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December 6, 2014

The Last 30 Days Have Been Quite The Ride

The last 30 days have been quite the ride. Can you relate? There were lots of storms – literal, physical, emotional and spiritual. October was a very powerful month for transformation and setting the course for the future. Some of us had clear skies and smooth sailing. Others of us may have felt they were in the midst of their own hurricane.

The Universe has been pushing us to learn what we came here to do to fulfill our soulful purpose. For those who are struggling and resisting to this change, may have felt the impacts of these storms. However, those who have learned the art of surrender, may have felt a huge quantum shift and a lift off their beings. We have been working really hard for the last several years to get to this point.

It has been a few days since Mercury went direct. It is time to let the games begin.

How has this past retrograde affected you?

What lessons have you learned?

Have you felt a shift since Saturday?

One thing to remember is what happens after a good storm.  We see life returning, the rainbow and the return of the sun. The storm has past. The sun is shining. A lot of amazing things are about to happen. Do you feel it?

Here is a message from spirit from a couple days ago that I feel is still relevant for today.

#MessageFromSpirit: “Stay grounded. Trust in your path. The past is past and you are beginning a new journey. Trust that you are divinely supported and you are ready to take this leap. We have been leaving signs to reassure you that you are on the right path. Believe them to be true and have faith like you’ve never had it before. Don’t question or doubt your direction. A new chapter in your life …is is getting ready to emerge. Trust. Allow us to help you find and implement the solutions to close the old. Just be willing to surrender and listen to the guidance given to you from the Universe. You are embarking on a new adventure. Be ready to explore. You are now being guided. Trust on where you are going.”

Have a blessed day.


– Laura

Healing With Spirit
(Published 10/29/14)

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