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March 4, 2024

TSM Episode 31: Journey with Plants & Plant Medicine

Welcome to next episode of Triggers and Spiritual Medicine with Laura Bonetzky-Joseph, your host, with our amazing guest, Leah Drew.

In today’s episode we dive into plant medicines, but it is more than that. We embark on a transformative journey with a focus on holistic healing.

Together, we’ll delve into the powerful realm of plant-based healing, exploring its profound impact on our well-being. Leah shares her journey into wellness, healing, and transformation beyond just plants.

Stay tuned as Leah also shares 3 tips to get you started today.

About Leah,

Leah is a trauma-informed Mind|Body healing guide, women’s empowerment coach, and host of the Mindful Evolution Podcast. Her mission is to empower others with the awareness & tools needed to optimally support their physical, mental & emotional health & healing. Her goal is to help people heal from the past, be more grounded in the present moment, own their power, and create the life they dream of while making a bigger impact on the world around them.

She help others turn their wounds into wisdom and pain into power so they can catalyze their healing & growth, enhance their relationships, step into their fullest self expression, and reclaim their quality of life.

Social Links: https://blinq.me/pZUi2v3uK3F9Yb7eGQep

Website: www.LeahD

The Mindful Evolution Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-mindful-evolution-podcast/id1700364363

Resources: Building awareness around the toxic patters & limiting beliefs holding you back from healing, growing & expanding as you journey forwards. Awareness Seeker Workshop: https://www.leahdrew.com/awareness-seeker-workshop Plant medicines: – https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/11/health/psilocybin-brain-changes-life-itself-wellness-scn/index.html – https://maps.org/our-research/

Trauma: – It Didn’t Start With You:https://a.co/d/16aOGi6 – The Body Keeps The Score: https://a.co/d/16aOGi6 MBSR techniques: https://www.dcu.ie/sites/default/files/students/mindfulness_based_stress_reduction_handbook.pdf

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