Thoughts During Trying Times in American Health Care System

Lately, I have been seeing lots of posts on social media with people having long bouts with illness, frustrations with care, and procedures galore with many times experiencing harsh side effects or complications. This is not to mention the uncertainty of the quality of care under the current political climate.

This is just a thought as I see so many people put on drugs or “needing” procedures …

My Story
I was told i needed a root canal about 9mo ago. I drank turmeric tea and gave myself jikiden reiki and never ended up needing root canal.
I also cleared up 2 bacterial infections last year without use of antibiotics.
I was also told I needed a hysterectomy too 2 years ago. I employed spiritually based therapies such as Jikiden reiki and happy to report no hysterectomy needed.
My point I’m trying to make is why NOT try holistic therapies FIRST before putting something into your body that carries a host of other issues or a procedure that carries risks or complications.

Or is what you are doing REALLY going to “fix” the underlying cause of your problem? If not, then pause a moment and listen to the body as it holds a wealth of information and knowledge.

Our western culture has become numb and has forgotten that our bodies have everything we need built in and are designed to heal themselves. We just need to sometimes help the body remember.

I’m not saying in some cases drugs or procedures are not necessary, but in my own journey I have assisted my body in healing and therefore, averted unnecessary drugs or procedures as listed above.

A drug or a procedure in SOME cases is NOT necessary.

This is not to mention, imagine if ALL Americans began to reclaim their health, and employ spiritually based holistic health therapies into their life, the savings to the sky-rocking health insurance premiums could theoretically begin to significantly drop.


My 11yo dog who had a punctured salivary glad due to being attacked by another dog that caused what is called a salivary mucocele. I was told she needed surgery to remove the gland. I employed jikiden reiki therapies, and happy to report NO surgery needed.

I wrote a blog post on this for anyone interested in reading titled “Effectiveness of Reiki For Wounds on a Dog; Zygomatic Salivary Mucocele”.

I hope this short but brief post guides you to be more self empowered and more in control of your own health.