The 2014 Year of Grand Spiritual Metamorphosis and Transformation in Review

As we are nearing the end of 2014, you may feel a big sigh with a realization we survived the wild roller coaster ride as we learned, balanced, purged, surrendered, allowed, and metamorphosized like never before in preparation for the next chapter of our life to begin in 2015. Energies have been intense this past year between solar flares, cosmic shifts, and global volatility with many of us experiencing a grand spiritual awakening or metamorphosis affecting us on all planes – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
As human beings, we tend to be resistant to change. And when we resist the change, we encounter more difficult lessons, and more difficult transitions. This is not to diminish that 2014 was definitely a challenging year with enormous volatility. All you have to do is turn on the television to see all the chaos, loss, political corruption, corporate greed, confusion, and divisions happening across the globe. 

The year 2014 also marked a year for storms – literal, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Did you experience any emotional meltdowns or storms? Have you been questioning your role in this world, in society or with your family? As human beings, we experience similar stormy weather such as rip tides, floods, hurricanes and devastation. However, it is during those times just like in nature, that we are clearing out the old, the sick, and the energies that are clogging up our abilities for the new to emerge into our life. This typically leads to a grand spiritual awakening.
For those who experienced some stormy weather, did you focus on the storm or did you focus on what comes afterwards? We must remember that the cycles in our life are no different than the cycles of nature. When we experience stormy weather things seemed unclear, cloudy, and at times destructive. It is during those times, we sometimes are unable to see the Sun behind the clouds or the rainbow in the sky or the new sprouts of plants preparing to emerge from the soil.

Remember …

• After every great storm, the Sun returns to shine.
• After every great storm comes the rainbow.
• After every big storm and rough surf comes fertile soil.
• With every big storm comes nature’s pruning of unnecessary branches and debris.
• After every big storm comes green grasses.
• After every big storm comes beautiful big flowers.
• After every big storm comes the birds, the animals, and the emergence of life awakens.

I remember growing up as a child and driving around with my dad during a hurricane seeing the streets littered with debris. He taught me that a hurricane is nothing more than Mother Nature’s way of cleaning house and purging what is no longer needed.

So you might wonder with all this stormy weather, does this spiritual transformation discriminate?

It does not matter if you are a yogi, priest, or someone who masters and meditates daily, the shifts, awakenings, and transformations happen to everyone. Just like a hurricane does not choose a city to hit based on population, race, education, cleanliness, or wealth, what we have been experiencing this year, equally does not discriminate. Many of us have experienced the feeling of losing control in all aspects of our lives at some point. What we learned in the process was learning to let go and surrender our fears and control to the Universe, because in the end, we are never in control.
The Universe has been pushing us to learn what we came here to do to fulfill our soulful purpose. For those who are struggling and resisting to this change, may have felt the impacts of these storms. However, those who have learned the art of surrender, may have felt a huge quantum shift and a lift off their beings. We have been working really hard for the last several years to get to this point.
You may feel as if you are still in the midst of chaos. The Universe is asking you to remember that with chaos, comes new direction and new life. It is critical for you to stay focused on where you are going and not on the chaos.

 Many lessons have been learned over the year.

Many themes seemed to have emerged such as: the art of surrender, personal responsibility, accepting what is, forgiveness, and learning to let go what you cannot control. We have been learning to no longer hold onto anything that no longer serves us for our highest and best. We cannot add new things to our plate if it is filled with yesterday’s junk. Those who have succeeded in learning these lessons, may have felt a huge shift and weight lifted. A sense of freedom may have also followed like a rubber band snap. When we follow our divine path, we honor ourselves.
The secondary lessons we learned as a result of the primary lessons mentioned above, are trust and faith. We learned to have more faith when it was challenged, and trust in the divine to assist us, guide us, and lift us up. We also learned we are more resilient that we believed. As a result, we learned to trust ourselves more. When we let go and surrender to the Universe, we open new doors, new chapters and invite into our lives miracles and abundance.
The 2014 stormy weather is passing if it has not already past for you.
Mother Earth is listening.
The Universe is listening.
Are you?
Did you go with the flow of change this year or did you resist?
The sun is shining.
Do you see it?
A lot of amazing things are about to happen.
Do you feel it?
This is a time to choose faith and trust in the divine and conquer your fears once and for all. The Universe believes in you. Let’s complete this metamorphosis cycle like champions and begin 2015 together with a brand new exciting chapter. Above all, let’s enjoy this journey called life.

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