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April 29, 2018

Well I was having such a fabulous time in Seattle, the dates seem to pass right by me. You feeling it too? Can you believe next week is already? Well here is what’s happening at beginning next week: . . ⛩ Fri 5/4 7-9pm; Sat/Sun 5/5-5/6 9:30am- 6pm: Jikiden Reiki Seminar in (Level1) Learn how to remove toxicity from the body and to restore wholeness through the original system of reiki as it was taught in Japan free from Western influence supports the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually while drilling down on specific issues and is complementary with all other traditional medical treatments. Great for the whole family. Techniques also taught for minor first aid and household remedies as taught in Japan. Reiki is easy to learn and can be used in a home or clinical setting to enhance the health and emotional wellness of both self and others. Experience Reiki in its original beauty and simplicity as taught in Japan. Accreditation through the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto Japan. . . ⛩ Fri 5/11 7-9pm and Sat 5/12 9:30am-6pm: Jikiden Reiki Seminar in (Level II) Learn reiki for emotional and mental healing as well as distance healing and healing for habits and/or addictions. . . 💜 Surrender to, Journey into Self Discovery and Nurture Your Mini Sunday, 5/20 in South. Lunch included . . . 💜 Mon 5/21 6pm with the in. . . 💜 Mon 5/21 7:15pm: Open For more information or to register or for complete list of visit www.laurahealingwithspirit.com

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