An Introduction To The Power of the Word, The Power of the Pause, & The Power of Processing

If we look at the state of our society in 2020 in the United States of America, we might question, “how did we get here?”.

After the Spanish flu in 1918, Rockefeller discovered that humans and disease could be traded as a commodity on Wall Street.  As a result of this colonized model, Americans in general  are now suffering unprecedented increasing rates of

  • uncontrolled stress
  • suicides
  • domestic violence
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • chronic illness
  • autoimmune disease
  • trauma related illnesses

What I Have Witnessed In 2020

Since March 2020 when COVID shut our country down. I began offering extra support, spiritual medicine and meditation to the community 3x a week in our FB group. I am witnessing A LOT.

I have also launched polls via social media, worked with clients individually while elsewhere witnessed very heightened and triggered responses plagued with assumptions, toxic tongue, and weakening immune systems.

So what do we do about this?

As an empath, intuitive, seer, truth finder, healer, medicine woman, educator and trauma specialist in me, I began to witness some collective patterns.

Could there be a solution?

In this video, I share

  • my 15 year journey on how I turned my PTSD into a super power
  • the offering
  • why these mini classes are so important to the NOW in the grand scheme of things.
  • why take these classes

I share some very vulnerable things in this video about my journey not for sympathy but to let you know I GET IT and I have got skills to help you too.

I share with you my HOW

Culturally, we have turned what could be powerful negative emotions into an addictive toxic positivity and spiritual bypassing. We have become a culture of avoidance, addiction, distraction as a form of oppression, while blinded on seeing a way out and a path to wholeness.

Words have energy do they not?

Word have spiritual power that affect our physiology more than we really know or understand from a scientific standpoint.

If what we say can affect us, then HOW we say it affects us even more.

That is what makes gaslighting so effective to create harm, but why haven’t we mastered the power of the word to empower us? Learn what is missing and how to harness this simple power to breakthrough imaginary walls and empower our very BEing.

We will use some very simple Japanese concepts rooted in Shinto teachings. There is a reason why Japan did NOT have a written language until Buddhist was imported in 4th century.

Words can heal or words can harm!

You may know this, but is your reality matching what you think you know?

The Power of the Pause

This is the most widely known concept, but the most misunderstood.

Shift the power of the word and shift the energy that is driving it. Bring clarity into the problem and identify HOW you can move towards an effective solution.

Learn what is missing and how to harness this simple power. THIS is the power that Ruth Bader Ginsburg mastered that enabled her to win five our of six supreme court cases.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of what you may be missing in this super power?

The Power of the Processing

Learn the million dollar question when told to just “let it go”. In this class, learn HOW to let go and move on.

This is a step I witness most folks frequently wanting to avoid, escape from, or numb ourselves from.  Learn why this is a crucial step that is needed and why processing our junk effectively matters.

It is important to undue the toxic oppressive cultural conditioning of the way we have been taught to misuse these powers in ways such as.

  • Words -> abuse, shame, greed
  • Pause -> silence, lack of, control, enslavement
  • Processing -> Getting triggered & reacting without pausing without understanding the power of the word or energy behind it and we become fuel to the raging fire instead of the sacred waters.

By facing this shadow aspects of these power,  we can harness these powers effectively and create the shifts we need with more joy in our hearts.

Are you ready to own your power?

Are you ready to take the next step to learn HOW?

coming soon

I have spent the last 15 years looking to heal the broken me searching for the right seasoned rooted teachers that span the globe. THIS is important because I have been witnessing another phenomenon of spiritual addictions over the years as a way to avoid doing the work to heal, elevate or create necessary changes in our lives aka spiritual bypassing that is leading to our chronically sick culture.

I have walked this path NOT just talked it.

I have understood that value and power of the undoing, healing, letting go, processing, languaging, pausing, and more. This is personal to me. Maybe this momma bear does not want to see the kind of suffering I am witnessing and wants to share a BETTER WAY of EXISTING.

Are you ready to learn how to harness these powers for empowerment and growth?

I am still in the planning stages of this offering.

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I look forward to sharing the wisdom, lessons, and power behind it all and most importantly the HOW through a virtual format to including experientials and meditation.

Many courses share with you the what.

I want to share with you the HOW.

Will you join us?

Self Care for the Empath During Times of Crisis

Why learning how to not only be an energy empath survivor but an energy empath thriver is crucial during these stressful COVID19 times to propel us forward as an individual but also as a species/collective and learn tools to help transform those sensitivities that are triggering us or having negative affects into your super power.

Laura brings her 15 year journey of acceptance into self discovery, self care, and self love while embracing the gifts of BE-ing an empath.

Learn about Laura, her experience, what’s happening energetically during COVID19, the triggers, addressing the how to’s,  and why this 5 week class might be for YOU.

What others had to say:
“I highly recommend it for anyone being told they’re “too sensitive”, weighed down by their emotions or their environment or feel as though they don’t fit in. Laura is excellent at what she does and she has knowledge, compassion, insight and understanding that is truly unmatched.”  – Debbie

“Boom Boom Information! …I came to the class thinking how it would help me deal with the outside sources of the Empath issue which were well covered and Laura gave a lot of tools & info on how to deal, but importantly, for myself, opened me up (awareness:) )on how I need to deal & recognize what I am contributing to it. The journey … the balance …” – Sundee S.

“She knows her shit.”  – Hannah C.

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Learn how to not only be an energy empath survivor but an energy empath thriver during these COVID19 times.

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NOTE:  We tried to do a FB live 5x and somehow Facebook kept booting us. So this video is take 6 and as a result I FORGOT TO ADD : Spiritually based practices like mindfulness, meditation, reiki, yoga, thai chi etc – some triggering to empaths & others are more healing & beneficial. Learn the difference of what is right for YOU.