Spiritual Medium, Speaker, Healer

I went to one of Laura Joseph's readings with my sister, Yes , I have to admit, I was hesitant to go, But when Laura brought out my Nan to me, I was amazed, It was like I was the only one in the room, And that Laura personally knew her....I hung on every word she said....Every message was so on the mark, My heart has been lifted....I can't thank Laura enough, She will always be a part of me...

Margaret Kelleher
Spiritual Mediumship Reading

I have had two readings, and both times, Laura was amazing! Laura described my Husband, Dan, on the day he passed, as if she was there that day! My Father in law, also came through and she described him as if she met him including how he wore his hair to how he died and what was covering him when he passed...Laura also mentioned my Dad, who is living in Massachusetts, and told me to tell him to get his leg checked...turns out my Dad had a growth in his groin, which turned out to be lymphoma, and is now going through chemo, but dong so much better...Thank you, Laura. I feel blessed and comforted. You have an amazing gift! Looking forward to next time.

Diane Dowling
Spiritual Mediumship Demonstration

I have attended, one of Laura's Reiki meditation and attunment evenings and came away feeling like a new person. The energy was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Thank you, Laura! I am truly grateful, you are so very gifted!

Karen Thrasher
Reiki Healing Attunement Meditation Class

Without the help I have received here I do not know where I would be today or who I would be.

James Fennessy, MA
Reiki & Meditation

I left my skeptism at the door because I'm curious if all I've known and all that I've had is really all that I'll ever be...After just a couple visits I know I'm more...I've learned to cut the string of baggage past.

Michael, Hull, MA
Reiki & Meditation

Thank you so much Laura for an amazing evening! It was so powerful and I needed it even more than I had even known. I was definitely feeling very emotional and lost. I am so thankful to you for helping me to release some of that energy and transform it. I am so looking forward to coming back and would love to learn more about reiki someday. Thank you for the special gifts I found there, I love the meaning behind them. It was a very special evening and I am grateful to you!

Tina Gruner
Reiki Vibrational Healing Meditation

The meditation classes Laura conducts have been instrumental for me during my spiritual journey. With them I experience incredible relaxation and a sense of peace. I recommend these classes to all my patients.

Tybee Marruzzi, M.S., Lic.Ac.
Ty-Ann Acupuncture, Cohasset, MA
Meditation Classes


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