Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
December 25, 2017

Today is a difficult day for so many of our friends and family. This message is for you. . . Today is a special day filled with magic and miracles. . . Today is not about what is under the tree, but who you spend the day with. Whether you are with loved ones today or spending this day alone, be open to receive all the magic, wonder, and miracles of this day. . . Know that no matter what, we are never truly alone. We are surrounded and protected by our angels, guides and loved ones on the other side. . . They are just a thought away. . . They hear your wishes. . . They hear your cries. . . Believe. We are never truly alone. Just be ready. Be open and wait for their gifts which may be just a mere visit in your dreams. . . You are loved. You are a miracle. You are never truly alone. . . God bless you all on this day. With love and appreciation Laura

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