Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer
February 19, 2018

The energies of late have been pretty intense. Although we are getting a little reprieve, many of us are currently stuck in fear or worry mode which is driving false sense of perceptions and realities. Make sure to take time out to tickle and nurture your soul, your very essence of your being. Self care needs to no longer be at the bottom of our list, but rather at the top of the list on priorities. . . Please join us this evening February 19th for our next Reiki Vibrational Healing Meditation in Hingham. Relax. Reboot. Balance. Gain clarity. Inspire some introspection and self-care. Text 857-880-0365. $25 walk-in . . Please visit our website for complete list of upcoming events, classes and services at www.laurahealingwithspirit.com. Please visit my 2018 blog on the cosmic forecast for the year and how to use the energies for this year http://laurahealingwithspirit.blogspot.com/2018/01/a-year-of-magic-miracles-paradoxes.html

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