Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
December 4, 2017

: WHALE Ahhh the whale. What a beautiful message for these times. This message is a reminder of a continuing theme we have seen play out and increase in intensity over the last few years … to honor your soul’s path. . . We have seen continued over the last few months the clash between change and resistance. The heart of our soul is knocking at us to listen. If you are still resisting following your souls path, you are fooling yourself if you keep ignoring it. The whale reminds us to follow the song of our soul and flow with the changing the jetstreams of energy. . . Messages from the divine having coming to us from all directions. However, it is up to us to pay very close attention and listen very very carefully to the guidance given to us. With the holidays upon us, there are lots of pressures to do and be what society and advertising campaigns will approve of and say what is acceptable. However, we are being urged to listen to that inner voice that lies deep within us since before you were born. Awakening to your souls path is not an easy task nor for the faint at heart, but it’s the journey your soul chose. . . Whale reminds us that we are insulated and protected. . . Surrendering the outdated paradigms to that which is authentic, true, and soulful will bring more joy than living someone you’re not. Just for today, let whale be your guide … . . With lots of love and appreciation, Laura COPYRIGHT 2017 All rights reserved

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