Wisdom Of The Stormy Seas

We can learn so much from nature if we just stop, pause and listen to the ancient wisdoms, divine voice, etc. I went to the beach after an early morning appointment and could not believe my eyes with the raging seas day 4 AFTER the major storm that devastated this region.

So I stopped and paused.

Listened to the waves and channeled this message:

Mother Earth is sure pissed.
She breathes.
She lives.
“Why don’t they see me”, she says
” Why don’t they feel me” with each wave crashing over
“Don’t they hear my tears”?

She’s making her stance
Letting humanity know that abusing her is no longer tolerated.

“Abuse me”, she says
“And I will reclaim all the gifts  I’ve given you”.

Change is imminent.
What does man do now?
Does he hear her cries?
Does he feel her pain?
Mother Earth is pissed.

As she cleanses herself of man’s trash from the depths of the raging seas
She helps cleanse My soul.

I feel you.
You and I are one.
Feed me and I will teach respect.
Cleanse me and I will be your voice
Nourish me and I will teach your wisdoms.

What do we do from here?
Can man see beyond?
See beyond the minute
Thank you.
I hear you.
I feel you.
I align with you.”


I love it when I receive messages from the divine.

Hope what is given here serves as food for thought as we go through our “busy” day, to remember how connected we are to our Mother Earth, and to align with her.

We are experiencing a great opportunity, a paradigm shift. That shift which is fundamental when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.

Our Mother Earth is alive and breathing. Despite all the technology that is supposed to keep us connected, we are more disconnected than ever. When we connect with our Mother Earth, we connect to our own BE-ing and essence.

Remember she lives. She breathes. Take a moment and connect to her. Take 5 minutes and feel her.

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Have a beautiful day,


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