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March 22, 2019

The Soul Project Publication

Thank you so much to the The Soul Project for their amazing work to share stories of women and allow my story to heard and supported.

Seeing my story published by them shockingly brought me to tears of joy to see how far I have come. What a magnificent way to end my birthday weekend and begin the week a new.

About The Soul Project:

As stated on their website: “The Soul Project – where ordinary women get vulnerable, open wide and share their stuff; the good and the bad, the dreams and the struggles, the triumphs and the trauma to expose the extraordinary souls that lie within.

In a stressful world dominated by social media high-light reels we women are judging and comparing each other and ourselves more than ever.

I believe the majority of us are just doing the best we can and it is my hope that by sharing our truths we will create more compassion for one another, learn to judge each other less and most importantly start believing in ourselves more. ​​

Every woman has a story; a voice that deserves to be heard. The Soul Project provides a supportive platform backed by a loving tribe. Here, empowered women empower women to step into their truths and proudly own their unique story.”

You may visit their website for more soul stories by clicking here.

More About Laura’s Story

I knew I had a story that was like a Michael Crighton novel.

However, I was originally hesitant to share some of the details in fear of being judged or discarded as too broken to matter as I have in the past.

Thanks to the amazing brave women before me who have been blazing a path for me to feel safe enough, strong enough, empowered enough, worthy enough to speak out about the stuff I didn’t talk about.

Like how I was almost sexually abducted at 12 years old, raped at age 15, fired from my first real job after college for asking my boss to keep his hands off of me, to being ruffied only to be rescued by a friend pulling me out of a car of 4 strange men that eventually set me up for marrying a domestic abuser.

In 2005, I began my healing journey that led me to the person you see before you, a badass dragon warrior goddess that transforms lives.

I know my story. I know how I have come.When I read this on Monday, it literally brought me to tears of joy to see how far I have come. It was surely a magnificent way to end my birthday weekend and begin the week a new.

Photo By: The Soul Project 2019

To read my story at the Soul Project, click here

–> I know statistically, we have thousands of who are survivors of child abuse, rape, emotional or mental abuse, elder abuse, sexual harassment, physical abuse and domestic violence.

–> Please comment below with word “SURVIVOR” to see how many we have to reflect we are no longer silenced and know we support each other.

This does NOT mean, you are living in the past. We all heal trauma differently and we are all shaped by the events in our lives differently.

I want those who still may feel silenced, to know you are not alone.

With appreciation,

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Healing Trauma Through Spirit

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5 years ago

Prayers for your continued healing and gratitude that this safe place is there for all of us.

5 years ago

I salute you, Laura, for using your experiences that would have broken any person into the transformation of a dragon warrior who is now able to help others who need her.

5 years ago

Thank you for sharing your story Laura. Our stories assist in the healing of others who have walked a similar path. My story is not one of abuse, but loss and grief. Our experiences give us courage and turn us into warriors that have the ability to inspire others.

5 years ago

Survivor – but now thriving. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s never easy to share some of our most hurtful and painful moments.

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on your publication, Laura. I believe it is through sharing our own stories not only we heal but it helps others too.


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