to registration and to inquired about the training & commitment level to learning.

Please download and complete the registration form and mail back 2 weeks before class dates. If within less than 2 weeks class, prior to class, please contact us to inquire about availability.

To register using cash or check, click here: JIKIDEN-SEMINAR-REGISTRATION-FORM-1

Click here for those who wish to use a credit card. Please note there is an added fee to use a credit card.

Please check out our Cancellation Policy

Yohei Yamaguchi (Chiyoko Sensei’s grandson), Laura Joseph, and Frank Arjava Petter Sensei 2015


Our seminar teacher is an approved certified Shihan through the Jikiden Reiki® Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

She is a student of Frank Arjava Petter, Vice Chairman of the Jikiden Reiki® Institute, a leading reiki historian expert who studied directly with Chiyoko Sensei and Tadao Yamaguchi, son of Chiyoko Sensei and current Chairman of the Jikiden Reiki® Institute.

Laura has a background as a college educator, domestic abuse advocate, and allied health professional with a focus on trauma informed care.

She has over 15 cumulative years in the holistic and allopathic health fields apprenticing under an Osteopathic physician learning holistic therapies and has incorporated reiki in her line of work since 2006 where she learned the more westernized reiki and became a reiki teacher in 2009.

Tadao Sensei, Ikuko, and Laura in 2019

In 2011, Laura discovered Jikiden Reiki and instantly felt a calling towards it and took her first class in 2015 and became a full teacher (Shihan) in 2017. Following the traditions and teachings by Usui Sensei, Laura continues to deepen her reiki teachings as a student on a regular basis with her teachers who are referred to as Sensei.

In late 2022, Laura published her 2nd book: The Secrets to Healing: An Invitation to Heal Trauma and Other Root Causes of Chronic Illness Using the Japanese Reiki Gokai

Laura brings her passion, compassion, and wit to assist in bringing out the best in you.

For more information about Laura, please visit our About Us page or go to her Reiki Blog 

To book a private Jikiden Reiki Session, click here.


Laura Joseph, Shihan

Monica Martin


January 27, 2023 @ 7:00 pm
January 29, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
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