Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
December 4, 2017

: ..”Truths are still unveiling. The Shadows can no longer hide in the dark. It is important to deal with your junk before thinking you can fix somebody else’s. ..Resisting what is will only bring more suffering. Surrender to soul. Surrender to your authentic truth the ebbs and flows of the Universe. What you perceive which is causing must resistance is an illusion. ..Quiet the mind. Quiet the thoughts. Quiet your upbringing. Quiet your perceptions. ..Focus on the silver lining and the subtle messages we are giving you and not on the chaos you perceive.Follow your soul for you a piece of the whole puzzle. The answers and wisdom are within you. You must first quiet the noise.We are here to guide you. Call upon us. Listen and be open to receive. ..For those already awakened and on the path, you will be hit with distractions. It is important for you to know this so you are aware. You need to stay on the path no matter what.” ..There are lots of changes happening. We are all feeling it. Sending out a wave of love to you all. .Picture was taken on this morning’s walk..With love and appreciation Laura

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