Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
December 4, 2017

: THE LION and THE TOWER Wow, some serious cards on this full moon fall day. Have you been experiencing bouts of sudden depression, sleepless nights, sudden illness, grief, or anxiety? It’s time to have the courage to release. Stop resisting. . . When I pulled these cards I was reminded of my younger more empowered self before the series of incidents put certain walls of protection up. . . Also when I see these cards together I’m immediately brought to the “strength card” in Tarot representative of taming the ego and trusting your intuition. . . As we continue to head into today’s full moon keep in mind that we are in a major shift of consciousness. The lion is encouraging us to be courageous in our endeavors to release ourselves from the bondage of the past. It is important for us to get real and raw. It’s time to tear down these false walls of inner and outer world’s we created for social acceptance. These destructions expose our true self freeing yourself of false attachments. . . Things are being released not just in this life but, generationally, literally, and karmicly too. Feel it? . . Let lion be your guide … Just for today. . . With lots of love and appreciation, Laura Healing With Spirit  Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer To schedule a private reading in person or via phone, to book a private party, or speaking engagement, please private message me or visit my website Healing With Spirit http://www.laurahealingwithspirit.com SIGN UP FOR MONTHLY E-NEWS # healingwithin

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