Trusting Spirit Saved My Life – Witches, Bitches, and Dead People Podcast

I’m thrilled to be one of Jami Hearn’s guests for the Witches, Bitches, and Dead People podcast!

This is a juicy much needed conversation that I am excited to have.

Circle around the cauldron with us for a conversation about colonial programming, white supremacy and cultural appropriation with the New Age community.

We also discuss how our elders are the knowledge and wisdom keepers from whom we need to source our guidance.

About Laura

Since 2006, Laura has helped thousands of people take back their health and power by addressing and healing root issues. She is an experienced multi-generational healer & intuitive, psychic medium, best-selling author, speaker, award-winning advocate, spiritual teacher, sacred activist, and survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Laura is also an approved teacher through the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan She’s apprenticed with an Osteopathic Physician for more than 20 years learning holistic health and preventative care and has also studied with teachers and lineage holders based in Japan, Canada, and Greece.

Her clients are diverse and inclusive from various ethnic cultures, skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and socio-economic backgrounds.

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