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January 21, 2023

Episode #18: From Multi-Generational Abuse & Domestic Violence to Women’s Empowerment & The SheIsMeConference

Welcome to Episode 18 of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine podcast with host, Laura Bonetzky-Joseph.

Join us for amazing raw empowering podcast episode on “From Multi-Generational Abuse & Domestic Violence to Women’s Empowerment & The SheIsMeConference” with Lisa Jimenez, Survivor of domestic violence & Founder of SheIsMeConference and Creative Life Happy Soul.

This episode goes deep. We talk about the following:

  • How we look for “the familiar”
  • When a 7yo asked the parents to divorce
  • What is taught. Why we stay.  Walking on eggshells
  • That switch that went off where her ex tried to kill her in front of her children.
  • How family, courts, and society rallied to help support her abuser in prison. Yet, she was left to fend for herself and her children.
  • The impacts of a failed system on the children.
  • Why the ERA – Equal Rights Amendment needs to be published to grant women equal rights to men under the constitution.
  • Why are men doing this?
  • The impacts of Andrew Tate, Amber Heard, Ana Walshe
  • How to support survivors
  • The failures of psychotherapists and how harm was perpetuated.
  • How a family court custody judge gave an attempted murderer 50/50 custody.
  • The police who refused to remove the guns from the home.
  • … To how Lisa began volunteering in women’s groups in a domestic violence shelter.
  • To meeting other women and gathering in community.
  • To unpacking the pain, trauma, and conditions placed upon her.
  • To creating programs, groups, conferences for women.

This conversation is deep, rich, and empowering.


Lisa Jo Jimenez is the founder and CEO of The SheisMe Conference and Creative Life Happy Soul. Lisa is an art therapist, empowerment coach, professional artist and lightworker.

Her mission: To help women uncover their gifts, believe in themselves, and live the life they were meant to live. No excuses. No apologies.

It is Lisa’s life’s work as a healer, creator and transformational coach, to help all women that she attracts to realize their magic, to stand strong in themselves, and to live their most authentic and abundant life.

Her work in creating the SheisMe Conference expands her role in women’s empowerment and her platform gives women around the world the opportunity to teach, empower and inspire with the goal of making sure no woman ever feel alone.

You may find Lisa at www.sheismeconference.com or at Creative Life Happy Soul – Live Your Best Life



Real talk. Let’s address the elephant in the room to the growing “sickness” in our society, address root issues and provide sustainable solutions.

We hope by addressing the intersectionality and connect the dots like a web of many of society’s challenges, we can help others understand the trauma infection that impacts all areas of life – addiction, domestic violence, racism, homelessness, sexual abuse, chronic health issues, cancer, environmental issues, climate change and more.

In this NEW collaborative program, we hope by highlighting these infected areas and what they share in common, a new perspective of solutions, healing, and resolutions can be birthed.

Each episode addresses a certain trigger while offering the spiritual medicine with at least 3 tips or actionable steps our listeners can take and implement.

Vision: To break the unrecognized endemic of unresolved unhealed trauma & create sustainable systems for recovery, healing & empowerment.

Mission: To help others rediscover the power that lies within and to find that treasure buried in the depths of the shadows. To help them become their own superhero.

Please consider becoming a Patreon supporter to support our social justice initiatives https://www.patreon.com/HealingWithSpirit

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