Today I Bless My Junk Part 3 – Speaking Out and 10 Tips You Can Do Today To Be The Change

This series “Today I Bless My Junk” has been quite the challenge for me. However, I feel if I am to convey a certain message, I choose to be raw, real and authentic seeing all of me with an unaltered video.

Here is part three in the series of “Today I Bless My Junk”. This topic is on what happens when you speak out and why women wait 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years to speak out.

  • I go into the retaliations and a little bit of my story and my experiences with retaliations. I have only spoken out twice in my life outside this video series, and both times I experienced retaliations that I feel were worse than the abuses themselves.
  • So, why wait?
  • Why speak out now?
  • Don’t be fooled by the bogus apologies.
  • When will it all end?
  • Followed by 10 tips on what you can do today to be the change for the future.

Other Videos in the Video Series

For my other videos in the series of “Today I Bless My Junk #metoo

Question To Ponder

I ask for you to consider one question

Are you part of the solution to systemic abuse or are you part of the problem? The choice is yours and only yours to make.

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How Can You Help?

As always, please support my healing journey and my desire to help break the cycle of abuse through healing. There many ways you can do this.

Take action on the things I mention in this video series

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